Shma :THE DECK Patong是由泰国著名Shma景观设计事务所负责景观设计。“deck”公寓是位于普吉岛芭东海滩的低层住宅发展项目,位于泰国南部最受欢迎的旅游胜地之一。“deck”的建筑设计灵感来自各个山脉拥抱的自然地理。这个独特的景观表明,普吉岛的自然特征是指“武吉”,意思是“山”。

Shma :The deck phuket is responsible for landscape design by Thailand’s renowned shma landscape design firm.
The ” deck” apartment is a low-rise residential development project located on Badong beach on phuket island and is located in one of the most popular tourist resorts in southern Thailand.The architectural design of ” deck” is inspired by the natural geography embraced by each mountain range. This unique landscape shows that the natural feature of phuket island refers to ” Wu Ji” meaning ” mountain”.


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The whole landscape is designed to surround the shadows of various green hills and tall trees planted along winding sidewalks, similar to the natural erosion of waterways.
Entering the site from the entrance, the sidewalk gradually rises, passing through the sweet green hills, rolling from left to right until finally merging with the 50.5m swimming pool. The swimming pool is formed according to the length of the building and penetrates into the private balcony of each residence, so that users can conveniently use the swimming pool.




区位及灵感来源 Location and inspiration sourcesthe-deck-phuket-by-shma




空间及植被分析 Spatial and vegetation analysisthe-deck-phuket-by-shma


平面图  Master Plan


Moreover, the design of outdoor landscape is consistent with the use of internal functions of the building. The external walkways between the buildings are connected to public areas, inviting residences to come out and relax themselves in the carefully designed green landscape. Residents walk on the walkway on the water and reach the characteristic trees with the main focus from the lobby and fitness room.





In addition, the elegant and charming landscape of the swimming pool, including underwater seats and whirlpool tubs, blends into the organic shape of the swimming pool. A prominent feature of landscape design is the sofa bed designed to get involved in green hills. This is to let the swimming pool and the barbecue area nearby have a clear view of the party.





屋顶花园泳池Rooftop garden swimming pool

the-deck-phuket-by-shma  the-deck-phuket-by-shma



Besides the first floor, the swimming pool on the 7th floor can enjoy 180 degrees of scenery. The 28.8 – meter rooftop swimming pool has been carefully positioned to face the sea and the notorious ” Badong beach” to allow users to fully absorb phuket’s atmospheric signs.






To achieve this goal, railings along the roof were pressed down to allow unobstructed view from the wooden deck. The natural landscape of phuket island’s peaks is admirable, with sofa beds and seats complementing each other. In short, the landscape design of the ” deck” apartment takes the surrounding environment conditions into consideration to highlight the characteristics of phuket island.






项目名称:Line Condominium销售中心
完成年份:  2015
顾客: 尚思瑞PCL
建筑设计:Somdoon Architects Co., LTD
M&E :  V. Group 工程

Project name: Line Condominiumum Sales Center
Project type:Display Area Of Sales Department
Location: Thailand
Completion Year:  2015
Client: Sansiri PCL
Architect:Somdoon Architects Co., LTD
M&E :  V. Group Engineer


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