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种地设计:“分园” :“分”即“合”;一河分两岸,一路分两山;左“通”太湖,右达8音;一“涧”分双谷,双谷得8音;一桥分“二桥”,玉带傍飞雪;万壑松风与谁同坐?上下天光高山流水;一河分彼此;彼此不分园。

ZhongDi Design:” The Separated Garden”: “Separated” is “united”. A river runs separating the banks, a road winds separating the mountains. “Connecting” to Lake Taihu on the left, reaching 8 sounds on the right. A “gully” cuts two valleys, two trough breeds 8 beautiful tones. A bridge separates “dual bridge”, like jade belt flying beside the snow. Who is landing on the pine-soughing valleys with me? Only the high mountain and flowing water below the paradise. A river runs separating each other; While the parks are still in unity.


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缘起 Origin


Separated Garden is arisen from Lake Taihu, River South. “Disposition” comes from the “two sides” of the river. Being apart is gardens, being together is joys. A river runs separating each other; While the parks are still in unity.



取法“寄畅园” Take “Jichang Garden” as the model

因为是两岸之间的基因格局 相似又不同于寄畅,一个依山,一个傍湖。寄畅顺山造园,东山/中聚水/西岸,之间平波折桥 倚廊再望远山,中得“寄畅”。分园依傍太湖,西壑松岸/中河/东山涧谷,之间玉带内观,飞拱当山远眺太湖,“间”得心源。一个顺山聚水,一个依水造“山”,都是取自然的法顺势而为,石涛说:见用于神,藏用于人。

For it features a pattern of gene profile, similar to but different from Jichang, one leans on the mountain and one stands over the lake. Jichang Garden was built around a mountain, with mountains in the east, water gathering in the middle, riversides walk on the west. And there are curve-shaped bridges, peaceful water, fine porches, and hills in the distance, with “Jichang” sitting in the center. The  Separated Garden is near to Lake Taihu, with pine-soughing valleys on the west, rivers running in the middle, stream valleys walk on the east. And there are jade-like greens, crossing the flying buttress mounting the hills, and overlooking Lake Taihu, soul-headstream rises among them. One is gathering water leaning on a mountain, another is building “mountains” beside rives, they are both taking the law of nature and going with the flow. Shi Tai said: Fairy sees the displayed, human watches the hidden.



呈现 Present


Valley and gully cut an separate mountains (east bank): A road winds separating the mountains, “connecting” to Lake Taihu on the left, reaching 8 sounds on the right.




Encountering ink works: The wall is paper, the light is writing brush, the tree can draw brilliance by itself.




Hide and Bide: Separated mountains are like valleys.





Eight tones: Landscape has unvoiced sound, melodies shine without string and flute.

Wonderful sound: The world is but a little place, silence speaks better than sounds. Where is the east and west: Never tell the east and west until you “turn around”.



桥(间)Bridge (separation)


No need clinging to run through anything, no need to be obsessed with both sides, you can do nothing; You can also overlook Lake Taihu from outside, appreciate gardens and parks from inside. Both inside and outside/top and bottom/any angle. It can be two bridges of “sole bridge”, a bridge you can walk back!




Making your heart a stable bridge instead of the fluctuating water beneath the bridge.





Flying snow: Overlook Lake Taihu from outside, let the eye travel over the great scenes and let fancy free.

Jade belt: Appreciate gardens and parks from inside, with heart roaming in beauteousness.



万壑松风(西岸)Pine-soughing valleys (west bank)


As if sailing: When art is good for strength, art must be expressed extremely skillful! It’s just divided into sections. Only 200 grams of art yields, “a major part of one thousand” is hiding behind, hiding in the time.



与谁同坐:与“谁” 同坐 ,与谁“同坐”,“与谁同坐”。

With whom: Sitting with “whom”, “sitting” with whom, “sitting with whom”.




No-worded book from heaven: Ta Hill of Sumeru, book from heaven without badging. High mountain and flowing water, Boya thanked his bosom friend by throwing zither.



营造 Construction 


Work with “Separated Garden” physically and mentally, connect to each other, gather into one. The most important thing is the unconscious “natural process of construction”. These lovely people, memorable things, which are right, right from the start to the end, a heartfelt joy.



建筑面积:1250 ㎡

Project Name: Wuxi Vanke Gaunhulizhu
Client: Wuxi Vanke
Landscape Design: ZhongDi Design
Architectural Design: Shanghai Tianhua Architecture Design Co., Ltd.
Chief Designer: Zhu Hongbo
Landscape Engineering: Changzhou Huijing Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Client leader: Wu Yanshuang
Photographs: Holi Landscape Photography
Project Location: 200m south to the intersection of Guoxin Side Road and Juqu Road, Xinwu District, Binhu District, Wuxi City
Project Type: Residential Exhibition Area
Site Area: 15,450㎡
Landscape Area: 12,000㎡
Building Area: 1250 ㎡
Design Time: Jan. 2018
Completion Time: Nov. 2018


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