bensley在曼谷的暹罗,即使是最卑微的意志也屈服于皇室的妄想。首先,有39间客房的酒店位于王子宫殿的旁边,俯瞰着城市的主要水道湄南河。然后是装饰,这是泰国最受欢迎的君主之一的统治,国王拉玛五世(1873-1910) – 思考铜钟,切斯特菲尔德宴会厅和丝绸流苏灯,其中许多来自店主的私人收藏。但是,我们真正喜欢暹罗 – 因为它的巨大的温泉和它在贵族老杜斯特附近的栖息地,将成为城市的第一个城市度假胜地 – 是在这里引起注意的感觉有多自然(正如你所想的那样当国歌在上午8点和下午6点演奏时从未有过皇室生活似乎更有机。

bensleyIn Siam in Bangkok, even the humblest will succumbed to the imperial delusion. First of all, the 39 – room hotel is located next to the prince’s palace and overlooks the meinan river, the city’s main waterway. Then there is decoration, which is the rule of one of Thailand’s most popular monarchs, king Rama v ( 1873 – 1910 ) – thinking about copper clocks, chesterfield banquet hall and silk tassel lamps, many of which come from the owner’s private collection. However, we really like Siam – because its huge hot springs and its habitat near aristocratic old Douste will become the city’s first city resort – how natural it feels to be noticed here ( as you think, when the national anthem is played at 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., there never seems to be a royal life more organic.




Step into your private urban sanctuary; a stunning, luxury hotel, replete with exquisite art & antiques and set amidst 3 acres of lush gardens on the Chao Phraya River, adjoining Bangkok’s must-see historical and cultural attractions.

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