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MIND STUDIO: The famous designer Robert Zion say: “I have always been convinced that we should leave some open space in the building. When our residents rest during the day, we can have a place to sit and have fun.”

As a community life service, the designer uses a small site in the front area of the service center building to create a space for pedestrians and employees. The relaxing space is like a pocket park, easy and practical.




On the east side is a service convenience store. In order to separate the space, the designer uses the high-differential design to divide the site. People can enter the site through the steps to separate the park space from the busy road.


▼动线分析图 traffic analysis

▼总平面 Master Plan


Pocket Park uses pool and shrubs to separate the land-side interface, which not only ensures the sight line but also distinguishes the attributes of the space. Corridors and decks in the pool provide people with a place to relax and enjoy a variety of communication spaces.


▼多样的交流空间 A variety of communication spaces.


下沉卡座区域 Sink bench


The sunken deck is made of special-shaped granite, the white marble bottom and white marble wall. The light of the building below the deck makes the whole space more flexible and full of quality. The tree pond in the water pool is lively and interesting, and provides people with pleasing green landscape.




From the bird’s eye view, you can see that the sinking deck is embedded in the water. This spatial layout can bring a strong sense of space wrapping and belonging.The tree pond in the water pool and the tall trees beside the water provide a comfortable resting area for the deck space.


▼水中树池及水体旁高大的乔木为卡座空间提供了舒适的乘凉休息区域 The tree pond in the water pool and the tall trees beside the water provide a comfortable resting area for the deck space.


休憩长廊区域 Resting promenade


The combination of the cantilevered gallery and khaki canvas makes the venue look more relaxed and free. While under the shade, the bench also provides a quiet space for people to communicate and talk.


▼剖面分析图 section analysis

▼从建筑看向廊架方向 from architecture to gallery

▼通道关系侧立面 section analysis

▼通道关系实景图 channel relationship picture


社区客厅区域 Community gathering


There are four steps to balance the height difference between the building and the outdoor. Imitating stone is mostly used for the pavement except the steps. The linear construction of the floor and the steps makes the platform space more convergent and connected. Plants are mostly evergreen flowers and shrubs. While enriching the landscape level, they can also better divide the space.




On the north side, the landscape wall is designed with a stone water. The sound makes people feel like being in the middle of nature. At night, the water reflected the lights, and the water curtain was fascinating. In this place, people can relax to a great extent.





项目地点:贵州省 贵阳清镇

Project name: Urban Micro-renewal, The Pocket Garden (works from the period of CBULD&MIND)
Year completed: 2020
Project area: 1500㎡
Project location: Qingzhen, Guiyang City, Guizhou Province
Design company: Guiyang CBULD&MIND Landscape Planning and Design Co., LTD
Chief designer: Jiang Jun
Creative team: Yang Xiue, You Nanfei, Tian Hanhan, Yang Fengmeng, Wang Yu, Yang Ya, Deng Tinghuan, Liu Xin
Landscape construction: Chongqing Si Tong Landscaping Co., LTD


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