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Zhang Jin Video Studio:Liugong Hui is located in the Shougang Park of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. Since the operation of the Liugonghui project project, it has become a new landmark of Jingxi fashion clocking. The shooting of the project coincided with weekends, and the influx of surrounding residents and tourists increased the popularity and vitality of Liugong Hui. For photographers, this popularity undoubtedly enriched the whole picture sense and inspired more photography inspiration.



01 项目概览 Project Overview 


Liugonghui is a complex that has been transformed from an industrial heritage into an international Grade A office building, a new retail and catering experience, and a multi-functional area full of art and culture. The landscape area is 8.185 hectares.



02 设计理念 Design Concept 


The design focuses on protecting the style and features of Shougang industrial site, repairing the damaged ecological environment, and realizing the reuse of industrial heritage resources; At the same time, excavate the historical memory of the site, inject new business forms and vitality, and realize the landscape renewal of industrial waste land.



03项目特色 Project Features

1.重塑六工汇商业综合体 Rebuild Liugonghui Commercial Complex


The Liugonghui Shopping Center is located at the intersection of the waterfront axis and the commercial axis. The design is based on the renovation and protection of the reserved buildings, weaving new buildings and supporting multi-level landscape design.




A circular planting pond is designed on the east side of Liugong Huibei Square, extending the circular texture of the adjacent plots – cooling tower and sedimentation tank, and combining with trees to create an outdoor temporary residence space.


▽六工汇购物中心北广场 Liugong Hui Shopping Center North Square


设计通过线性铺装来达到行进路线引导的功能。The design achieves the function of guiding the route through linear paving.


▽六工汇写字楼通行空间 Traffic space of Liugong Hui Office building


2.冷却塔沉淀池变身成为运动休闲公园 The cooling tower sedimentation tank is transformed into a sports and leisure park


The site was originally composed of four sedimentation ponds, a sinking space with a diameter of about 30 meters. The two concentrator ponds in the core were designed as open squares, and the concentrator ponds at both ends were used as concave green Spaces for rainwater runoff.




The sedimentation tank square is transformed from the two sedimentation tanks in the middle core into a sunken open square that can provide activities and rest. The steps combined with colored pavement and green plants can be used as an outdoor audience or for tourists to rest.


▽沉淀池广场 Settling tank square



In the design, the sedimentation tanks at both ends will be transformed into sunken green space to collect rainwater runoff, and the industrial remains of the mud scraper will be retained to form the intention of “fixed clock”.


▽雨水花园 Rain Garden



The sedimentation tank square is transformed from the two sedimentation tanks in the middle core into a sunken open square that can provide activities and rest. The steps combined with colored pavement and green plants can be used as an outdoor audience or for tourists to rest.


▽钢架步行桥 Steel frame pedestrian bridge


3.工业挖掘与重塑 Industrial mining and remodeling


The project contains a number of characteristic industrial remains, which has a high value of preserving historical features. Design excavates and reinvents the mark of the great Industrial age and makes it the core of culture and art.




The design uses tracks to create rest Spaces and rain gardens. At the same time, the continuation of three blast furnace material, unified visual connection.


▽铁轨花园 Railway Garden



At the same time, the railway track element is used as a guide paving to guide people and the sight to the Three Blast Furnace Museum and the commercial mall.




The square in front of Wuyi Theater is designed to restore the axis of the ceremony, increase the element of memory and reshape the sense of belonging. At the same time, the space under the forest is shaped through the green space on the north side of the square to provide a comfortable rest place for the office.


▽五一剧场 Wuyi Theater

▽制粉车间 Pulverizing plant



项目面积:景观面积 8.185公顷

Project name: Urban Renewal of Beijing Shougang Park Liugong Hui
Project area: Landscape area of 8.185 hectares
Project location: Shijingshan District, Beijing
Design Company: ECOLAND
Photographer: Zhang Jin Video Studio



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