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LD DESIGN: The best state of life is abundant silence.


▽项目视频 Video

▽精致叠水形成空间秩序,勾勒出净润流动似无边,沉淀出华光轻盈焕皎洁。Delicately stacked water forms a spatial order, Outlines a clean flow like boundless, precipitate a light light bright.

▽微光映射下,弥漫着柔和的细腻,生发出阴翳之美。Under the dim light mapping, there is a soft and delicate atmosphere, and the beauty of the shadow is generated.


▽独立式归家门头从硬朗的几何线条中释放出柔和与亲切感 The freestanding community gate releases a soft and intimate feeling from the hard geometric lines.



The base is located in Ningbo Dongqian Lake Scenic area. With the traditional cultural context and temperament, gathering the graceful lake and mountain,create the characteristic humanistic landscape of Dongqian Lake. Qinlu, low-density livable products, interprets contemporary “elegant residence” life with high-density layout techniques. The design incorporates natural ideas and attempts to show the inner spiritual world of living space. Excavating design language in the tradition, using contemporary techniques to redesign. It is a bold attempt to integrate traditional elements with contemporary design to advocate the interweaving of nature and humanity with the Oriental tone context.


▽项目与周边环境鸟瞰 Aerial view of the project and its surroundings

▽周边资源的引入 The introduction of surrounding resources


私属空间的界定 自然引入巷道 The definition of private space is naturally introduced into the roadway


With the simple natural beauty, retreat in the poetic mountains and create an immersive experience unique to the East. The whole Maple Valley section takes the diversity of characteristic space as the spiritual core, from the pedestrian hall to the villa area, balancing the object and myself in a progressive way, narrating the landscape spatial pattern and conveying the etiquette environment.


▽景观结构推导 Landscape structure derivation

▽不同的场地高差处理 Different site height difference treatment



The size of all donated courtyards is determined after the design of the public area. It is more meaningful to do well in the spatial structure design of the public area than to discuss how big the courtyard can be sent, which can well avoid the monotonicity of all the public space after the strong row being occupied by the courtyard doors and laneways. Qinlu has done this very well, so there will be a diversity of characteristic Spaces such as Maple Valley that are now delivered, and at the same time, it can also create a sense of independence of overlapping first-floor courtyards. Make the yard as big as possible. It’s always been the same strategy has changed this time.


▽槭树谷 Maple Valley


▽宅间庭院景观场地分析 Site analysis of courtyard landscape

▽宅间巷道 Laneway between houses

▽结合场地高差,悬挑木平台与巷道通过分层结构布置 Combined with the height difference of the site, the cantilevered wooden platform and the roadway are arranged by stratified structure

▽自然式植物氛围营造,将悬挑平台包裹 A natural plant atmosphere is created and the cantilever platform is wrapped


公区最大化 院子适度化 Maximize yard moderation in public areas


In front of the house, there was not enough space for the landscape to play, and the original yard was neatly divided. In order to create a sense of independence in the entrance space, and avoid a straight line to see all kinds of courtyard doors in front of you. The design breaks the routine, stabilizes the spatial skeleton force, and designs the courtyard door head in different directions, while maintaining the boundary order and ensuring the unique sense of home for all.


▽错落有致的宅间景观 Landscaped houses

▽强调视觉重心,做好公区结构,营造叠拼庭院入户的独立感 Emphasize the visual focus, do well in the structure of the public area, and create a sense of independence of overlapping courtyards

▽给予巷道头部精巧仪式感,根据主题碰撞多重绿意 Give the head of the roadway a delicate sense of ceremony, according to the theme of multiple green collision

▽反线性空间布局,产生不规则游园动线 Anti-linear spatial layout, resulting in irregular garden lines

▽轻盈纤细的格栅结合深邃厚重的石 Light and slender grille combined with deep and heavy stone

▽缓步向上,顺山势而为的空间地形建造 The construction of space and terrain along the mountain slowly

▽异形空间是贯穿整个轴侧结构,链接动线生长布局 The shaped space is a structure that runs through the entire axial side and links the growth of dynamic lines

▽休憩场地避开庭院出入户,用设计秩序引导生活秩序 The rest area avoids the courtyard to enter the house, and guides the life order with the design order

▽通透、豁达、自由,多重绿调沁入归家的路 Transparent, open-minded, free, multiple green tones into the road to home

▽于高差中感受不同空间视角的对比 Feel the contrast of different spatial perspectives in the height difference

▽石材肌理,植物层次的虚实变化 The texture of stone, the virtual and real changes of plant level

▽静谧的绿对比细腻的石,令细节经得起品味,于无形中传递至身心 Quiet green contrast delicate stone, so that the details can withstand taste, imperceptibly transferred to the body and mind

▽合理利用营造空间尺度,将不同色彩铺装拼贴,构建空间独特性 Reasonable use of space scale, different color pavement collage, build space uniqueness

▽光线的强弱使空间场景散发出隐约而朦胧的神情 The intensity of the light makes the space scene exude a vague and hazy expression


植物的破局 The breaking of plants


Thinking about the disposition of artistic conception under the Oriental tone, Qinlu project is an experiment and attempt. The single pure forest in the tree area weakens the accumulation of multiple intermediate plant layers. In the design of the ground cover, a rich variety of perennial plants were tried, which can make up for the diversity of the middle layer after many years of growth. Pay attention to the natural state of the plant community in the natural space, reserve space for the growth and reproduction of the plants, and the rest of the surprises only need to be left for time.


▽植物分析 Plant Analysis



In today’s speed of design iteration, a project designed three years ago can still make people feel touched after landing which is very rare. The good landing of the project comes from the efforts of many parties, the process of constant Redesign of the designer, the precise and strict construction of the site, and more importantly, the correct understanding of nature.


▽层空间以身形婀娜的乌桕姿态强化空间的曼妙 The floor space strengthens the beauty of the space with the graceful posture

▽营造静谧雅致的宅间休憩节点 Create a quiet and elegant rest point between houses

▽以自然式种植生长绿意为归家秩序注入了自然温润的意境美 Natural planting and green growth have injected natural and moist artistic beauty into the home order




业主单位:宁波万科企业有限公司 中国南山地产

Project name: Vanke Nanshan Qinlu
Project location: Ningbo, Zhejiang Province
Landscape area: 31000 square meters
Completion time: 2022.11
Owner unit: Ningbo Vanke Enterprise Co., LTD. China Nanshan Real Estate
Owner design management team: Yang Yaoyang, Luo Wenjun, Yang Kui, Tong Tao, Xu Man, Zhang Peng
Landscape Design Company: Landao Design
Design Guide: Meng Lingjun
Project design team: Yang Liusang, Zhu Xueqin, Chai Chengyu, Julie, Liang Jinyuan, Zhang Jiajun
Design team: Xu Guihua, Wang Xuan, Zhang Weiping
Plant Designer: Cui Ying
Architectural Design: Shanghai Nissin Architectural Design Co., LTD
Landscape construction unit: Zhejiang Yizhi Landscape Co., LTD
Landscape construction drawing unit: Zhejiang Dachang Ecological Environment Co., LTD



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