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林德设计人造的色彩均不能代替自然的色彩,我们不应该剥夺孩子们感知日出日落、春去秋来、风霜雨雪、花鸟虫鱼的权利。 ——万科X林德设计

Inter-design: Artificial colors can not replace natural colors. We should not deprive children of the right to perceive sunrise and sunset, spring and autumn, wind, frost, rain and snow, flowers, birds, insects and fish.  ——Vanke X Inter-design



研发动因  Motivation


At present, in the common residential community space, there are too many children’s paradise growing in the cement world. How to respect the natural growth of children? How to let children play safely in a natural environment? How to let the older children and children feel care? These questions have become the most important matter in the consideration of Vanke community. Since 2016, Changsha Vanke launched the research and development of children friendly community and growth products, and has been committed to the research on how to make children friendly, not just playgrounds, but to achieve making the best use of children friendly to create a friendly growing community. This time, the joint research and development of Vanke architecture research center, southern regional BG product center, Changsha Vanke, Dongguan Vanke and Interdesign, centering on the experimental innovation of the proposition of “pursuing the design of nature”, hope to create a distinctive children friendly community together…



问题思考  Deduction


The childhood that children should have grown up together with plants and played with small animals was occupied by a single amusement equipment. The cockles, crickets and grasshoppers were no longer friendly partners, but only words that had appeared in books. How to get children to know these friends, and how to get to know nature again, is the challenge.



解题思路  Solution


In order to solve the common problems in the above-mentioned community landscape design and make a breakthrough in the existing children’s playground, under the multi-party linkage of Vanke, we tried to land a children’s playground with the theme of “in nature” – children’s nature module in Dongguan Vanke architectural research.”Nature” is the best place for children to explore and learn. In the outdoor natural environment, children’s psychological needs of exploration and creation can be met by contacting different natural elements.



实验构想  Experiment


In this natural field, children should be able to…




模块平面  Module Plan


Different from ordinary projects, the children’s natural module design of Vanke Construction Research Center adopts more different design methods and materials, landing on the same site. The function of the module can be observed and studied by observing the children’s use of the facility. For example, for the same sand pit function, we used five materials of general sand pit, namely yellow sand, white sand, black pebble, sawdust and fine gravel, to carry out the experiment; in the drilling barrel module, we designed several “slopes” with similar volume but slightly different playing methods according to the space requirements of climbing, crossing and hiding. Every child hides a dream tree-house in own heart, there they could play hide and seek, cross the channels, explore the treasure with other kids, there they have the own secret base.In the field, children are not pure site users, but experimental participants who can better help designers understand children’s game needs – they are part of the design of natural playground.


▼项目平面图  Project plan


Undoubtedly, the experimental base of Dongguan Vanke construction and Research Center provides an ideal place for landing such children’s venues. Based on the existing research of children friendly community growth products, Changsha Vanke and Interdesign design jointly create a real “children’s natural paradise”, making children running and playing in nature. The scenes of playing not just show in the designers’ thought, now we has the opportunity to make these come ture.




建成实景  Real scene


This is a very special research trip. When the project landed, the designer came to the site of the base, just like the scene in his mind before. He played with the children for a whole day. He jumped up and down the tree house with them, ran freely in the green slope, called loudly in the echoing mounds, and crossed the secret passage of vines with the children In, as if back to their own happy childhood…


▼树屋游戏  Tree house game

▼旱溪游戏  Dry creek game

▼攀爬游戏  Climbing the game

▼钻洞游戏  Drill holes in the game



No matter how the development of science and technology, all artificial colors can not replace natural colors. We should not deprive children of the right to perceive sunrise and sunset, spring and autumn, wind, frost, rain, snow, flowers, insects and fish. It is also expected that the design concept of the natural module in the future and the scene of landing in one community can let children have more opportunities to contact with nature.



彩蛋  Bonus Scene


The children will be invited to paint their playground after playing, everywhere reflects the yearning for nature. As the best teacher for children, nature teaches children to be close to nature, embrace nature and love nature. Let children participate in nature and feel the wonder of nature, which not only cultivates children’s observation ability, but also enriches children’s imagination and creativity.




It is vanke’s persistent pursuit to create a friendly community for children to grow up in. With the natural design to care for every child, let the children in the interesting design happy play.





Project name: Vanke — Research and development of children’s Natural Interaction module
Property owners: Vanke Building Research Center, Southern REGION BG Product Center,Changsha Vanke, Dongguan Vanke
Project area: 2000㎡
Location: Vanke Residential Industrialization Research Base, Songshan Lake, Dongguan, Guangdong
Design time: 2019
Completion: 2020
Landscape design: Interdesgin
Equipment Unit: Cage Group Co. LTD
Construction unit: Shenzhen Aojian Decoration Group Co., LTD
Landscape intelligence unit: Beijing Deck Intelligent Technology Co., LTD
Photography : Prism Images


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