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Caprini & Pellerin Architectes:从Esterel到阿尔卑斯山积雪覆盖的山脉,俯瞰着戛纳海湾,像一艘高高的船,矗立在大海之上。这座当代别墅由Caprini & Pellerin Architectes事务所建造,是一首对元素生活艺术的颂歌。

Caprini & Pellerin Architectes:Standing tall like a ship above the sea and overlooking the bay of Cannes, from the Esterel to the snow-capped mountains of the Alps, the Villa Up is a tribute to transparency and light beneath its monolithic looks. Built by the firm Caprini & Pellerin Architectes, the contemporary villa stands as an ode to the art of living with the elements.



看着这个房字,就能感受到凯文·卡普里尼(Kevin Caprini)和杰瑞·佩尔兰(Jerry Pellerin)这两位建筑师的技巧。他们在陡峭的土地上工作,俯瞰着邻近的房子,受到项目挑战的启发,合作伙伴们设法设计出一个巧妙的布局,既包含了土地的陡峭倾斜,又优化了房产的景观和隐私。

One look at the property is to sense the skill of the two architects Kevin Caprini & Jerry Pellerin, who worked with the constraints of a steep land and overlooking neighboring properties. The partners, inspired by the challenges of the project, managed to set out an ingenious layout that embraces the steep inclination of the land whilst optimising the views and privacy of the property.




Built on two floors, the South facing L shaped villa, is made of an assemblage of monolithic blocks that are at times cantilevered, or extended with caps to sooth the summer light, or encircled with fully retractable windows and terraced with vegetation. Architectural techniques that tame the light, enhance the views and interact with the landscape, thereby giving a sense of weightlessness to the building.




Borders between interior and exterior are erased by numerous openings and high-tech windows, whose metallic parts are fully disguised. The minimalistic window panels slide entirely into the walls to transform the rooms into open terraces. The balcony railings are also made of glass to maximize the views.




Entirely though out by Caprini & Pellerin, the team also designed all the interiors using noble materials such as natural stone, solid oak, marble, that breath extra soul and warmth into the minimalistic Villa.




Green roofs and a garden planted with Mediterranean essences, oaks, pines, olive trees, laurels, lavender, boxwood, jasmine and wild grasses, magnify this architectural haven, that stands open to its environment and nature.



Also responsible for landscaping the garden, the design team enjoyed staging the back of the house with aquatic corridors and the South facing front with a 20 meter long infinity pool. A long green strip of grass separates the outdoor kitchen and sauna areas from the swimming pool and the relaxation deck with the sun beds is suspended under the pool to remain invisible from the bedrooms which have eyes only for the bluish horizon.






The levitating central staircase is set in a glass cage that reveals steps hemmed in solid oak. The all glass hood of the fireplace and skylights and window slits created here and there, also act as a eulogy of transparency.







An ingenious choice of materials and skillful distribution of rooms which never appear really closed, provide multiple perspectives and crossing spaces bathed in light facing the horizon.




概念/项目管理: Jerry Pellerin / Kevin Caprini
项目: 现代别墅的新建筑
地点: 法国超级戛纳-阿尔卑斯-马里泰兹
面积:   500平方米;土地: 5000平方米
施工长度/完工时间:  1年- 2016年7月
家具设计: Collection Privee Décoration,3 rue des Etats Unis
照片来源: Royalty-Free images

Conception / Project Management:Jerry Pellerin / Kevin Caprini
Program:New Build of a Contemporary Villa
Location:Super Cannes – Alpes Maritimes – France
Area:Area: 500 sqm; Land: 5000 sqm
Construction Length / Completion:1 year – July 2016
Furnishings:Collection Privee Décoration,3 rue des Etats Unis
Photo Credits: Royalty-Free images

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