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RSLA:Weserquartier位于Überseestadt地区入口处,沿着威瑟河和滨河大道延伸,步行即可到达不来梅市中心。该地区原来是咖啡烘焙工坊,占据河边的独特的地理位置,靠近不来梅老城墙,是Überseestadt入口门户。第一期工程包括酒店、办公大楼和带赌场的剧院,随后威瑟灯塔于2010年建成。该塔由芝加哥Murphy / Jahn建筑事务所设计,高82米,是地标性建筑。

RSLA:The Weserquartier, situated at the entrance of Überseestadt district and within walking distance of Bremen’s city centre, extends along the Weser River and the riverside promenade.It is a new development on the premises of a former coffee roastery. Its special location by the riverside and bordering the former ramparts of Bremen’s historic centre makes the Weserquartier the gate of Überseestadt. A hotel, office blocks, and a theatre with a casino were built as the first phase, followed by the “lighthouse” of the quarter – the Weser Tower – in 2010. Planned by Murphy / Jahn Architects, Chicago, the tower is 82 metres tall and acts as a landmark.




Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects + Urban Planners负责整个地区的总体规划,包括规划和景观。景观设计的目的是为现场各种各样的建筑打造和谐的场地基础,并帮助形成街区特色。这个策略是为了使每个地块的建筑模块化发展。

Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects + Urban Planners were in charge of the entire master plan including both developments and landscaping. The landscape architecture was to create the common artistic ground for the heterogeneous architecture on site and help to form the quarter’s identity. This strategy was to enable the modular development of each plots’ architecture.





Like a carpet the landscape design extends homogeneously over the entire plot, creating subspaces and connections with the river within the overall complex. The basic geometrical grid in the form of a continuous linear pattern interconnects the individual buildings, their typologies and uses. It enhances the tangibility of the entire quarter in its urban context.


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The paved surfaces, finished with natural stone, and the paths between the architectural grass fields follow a coherent layout, which promotes the readability of the exterior spaces. Gravelled paths between the planting beds perpetuate the dominant linear structure of the pavement.


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The subspaces are accentuated and ordered by contrasting light-coloured granite and dark basalt paving stones.


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A sequence of daffodils, foxtail lilies and Eulalia grass (Miscanthus) defines the colours and the scent of the planted areas. This makes the quarter in its entirety a prestigious garden that is marked by its alternating appearances after having grown or having been trimmed and reveals different spatial impressions in every season. The plants define the quarter’s atmosphere and create its architectural appearance, but they also give an idea of human scale in this expansive space at the foot of the high-rise. The tall grasses, moving in the wind, directly appeal to all levels of sensory perception, offering a connection with the natural elements of the region and the location – wind and water – and strengthening their perceptibility in the urban context.



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At the banks of the Weser, stepped terraces are the perfect place to bask in the sun. However, the terraces can also be used as lounges by the adjoining restaurants and cafés or as seats for spectators during events.


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The landscape architecture creates a new identity for the Weserquartier in its riverside location. Space itself becomes a piece of art, freeing up space for “nature”, for human activity, contemplation and growth in the rhythm of seasons and for life by and with the river.


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设计公司: Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects+ Urban Planners
首席设计师: Rainer Schmidt教授
客户: H. Siedentopf GmbHCo. KG
合作方: Jahn Architects
摄影: Besco /RSLA

Project name: Weserquarter Bremen
Project duration: 2008-2014
Size: ca.24191sqm
Project location: Am Weser-Terminal 1, 28217 Bremen
Design company: Rainer Schmidt Landscape Architects+ Urban Planners
Lead Architects: Prof. Rainer Schmidt
Clients: H. Siedentopf GmbHCo. KG
Collaborators: Jahn Architects
Photo credits: Besco /RSLA
Editor: Jiangyan Shou


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