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ZYEEN: The sky becomes colorful because of clouds, Technology becomes wise because of clouds, Ecology becomes picturesque because of clouds, Life is good and beautiful because of clouds.


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项目位于南山区高新南区,白石路与科技南路交汇处西南侧,占地面积约24078平方米, 周边多以科技产业商业办公为主,有大量人流聚集、流通,临近地铁9号线高新南站-粤海门站区间,交通条件便利,是片区的重要集散地。

Shenzhen Nanshan, a district with nearly 2,000 years of urban civilization history, inherits to the glory and dreams, carries the mission and hope. It devotes to create a core area of “Chinese Silicon Valley” and struggles to become the core area of world-class innovative coastal city as well as the core area of international science and technology industry innovation center. The economic zone, a strong scientific and technological area and innovation highland of Shenzhen has been build up.

The project is located in Gaoxin South District, Nanshan District, southwest of the intersection of Baishi Road and South Science and Technology Road, covering an area of about 24,078 square meters. Surrounded by commercial offices of science and technology industries, with a large number of people gathering and circulating, it is close to the interval between Gaoxin South Station and Yuehaimen Station of Metro Line 9, with convenient transportation conditions, which is an important distribution center in Nanshan.







场地原为科技园南区荒废足球场,现状杂草丛生、残破脏乱、功能单一、 四面围合,不能满足周边人群需求。项目建设将提供多样复合空间,满足不同活动需求,增进片区人群交流;塑造文化艺术性公共空间,打造品质生态艺术空间,提升城市品位。

The venue was originally an abandoned football field in the south of Science and Technology Park, which is overgrown with grass and weeds currently in the dilapidated mess, with a single function and enclosed four sides, which cannot meet the needs of the surrounding crowd. The construction of the project will provide a variety of composite space to satisfy the demands of different activities and enhance the communication of the people; shape the cultural and artistic public space, create a quality ecological art space and upgrade urban taste.




根据南山区的发展定位、结合场地特质、借力科技云时代来临,设计提炼出以“云”为主题的科技创新型社区公园:智见,智慧科技之光;云上,生态生命之源。当自然遇见科技云,演绎了云像素、云创意、云智慧、云社区、云共享; 当科技遇见生态云,呈现了云之廊、云之道、云之林、云之溪、云之石。

According to the development positioning of Nanshan District, combined with the characteristics of the venue and empowered by the era of technology cloud coming, a scientific and technological innovation community park adhered the theme of “Cloud” had been extracted and purified from the design: Wisdom is the glory of intelligent technology; On Cloud stem from the ecological life. When the nature meets with scientific and technological cloud, where cloud pixel, cloud creativity, cloud wisdom, cloud community and cloud sharing are interpreted; when science and technology is combined with the ecological cloud mutually, where cloud corridor, cloud way, cloud forest, cloud stream and cloud stone are emerged.






Based on the abstract composition of “Cloud”, the overall design can create a regular and natural spatial coupling layout, lying the basic color of advanced gray, dotted with technological blue and white as cloud. The strong visual impact of the urban interface rules brings a technological and fashionable cloud space experience; to the west, the natural and ecological vitality of the cloud space is felt. Combined with the analysis of human flow and traffic, the planning of pixel central of wisdom as the core, through the interweaving and blending of rich and complex nature and simple and pure geometry, opens the boundary, establishes the accessibility of the park and city streets, creates a new modern space place where people and technology, nature and the city coexist harmoniously, feels the great love of the times and the beauty of the city, and transforms the original gray venue into a park that revitalizes the surrounding community.






According to the sightline characteristics of the venue, the urban culture and the texture of clouds are extracted, and the axial layout outlines a modern, natural, science and technology integration of complex ecological landscape space. The landscape structure is divided into one axis, three lines and four zones.




四分区:拥云 | 云享生活(休闲娱乐区)、觅云 | 云溪秘境(旱溪生态区)、等云 | 天光云影(阳光草坪区)、悦云 | 风轻云淡(蓝色花园区)

One Axis of Cloud: Pixel Central of Wisdom
Three Lines of Cloud: Enjoyable Living Cloud, Vibrant Health Cloud, Ecological Life Cloud
Four divisions: Embracing Cloud | Cloud for Enjoyable Living (Leisure and entertainment area), Seek Clouds | Mystery rock creek (Dry stream ecological area), Waiting Cloud | Skylight and Cloud Shadow (Sunshine lawn area), Delightful Cloud | Light Breeze and Cloud (Blue garden area)




智见像素中轴 Pixel Central of Wisdom


The intelligent life in the cloud could be enjoy with the light of technology. The central axis connecting the north and south directions, through jumping artistic pixel paving and stone placement, combined with the array of hackberry, pixel theater, resting seats, natural meadow and others, forming a linear space of opening and closing changes, virtual-real comparison, combination of motion and static, and reflection of light and shadow, creating a popular place integrating passage, leisure, communication and entertainment.






畅享生活云 Enjoyable Living Cloud


The 420M Smart Cloud Walkway connects the CLOUD BOOK CAFÉ and the Cloud Wave Garden; it links the pixel axis, encounters the romantic flower forest, wolf tail grass belt and leisure lawn, and allows you to enjoy the rise and fall of technology and life by walking in between.




活力健康云 Vibrant Health Cloud


The 478M circular health runway runs through the book bar, Cloud creek, woods, gardens and lawns like clouds and water. It attracts the surrounding people to participate in sports together, so that people struggling for science and technology have a place to exercise and relax, to sweat to their heart’s content at the venue, to share the joy of sports, to feel the vitality and enthusiasm of life, thus inspiring innovation and helping the development of science and technology.





生态生命云 Ecological Life Cloud


The 155M ecological sponge dry stream belt is micro-shaped under the premise of respecting the existing venue topography. The dry stream absorbs rainwater, stores and infiltrates rainwater, effectively controls rainwater runoff in the venue, and realizes the sponge city development method of natural accumulation, natural infiltration and natural purification. Construct natural ecological system, improve microclimate, provide growth environment for venue organisms, awaken people’s respect for nature, and provide natural ecological public space for residents and technology people around Gaoxin South District.




拥云 | 云享生活(休闲娱乐区) Embracing Cloud | Cloud for Enjoyable Living (Recreation area)


Rich experience on the cloud, innovative sharing space, a variety of leisure methods, enjoy the convenient life and cultural inculcation brought by the development of technology, build a beautiful life picture, and take a journey of cloud for enjoyable living.




A cloud at the foot of the high-rise of Science Park: the cloud-shaped roof corridor connects the CLOUD BOOK CAFÉ, Sci-tech and Culture Gallery,cloud wave garden, resting platform, flower forest tree array and leisure lawn scattered beside the circular health runway and others. The beautiful curved eaves outline different views of the sky, trees, clouds and the city, which provides visitors with indoor and outdoor resting space for sheltering from wind and rain.





The curved roofs form arc-shaped light and shadow contours on different scenic walls and the ground, which keep changing throughout the day. Looking down from the high building of Science and Technology Park, the Gallery of Clouds is like a light cloud floating in the cover of trees and flowers, composing a harmonious sonata in which architecture and nature echo mutually. The interior of the book bar provides a humanized coffee experience with the warm colors of wood finishes, which could provide a place for people in a hurry to take a quiet break and a place for leisure interaction. The undulating outdoor seating landscape of the Cloud Wave Garden can be customized by the digital design tools to reflect the combination of aesthetics and technology.





觅云 | 云溪秘境(旱溪生态区)Seek Cloud | Mystery Rock Creek (Dry Stream Ecological Zone)


Take a break from the steel forest of busy city, follow the foot steps and trace the stream; birdsong, flowers, insects and frogs, rich forest and trees, and long grass, as if you are in the natural landscape of jungle and stone fun. Residents could walk, listen to the wind, enjoy the flowers, explore the mystery, and enjoy the beauty from nature.




等云 | 天光云影(阳光草坪区)Waiting Cloud | Skylight and Cloud Shadow (lawn area in sunshine)


There are comfortable and open gently sloping lawn, curved grass steps next to the birds of prey, where the residents can always find a place to relax by themselves, You can go for a ramble on the green grassland, or have rest under the brightness of the sky and shadows of the clouds., wait for the sunrise and sunset, swirling clouds in violet haze, and enjoy the slow passage of time and to be leisure without hurry.




悦云| 风轻云淡(蓝色花园区)Delightful Cloud | Light Breeze and Cloud (blue garden area)


The garden in the high-tech park, winding cloud paths, undulating terrain, blue flower border and blue flower and trees reflect mutually. Waiting for the blooming time of flowers, the breeze is light, residents could feel the tranquility, leisure and calm state of mind, and heal their tired body and mind under the high-pressure work of urban people.




植栽设计 Planting Design


At the beginning of the design, the original trees were preserved, and a natural green shade walkway has been formed on the south side. Three clumps of large banyan trees in the venue form their own unique scenery, which is improved by association with the dry stream, the central axis and the small buildings mutually, and well continuing the original ecosystem.




The overall layout of plants is based on the overall landscape structure zoning, combined with the undulating micro-topography, from east to west, the five characteristic plant landscape spaces of sparse meadow, array of hackberry, ecological flower stream, flower forest lawn and blue flower border are arranged in order, which is transitioned from regular planting to natural planting slowly as well as emphasized the artificial and natural collision and integration. The integrated arrangement of plants are extremely innovative to construct a relaxed, abundant and elegant temperament of venue, as well as express the refreshing blue of science and technology, dreamy romantic feeling of cloud to people.




We would hope that through the shaping of the landscape space, the “Cloud” transfers as the brush, and the water, rocks, trees, flowers and sunlight transfers as the paint. The technology, nature and people could encounter mutually here, providing people a relaxation and comfort of the soul, so that they could depict their dreams about the fast-paced life, which is the a card of city that can carry local culture and has spiritual attributes.


▽静谧的夜景氛围 NIGHT VIEW



When a cloud floats in the sky, when technology and nature meets with people, everything will be just as wonderful!





项目面积:24078 m2

PERIOD OF DESIGN: 2021.02-2021.05
PROJECT LOCATION: Nanshan District, Shenzhen
CONSTRUCTION UNIT: Shenzhen Nanshan urban management comprehensive law enforcement bureau
LANDSCAPE DESIGN: Lin Junying Landscape Studio /  ZYEEN
TEAM: Lin Junying, Zeng Yanjuan, Zheng Chunming, Lin Chongtao, Zeng Yanhong, Wu Ruojing, Wang Mi, Chen Yichan, Zhan Tingting, Qiu Wenhui, Chen Yaqi
SUPERVISION UNIT: Shenzhen Huajian Engineering Project Management Co., Ltd.
CONSTRUCTION UNIT: Shenzhen Huabang Construction Engineering Co., LTD



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