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MAXI Studio:[Chengdu, a city full of stories] find a balance between bustle and relaxation.




Chengdu’s cultural confidence and qualities of metropolitan make a profound impression on people.


▽场地印象 Impression of the site


「序·与城市对话」Preface·Dialogue with the City



To dialogue with the city is the initial goal of the design.

The big banyan tree standing on the busy Wuqing East Road gives off a pleasant fragrance, establishing a dialogue between the urban architecture and the old cityscape. By reshaping the 100 meters long urban spaces, it integrates the landscape of the demonstration area with the urban interface.


▽场地与周边环境互为风景 The site integrate into the surroundings

▽奢华酒店美学门厅 Luxury hotel-style lobby 



The folding wall made of the futuristic aluminum sheet shows people’s understanding and pursuit of the future life. The luxury hotel-style gate is undoubtedly a new definition of urban luxury and hotel aesthetics. In a modern design context, we chose metal materials with excellent texture to define the majestic gate of the luxury hotel style.




The marble facade looks simple and elegant with 3D vertical lines and landscape patterns, achieving a kind of balance within the space. All we hope is to create a warm and introverted landscape space and facade.



「寻·序列奢石柱廊」Search·A Luxury Colonnade


Classical architectural aesthetics always leads to a space featuring both the beauty of balance and the atmosphere of mystery. The columns made of luxury stones extend the space and deeply attract you with its black-galaxy-like texture. The luxury colonnade redefines the urban interface and reveals the landscape views of the demonstration area in a dramatic way.


▽极致礼仪感的廊式空间 Ceremonial corridor space 



At the end of the corridor is the metal folding wall that shows a kind of veiled beauty.



「观·树影静谧水院」Watch · Tree Shadow in Water Yard


The luxury colonnade leads to a tranquil water yard, where lush Chinese tallow trees stand opposite the cascade curtain wall that serves as the focus of the space. The planting pools balance the relationship between the building and the landscape, integrating the two into one. Seen from the sales center, the Chinese tallow trees look extremely beautiful and graceful.


▽流光映水 The flowing light reflects the water

▽浮岛秘境 Mysterious floating islet 


「享·绿屿森林」Enjoy·Green Islet and Forest


Connecting the sales center and the show flats is the green islet and forest, where the stainless steel artworks glitter like dewdrops. Walking through the graceful trees, you can find the inner peace and sense of balance. And the spaces between the columns allow the dialogue between the front and back yards.


▽示范区后场-绿屿森林 Back yard of the demonstration area – green islet and forest 


「思考·奢华与放松之间」Think·Between Luxury and Relaxation



During the process of design, we constantly thought about the significance of the project for the city. A demonstration area that meets the basic requirements and provides the basic functions is easy to built; the real challenge lies in how to make it impressive and remarkable. What we hope to build is a high-end project that matches the taste and identity of the owners. The idea of “integration” opens a new window for us and brings us the inspiration to redefine the urban interface. As a consequence, a low-key luxury demonstration area is built which will inject urban architectural aesthetics and fashion into Wu Hou New Town.

The story goes on, and let’s look forward to more excitement in the demonstration area.




项目摄影:E-ar × TARS、韩勇强

Project Name: Wu Hou Capital & CRCC· City Park
Owner unit: Wu Hou Capital Investors Group
Project location: Wuhou New City, Chengdu
Landscape design: MAXI
Design Team: Li Zhao, Zhou Wei, Pan Peng, Fang Lingling, Liu Jun, Zheng Yu, Liu Linjiang, Gou Huan, Han Yongqiang, Jiang Xia, Wang Bing, Jiang Tingting, Wang Yongxu, Luo Fei, Feng Rui
Architectural design: JZFZ Chengdu Standard Square
Landscape construction unit: Chengdu Guyuan Construction Engineering Co., LTD
Photography: E-ar × TARS, Han Yongqiang
Project time: 2023.03-2023.11




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