Sanitas Studio :In 2010, Sanitas Studio was commissioned by Sansiri PLC to do landscape design for High rise condominium on Sukhumvit Road. Apart from Landscape design for facility level and garden on ground floor, we were asked for landscape design approach on the facade of 4 storeys carpark building.

Sanitas Studio :2010年,Sanitas Studio受到Sansiri PLC的委托,为Sukhumvit Road的高层公寓进行景观设计。除了设施一级的景观设计和底层的花园外,还被要求在四层停车场大楼的立面上进行景观设计。



Located on Sukhumvit Road, the main road lining from city centre to other part of the country, Wyne Sukhumvit situates at the transition of fast developing area. The fast developing area is a mixture of old shop houses, new developments and convenient transportation but it is far from recreation areas or public parks in 1 kilometers radius. Living in a big city, sometimes creates stress and routine life style.

Wyne Sukhumvit位于Sukhumvit Road,是快速发展地区的过渡地带。这个快速发展的地区是老房子的混合体,新的开发项目和便利的交通,但距离1公里范围内的娱乐区或公园很远。生活在一个大城市,有时会产生压力和日常生活方式。


Sanitas Studio aims to integrate planting in every possible areas including; a garden walk around the building foot print, a herb garden within a sculpture garden, vertical garden on facade of the building and rustic garden on swimming pool level. The idea was to encourage people to see the important of nature and how it could improve their quality of life.





Wyne, Sanitas Studio has created a series of rich detailed of garden spaces from the front plaza, a garden walk around the building, sculpture garden, swimming pool garden on 5th floor and sky garden on 27th floor.

在Wyne,Sanitas Studio创造了一系列丰富的前广场花园空间,围绕建筑的花园散步,雕塑花园,五楼的游泳池花园和27楼的空中花园。





By folding the mirror surface stainless steel to reflect the surrounding environment, the mirror surface is the best intersection point with nature. Through the reflection of nature, the man-made structure disappears so as to achieve the weakening contour and blend into nature.



Photos by Chaichoompol Vathakanon.

项目名称:Wyne Sukhumvit
規模: 4,293㎡
建筑设计: DB Studio
景观设计:saintas studio

Project name: Wyne Sukhumvit
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Completed: 2012
Scale: 4,293㎡
Architects: DB Studio
Landscape:saintas studio

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