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goa大象设计:“透过有意设计的视线与路径,方寸之地上有限的景观资源可以成为行旅溪山般无尽的空间体验。”——陈斌鑫 goa大象设计总建筑师


GOA: “Through the intentional design of sight and paths, the landscape resources on a limited site can be an endless experience like traveling among mountains and streams.”—— CHEN Binxin Principal, GOA (Group of Architects)

Set within the Town of Yangxian Xishan, Yada Xishan Hotel Yixing is one of the architecture design projects by GOA after completing the master planning.


▽入口鸟瞰 Aerial view of the entrance






Designing on a narrow sloping site, the architects were reminded of the local mountain valleys and the experience of exploring them. Travelers Among Mountains and Streams, the masterpiece  of Fan Kuan, Chinese painter of the Song dynasty, further inspired them.

For travelers in the nature, the charm of natural landscape is its uncertainty. The trees and rocks along the winding paths obscure the view; the travelers continue to speculate about the scenery ahead as they wander and are amazed when it comes into sight.

Rather than reconstruct the scene in the painting on a limited site, the architects generally use metaphors and symbols to extract the spatial imagery, and translate them into the language of architecture and landscape, thus to reinterpret a specific traveling experience.


▽场地位置 Site Location 



山水的裁切 Reshaping the Terrain


The hotel is located on a sloping site with an elevation difference of more than 8 meters. To adapt to the terrain, the slope is cut into two platforms on different levels. Most public areas are at the same level as the guest rooms, allowing a continuous walking path.


▽平层处理减少了后勤与停车所需的土方开挖 Reshaped terrain reduces the volume of excavation for logistics and parking 




The broader north end of the site accommodates public areas, while guest rooms extend towards the narrow south. Sloping roofs inspired by local dwellings become simple geometric forms.


▽鲜明的体量 Distinctive volumes 




The selection of materials aims to outline the shape of the boundaries: dark black stone with a mountain-like texture constitutes the hotel’s base; warm gray stone is used for the façade of the public areas; lattice bricks form the corridors and first-floor walls of the guest rooms.


▽花砖的砌法使连续的立面产生微妙变化 Subtle changes on the facades of lattice bricks 




With respect to the mountain views to the northwest, the architects linearly arranged the lobby, bar, and restaurant, opening up towards the landscape. The continuous infinity waterscape suggests the imagery of the stream, composing a triple-layered landscape sequence together with the forests and mountains.


▽灰空间对水面打开,消除了内部与外部的边界 Gray space opening towards the water 



感官的序列 Sensory Sequence


The winding driveway branches off from the highway is a prelude to the exploration. It turns to the left, with a lingering view of the stream Cangwujian, then enters the drop-off area under the mountain. The sound of a waterfall reaches the ear before passing through the entrance, encouraging visitors to imagine the scenery behind them.


▽面向庭院的大门如幕布徐徐打开 Entrance to the courtyard 




The change in spatial scale at the drop-off creates a progressive visual sequence: the expansive outside view is framed by the large canopy, further narrowed upon stepping into the entrance, and unfolded while approaching the courtyard; the light is synchronized with the view, from bright to dark, and then becomes more glowing in the courtyard, with natural light permeating through tree canopies, revealing an especially vivid scenario in the contrast.


▽外界-门廊-庭院的三重视觉体验 Triple sequence of visual experience 




In the conception of the architects, the central courtyard is a vibrant grove of mixed woods. Waterfalls, rocks, trees, bushes, moss, and mist compose a miniature natural landscape. The undulating terrain in the courtyard suggests a continuation of the mountains.


▽反光金属板倒映庭院,如同水体的转置 Metal plate reflecting plants in the courtyard




The courtyard is filled with the freshness of nature. In the trio of senses by hearing, seeing, and smelling, visitors escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and end up in the created landscape.



溪山的象征 Symbolic Landscape


The hotel’s public spaces are created around meandering paths prefaced by a staircase leading to the lobby on the upper floor. The changing storey height and the directions guided by the stairs immerse the visitors in a specific spatial experience conceived by the architects.


▽楼梯的空间不确定性被波纹板与绿色釉面砖装饰的前厅强调 Porch decorated with corrugated panels and glazed tiles 




On the upper floor, corridor spaces are interconnected with alternating walls and windows, applying the “opposite scenery” method inspired by classic Chinese gardens. Visitors’ view is either obscured by the wall or led through the window to the opposite side. The static landscape offers continuing perspectives, subtly altered in the movement of the viewpoint.


▽观看与猜测从步入庭院时开始,随即成为连续的体验Continuous visual experience 




For travelers, the streams and mountains were borderless fields. The hotel’s landscape is also not confined to the rectangular boundaries of the central courtyard. It permeates into the surrounding gray space and extends even beyond.


▽为健身区创造的景观 Landscape in front of the fitness area




The ambulatory corridor veers inward at one end and becomes a skywalk over the courtyard. Visitors can catch the sight of the staircase at the other end while moving forward, until finding themselves standing over a circular courtyard.


▽桥梁与树冠高度齐平,游人如同在林中行走 The skywalk is flush with the tree canopies 



圆形中庭是一处仪式性的场所 ,并将通向宴会空间的梯级隐藏在墙体的包裹之内。

The circular courtyard is ceremonial, hiding a stairway to the banquet hall within its double-layer wall.


▽富有仪式感的通高空间完成了轴线的转换 Ceremonial circular courtyard


▽透光混凝土材质在夜晚如群星的凝集 Translucent concrete like starry night 



行旅的隐喻 Metaphorical Journey


The rooms are arranged along an axis that allows the architects to reproduce the traveler’s joy of discovering unknown landscapes. Several courtyards are inserted into the walking path. The buildings randomly shift perpendicular along the path, changing the width of the path or turning its direction. A series of delicate landscapes are created attached to the building as a transition between the corridor and the guest rooms.


▽随处可见的景致贴近客房 Landscape close to the guestrooms 




The angled lattice brick wall filters the sight with a translucent texture between the wall and the window: the landscape is blurred and shifts with the movement of the viewpoint, inviting visitors to linger and explore, finding themselves in narrow corridors or encountering open courtyards.


▽景观被半透明界面遮掩,或从中透过 The view is obscured or seen through the brick wall





A thousand years ago, Fan Kuan once attempted to depict landscapes as a metaphor for the ideal life of the literati. The Yada Xishan Hotel aims to abstract the symbols of ideal life away from mountains or streams, describing the limited site and reproducing it as a sensory experience.

Visitors will experience constant shifts in width, density, and lightness as they wander along the designed paths. When they push open the door, they will realize that the landscape has already permeated into their guest room.


▽不同层次的自然与人工景观彼此渗透 Levels of landscape



技术图纸 Drawings


▽总平面图 Master Plan


▽中心庭院剖面图 Central Courtyard Section


▽西北立面图 Northwest Elevation 





Project Name: Yada Xishan Hotel Yixing
Location: Wuxi, Jiangsu
Client: Yada International
Architect: GOA (Group of Architects)
Landscape: GTS Lansong Design
Interior: Mi+N Studio
Design/Completion: 2021/2024
Floor Area: 26,700 sqm
Photographer: SCHRAN




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