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VVS Landscape GroupSanJiang ZhongJun East Lake ShangJing Demonstration Area is located in the Eastern Technical Economic Development Area Of Xuzhou City. Its base is close to the East Lake. Its unique geographic location gives it a brilliant field characteristic.




The area of the demonstration area is about 5,250 square meters. Its shape is irregular. The space is pressing and narrow. At the beginning of the design, the designer tried a lot of ways to solve the problem of transformation and deficiency existed in the space, and finally decided to create a “time journey” based on a flowing curved space under the approvement of Party A.




“Light, color and space” are just like the medium to be used to express and explore person’s visual and psychological responses to perception, sensory stimulation, and space transformation.




In this space, the designer has used natural light to the maximum extent. The large glass curtain wall blurs the boundaries of space, allowing residents inside the space to feel the changing colors of clouds and shadows in the nature.




The field is divided into four experience spaces based on different dimensions and experiencing functions. Corridor to pick up the light—-Rainbow Garden—-Starlight Garden—–Shade-chasing Garden.



01 拾光长廊 Pick up light corridor



——“A handsome just looks like a rainbow. Only when you meet him and then could you know there is such a miracle.” On the way to the demonstration area, he stops his car and walks through the corridor of picking up time and bathes under the light of the rainbow, then he would experience a new journey just like in front a new mirror of life.

In the entrance of the ritual space, the design of the space is going to extend the interface of the landscape display as much as possible, using white metal planks as the main tone, abandoning useless decorations.




When light and shadow meet color, a rainbow will be created from the clean white canvas, showing its beauty. To gain a better effect, the design combined the gradient colored glass which consisted of red, orange, yellow and green with white metal blank, catching the rhythm of changing color based on the light refraction.



02 彩虹花园 Rainbow garden



——Dream beautiful, like the deep memory of the way, will never be defeated.

With the help of a curved metal plank, there is an inner courtyard space.




With the help of a curved metal plank, there is an inner courtyard space. A curved glass wall is located in the welcome area, which combined with sales office to create a relationship of both imaginary and reality. This design solves the pressing and opposite of space.Each glass plank adopts the same specification of gradient, meantime, it adopts the angle of 45 degrees, considering the different effects of eyesight from each angle.




Selecting one of the three primary colors, red, for the reason that the color has a strong visual effect and tend to attract people’s attention.



03 星光花园 Starlight garden


——At night, the nightlight on, glittering starlight shining and dimming gradually, it seems we see the sky of that summer night in our memory.The atrium space enclosed by curved walls.The atrium space enclosed by curved walls, combined with the form of the field, the designer made an oval water view, which create a nebula shadowy water-picture on the wall together with the perforated wall.




The crossing enclosure between the walls will reserve a green-plant space, allowing the crooked tallow tree to stick out its head playfully. The combination of white metal planks could make the novelty of color in the space of light to be more prominent. A little bit of the color of red fell on the ground seat, bringing a trace of warmth to the entire space.



04 逐影花园 By the shadow garden


——Put yourself inside the space, water and light wandering around you, the shadow of the tree whirling. Art carves time. Stop here, enjoy the romance and comfortable of art slowly.




As the last station of the landscape experience, the front space of the sales office is designed to create an artistic and quiet space.




The water and sculptures are added to the design. The visual focus is located at the semi-arc linear waterfall and the still water sculpture of “lake-reflecting” . The natural sound of water will make the viewer feel quiet.




“Lake-reflecting” implies the open-mindedness and wideness of the saying of “One Lake, One World”. The design of the sculpture mixed with Malevich’s supremacist art, makes the reconstruction and collision of circles and squares.




The piling up and penetration of colored blocks create a field space sculpture with perception and imagination. The red circle occupies the main body and symbolizes sun rising from east, forming one entity with the surface of the still water.


总平面 Plan


效果图 Rendering




项目名称:三江中骏 · 东湖上璟

Project Name: Sanjiang Zhongjun East Lake Shangjing
Project Address: Intersection of Wanghu Road and Jinhua Road, Xuzhou Economic Development Zone
Developer: Xuzhou Junhu Real Estate Development Co., Ltd
Developer team: Liyun Qian, Lili Yu, Yuan Lin
Landscape design: VVS Landscape Group
Landscape Design Team: Yanming Xu, Chong Yuan, Qilin Liu, Sheng Chen, Jiabin Lin, Ruiqun Tian, Shengnan Zhou
Design date: 2020
Date of completion: 2021
Landscape area: 5250m²
Construction unit: Green Ecological Environment Co., Ltd
Photography: Shrimp Studio


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