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HID翰地景观: 谁也没有见过风,更不用说你和我了。但是风筝飞起的时候,我们知道风来游戏了。

HID:Nobody has ever seen the wind, neither you nor me. However, a flying kite is a reminder that the wind is present and playing its own game.


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The project is adjacent to Jinma Road Greenway in the south and connects Jiankang East Street Greenway of the High-tech Zone in the east-west direction. As a 60-meter-wide main urban road, Jiankang East Street is flanked by a large-scale community. It runs from the People’s Park of the old downtown in the west to the Health Park in the High-tech Zone in the east, linking various urban service venues and facilities, such as the High-tech Zone Urban Exhibition Hall and the High-tech Zone Administrative Committee. The road serves as an urban public service axis, a vibrant urban life axis, and a sustainable urban ecological axis.

The Jiankang East Street Greenway construction is beneficial in reducing air pollution and the heat island effect while revitalizing the urban ecological system. The greenway links sixteen pocket gardens, which are significant public spaces in the city. This project is a crucial node that offers an open area for citizens’ diverse public activities, which plays an important role in connecting the urban life circle of the Hi-tech Zone.

Therefore, the project has multiple definitions and significance. It serves as a pedestrian plaza at the street corner, a recreational space for the neighborhood to gather together, a node that connects the urban greenways, and a crucial open space along the urban public service axis.


▽“风”的空间演绎 Spatial interpretation of “wind”

▽“风”挤压出的林下空间 The space under the forest squeezed by the wind

▽悬挑座椅上休息的人 People resting on overhang seats


-设计挑战-The Question


1. 梳理动线,让混沌变的清晰。在这样的以广场活动为主要功能内核的场地里,城市过街人行动线、漫步道人行动线、商务大楼人行动线、广场聚集动线、沿街商铺经营动线、停车动线等多条功能动线在此交汇,需要进行必要的引导,避免动线变得无序而混乱。

2. 梳理空间,让各类活动空间有效区分。广场在满足商业户外经营的同时,可以为市民提供城市集会舞台、户外聚会、运动休闲、林下休憩、临时停车等多维度的城市闲暇游憩功能。同时场地内提供城市强识别形象的同时,让人可以参与进这个空间之中,

3. 梳理竖向,场地自建筑边界向城市道路有0.3米至1米高差,设计通过有序的组织让台阶、坡道、排水自然的成为空间组织的要素。

With a land area of 8,000 square meters, the project site is an L-shaped plot surrounding the Window of the World Business Building in Weifang City. Spanning 100 meters east to west and 115 meters north to south, the design of this square poses three main challenges.

1. Organize the circulation routes in an orderly and precise manner. There are several circulation routes converging in such a square which accommodates various public activities, including the pedestrian crossing route, walking path, circulation for the business building, assembly in the plaza, shops along the street, and parking. It requires necessary guidance to prevent disorder.

2. Rearrange each activity space in an effective way. While meeting the outdoor business operational needs, the square aims to satisfy multi-dimensional urban leisure and entertainment activities, such as city platform, outdoor gatherings, sports, rest under the trees, and temporary parking. Additionally, the square must have a strong identity of the city and allow for public engagement.

3. Reshape vertically. There is an elevation difference of 0.3 to 1 meter from the building boundary to the urban road, requiring a well-organized incorporation of steps, ramps, and drainage, to make them as spatial elements naturally .


▽设计范围 Design scope


-题解-Title Solution





Weifang is situated on a plain, facing the Bohai Bay to the north. It has been known as a windy city since ancient times. The design takes inspiration from the wind to direct traffic flow and spatial functions, creating a vibrant urban valley.

One flow of wind refers to the wind of the city. It guides pedestrian crossing circulation and extends and weaves into a space for public gatherings. The smooth lines of the design alleviate issues related to elevation differences and divide different functional areas and circulation routes, promoting orderliness in the space. Smooth traffic management enables individuals to get to their destinations with ease, resulting in a harmonious and efficient experience.

Second flow of wind forms the Green Valley, which is a long green island that encloses the square boundary. One side of the square is adorned with perforated panels facing the city, while the other side has steps leading up to the square. It connects to the pavement of the south greenway and defines the space with enriched functions.


▽设计推演 Design deduction


-空间设计-Space Design


Through appropriate arrangement of circulations, elevation difference, and space, the site has been divided into five main areas, including the Wind Plaza, City Exhibition Plaza, Forest Recreation Plaza, Green Island Recreation Plaza, and Outdoor Business Operation Plaza. The “wind” connects a series of islands to create a lush green base that offers ample activity space under the forest for citizens, resulting in a multi-dimensional area that is perfect for public gatherings.


▽总平面图 General plan

▽空间功能 Spatial function


风之谷事件广场 WIND PLAZA


The “wind” has created a distinctive space that isolates the bustling city from the outside. This space is divided into several areas, such as gathering steps, an activity square, and a waterscape stage, which blend seamlessly to form a square that accommodates all kinds of activities. The orderly steps and squares provide a clear boundary in the cohesive space, providing a platform for art performance in the city. The stage features a waterscape installation themed with the trace of wind, which draws people together, thus both the performers and audience emerge naturally.


▽岛链自然划分出阶梯聚场、活动广场、水景舞台 The island chain is naturally divided into staircases, activity squares, and waterscape stages

▽融合了坡道、看台、座椅功能的阶梯聚场 A ladder gathering field that integrates the functions of ramps, stands and seats

▽岛链围合出的绿色边界 The green boundary of the island chain

▽阶梯聚场为空间塑造了秩序 The steps create order in the space

▽全龄友好的无障碍坡道 Accessible ramps for all ages

▽具有雕塑感的坡道阶座 Sculptural ramp seating

▽坡道阶座的使用者 Users of ramp seats

▽阶梯式看台 The stepped stands

▽喷泉下的嬉戏 The frolic under the fountain

▽被风定义的水景装置 Water feature installation defined by wind

▽极具参与性的数字互动水景 Highly participatory digital interactive water feature

▽精致的铺装变化 Exquisite paving changes

▽夜幕下的风之广场 Wind Plaza at night

▽广场的多元化使用 Diversified use of the square

▽风筝划出的痕迹与广场意外的契合 The kite marks unexpectedly fit the square




The diverse functions of the multi-dimensional space and the visitors of all ages contribute to a vivid and diversified urban space. The flexible rhythm of spaces allows individuals with different backgrounds to find their own place at any time.


▽由”风”挤压出的“岛链” The island chain squeezed out by the wind

▽悬挑座凳上休息的人 Someone resting on an overhang stool

▽岛链间的慢行空间 Slow space between island chains




Wind Plaza is a unique open public urban space located in the intersection of Jiankang East Street Greenway and Jinma Road Greenway in Weifang City. It offers an energetic square that settles the new daily lifestyle for the communities in the Weifang High-tech Zone. During the day, the Wind Plaza is a relaxed spot for surrounding office workers to have lunch and meet with friends. As night falls, it becomes a place for the local residents to take a stroll, dance, splash in the water, go roller skating, and fly a kite as Weifang’s feature in the cool breeze. Performers and spectators alike can have a space of their own wind.


▽广场使用的生活场景 The square uses the living scene




Project name: Wind Plaza in Weifang
Project location: Weifang, Shandong
Design time: January-August 2022
Completion date: May 2023
Design area: 8000 square meters
Construction unit: Huapu Group
Landscape Design: HID Landscape
Design Team: Wu Hao, Zhang Lu, He Yujiang, Zhang Zhibo, Shen Huasu, Zheng Shiyu, Lu Qian, Shang Yukun, Huang Qiong, Yang Zihan, CAI Peiqi
Project photography: Fancy Images



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