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Zarine Jamshedji Architects:Alarine Earth Home 是创始人兼首席建筑师 Zarine Jamshedji 和从业多年的资深建筑师 Cornelis Alan Beuke 职业生涯与个人生活的融合之作。

Zarine Jamshedji Architects:Alarine Earth Home embodies the coming together of the professional and personal lives of architect Zarine Jamshedji and Construction veteran Cornelis Alan Beuke. Jamshedji is the founder and principal architect of Zarine Jamshedji Architects, and Beuke has had many years of experience in construction.




Architect’s Note: “We looked for a site that resonated with our desire of how and where we wanted to live.


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A vision of how we wanted to build emerged instantaneously from it. The desire to have a home that ‘blends in’ the true sense of the word into the land and landscape, not be intrusive, or block the expansive paddy field for our neighbors in the rear.

‘Architecture Design can be both sensitive and considerate.’



在找到这样的一片土地后,我们迫不及待地就住了进去。我们选择具有结构强度高、隔热性能好、施工速度快的 Stereogram 创新建筑技术,将预制与现浇完美结合。整体工程从开工到竣工,包括施工、室内装修和景观设计,共耗时 6 个月。

Once the land was found we couldn’t wait to live on it. We chose Stereogram’s Innovative Building Technology (Schnell 3D Panel construction system) for its unmatched properties –Structural strength, high insulation, construction speed, perfect combination of prefab and in-situ. Total time for construction, interiors and landscape was 6 months, from site start to finish. Thanks to the intense partnership with everyone that worked with us.




We visited a laterite cutting workshop for a large cement-less retaining wall, for a project of ours. We requested the collection of the waste laterite paste from the workshop floors and adapted it as the wall plaster render. Bringing together a high-tech material for its efficiency and a low- tech material for its earthiness.




Unlike a conventional home, there is no main door. You enter below an array of solar panels into a seamless communal living, dining and kitchen space and further a column free sit out that merges ahead; uninterrupted with the landscape and the paddy.



住宅中的一些家具和灯具采用废弃的 Schnell 太阳能电池板制成。我们将在现场发现的一棵老树根进行清理并重新利用;把旧泵房的基座改造成户外景观座椅空间;将一条旧沟渠扩大形成一个池塘,用于储存灌溉用的稻田水和从屋顶收集的雨水。此外,生物化粪池的使用能够适当地处理生活污水,并回收用于景观灌溉。

Several pieces of furniture & light fittings are made from waste Schnell panels. An old tree root found on site was cleaned and repurposed. The plinth of an old pumping shed converted into outdoor landscape seating space. An old trench enlarged to form a pond to hold water from the paddy for irrigation and be refilled from the roof water. Bio Septic tank to ensure proper digestion of sewage and the same recycled for landscape use.




The roof is planted with Vetiver (Khus, Miracle grass), for both its properties and its aesthetics to merge seamlessly with the paddy ahead. A lone dying teak tree on the property brought back to life. Principles of Permaculture are brought into the landscape.




我们相信,一个优秀的设计师可以利用任何材料创造出永恒之美,而不必执着于单一的设计语言或风格。我们需要因势因地来建造新的建筑,也必须不断尝试更有效的可持续解决方案。”—— Ar. Zarine Jamshedji

Sustainable Landscapes are not only about what they look like but what they do.

We believe that a good designer can create timeless beauty with any material without being obsessed with a single design language or style. Different situations call for new architecture and we must keep trying to come closer to more effective sustainable solutions.”  Ar. Zarine Jamshedji



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项目名称:Alarine Earth Home
项目地点:印度 喀拉拉邦 科钦
景观/建筑公司:Zarine Jamshedji Architects
首席建筑师:Ar.Zarine Hoshang Jamshedji,Ar.Abhishek Suthan,Surya Narayanan
设计团队:Ar.Zarine Hoshang Jamshedji,Ar.Abhishek Suthan,Surya Narayanan,Cornelis Alan Beuke,Navin Limbani,Er.Anu Joseph,Ratheesh P Balan,Ar.Sarah Janet Augustin
客户:Ar.Zarine Hoshang Jamshedji和Cornelis Alan Beuke
图片来源:Syam Sreesylam

Project Name: Alarine Earth Home
Completion Year: 2023
Scale: 380 SQM
Project Location: Cochin, Kerala, India
Landscape/Architecture Firm: Zarine Jamshedji Architects
Website: https://www.zarinejamshedji.com/
Contact e-mail: admin@zarinejamshedji.com
Lead Architects: Ar. Zarine Hoshang Jamshedji, Ar. Abhishek Suthan, Surya Narayanan
Design Team: Ar. Zarine Hoshang Jamshedji, Ar. Abhishek Suthan, Surya Narayanan, Cornelis Alan Beuke, Navin Limbani, Er. Anu Joseph, Ratheesh P Balan, Ar. Sarah Janet Augustin
Clients: Ar. Zarine Hoshang Jamshedji & Cornelis Alan Beuke
Photo Credits: Syam Sreesylam
Photographer’s Website: https://www.syamphotographer.com/



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