Sanitas Studio :2011年,Sanitas Studio受到Sansiri公司的委托。在泰国Petchaburi的Cha-Am海滩为住宅项目做总体规划和景观设计。整个项目位于cha-am海滩,尽管基地面积很大,但受场地形状的限制,实际上只有10%的土地与海滩相连。也就是只有两座建筑物可以直接看到海滩。所以具有挑战性的任务是创造一种氛围,让所有的居民都觉得自己离海滩很近。Sanitas Studio的工作是为13栋建筑物提供良好的生活氛围,并最大限度的利用景观设计。

Sanitas Studio :In 2011, Sanitas Studio was commissioned by Sansiri PLC. to do a master plan and landscape design for residential project on Cha-Am beach, Petchaburi, Thailand. The site locates on Soi Phetkasem9 connected with Petchakasem Road, the main road lining from Bangkok to the south of Thailand. Even though the land is large, only 10% of the land area is actually connected to the beach. Our job is to accommodate landscape design and provide nice atmosphere for 13 buildings in this site. By constraint of the shape of the site, there will be only two buildings, which have a direct view to the beach. It is a challenging task to create the atmosphere, which will let all residents feel they are equally close to the beach.



从航海怀旧开始,我们设想这片土地是海洋的抽象形式。抽象的海洋将包含不同的岛屿和海景特征; 丛林,村庄,漂浮的房屋和海潮。这将为每一组建筑物创造不同的氛围。然后,我们从大堂 – 海滩,渔人村,现代丛林,村树屋,村 – 游泳池,连通海滩和浮动房子创建7个具有自己独特海景特色的建筑群。


Starting with nautical nostalgia, we envisage the land as an abstract form of the ocean. The abstract ocean would contain different characters of islands and seascape; the jungle, the villages, the floating house and the sea tide. This would create different atmosphere for each cluster of buildings. Then we create 7 clusters of building with their own unique seascape character, from Lobby-beach, Fisherman Village, Modern Jungle, Village-tree house, Village-pool, Connecting beach and floating house.
The landscape design is a simple interpretation of the wave typology. We study the form of sea wave and develop it in the landscape form three dimensionally. It becomes part of the continuous seating, continuous steps, the retaining wall and planters. The gradient color of the sea was reveal through a gentle contour line underneath the water.
People can experience the different character of each area since arrival, from Lobby beach across the water to the Jungle, which surrounded by secluded villages. Before arriving on the beach, there was a large swimming pool and sunbathing terraces.




The theme of the whole project is to locate the navigation theme and make full use of the space of the island and seascape to make it contain different characteristics, such as jungle, floating, sea tide, etc. each building cluster has a unique theme.







The landscape design adopts a wave-shaped layout and a three-dimensional structure, and the flowing water elements are used to connect all fields, form a sustainable series, and establish the structure of the entire base. This man-made ” ocean” is connected by circulating passages and sunbathing decks, and also adjoins many unit balconies so that people can directly enter the swimming pool. Plants in all areas give people a calm feeling and provide outdoor shading function.




Photos by Wison Tungthunya.

项目名称:Baan San Kraam
規模: 16158m2
建筑设计: Supermachine Studio
景观设计:saintas studio

Project name: Baan San Kraam
Location: Thailand
Completed: 2013
Scale: 16158m2
Architects: Supermachine Studio
Landscape:saintas studio

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