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山水比德:听见,远方乡土的呼唤心怀诗意。奔赴一场原乡之旅,没有喧嚣与匆忙,闲适自然,疗愈疲惫身心 安放思乡之情。,在乡村的怀抱里,望山、见水、聊寄、乡愁。

Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: Go to the Countryside in My Dream ,Hear the call of the remote countryside,Be poetic to love. Go on a trip to nature,Without hustle and bustle,Comfortable and pleasant,Healing body and mind,Easing homesickness. In the arms of the countryside,See the mountains and waters, remember the homesickness.


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Return to Nature – To Link Urban City, Countryside and Nature


The United States-based cultural geographer John Brinckerhoff Jackson mentioned in Discovering the Vernacular Landscape: The knowledge of vernacular landscape can strengthen our understanding of happiness, which originates from the belonging and identification of the nature and social cultural environment.




Vernacular civilization is both the cornerstone of Chinese civilization and a spiritual homeland that modern people can’t leave behind. However, rural areas have gradually fallen into a dilemma of fragmentation and marginalization in the process of rapid urbanization. China’s rural revitalization strategy enables rural tourism to be a new driving force to promote rural transformation and rural modernization. Traditional villages have grown into attractive tourist destinations under the wave of nostalgia among urbanites because of its characteristic landscape elements and cultural connotations. Local landscape plays a more and more important role in rural tourism.




Keeping vernacular imprints, adapting to rural conditions, inheriting rural styles and culture, and revitalizing rural lifestyles in rural construction has become a rational response of contemporary designers to the return of rural civilization in the process of modernization and urbanization.


守护-原乡风景|Protecting Native Scenery


The Xuefeng Mountain Range in southwestern Hunan stretches for thousands of miles,The mountains are surrounded by clouds and hidden in the forest,Huayao Nationality – An ancient nationality has lived here for generations,With unique and profound ethnic culture,Shanghai-Kunming high-speed rail passes through the mountains,Get off at Xupu South Station, the first stop of Huaihua City, Hunan,Walk along the stream and then arrive at Beidouxi Village.


▼村落航拍 Village aerial


城市化浪潮席卷着整个神州大地,北斗溪也不例外 高铁的到来 ,使乡村发生着巨大变化。所幸小镇没有因此而过度开发,乡民们守住了原本的风貌与文化的根,一批又一批远方的客人,乘着高铁慕名而来。

The impact of rapid urbanization has swept across China, besides Beidouxi Village, The opening of high-speed rail here makes great changes to the village. Fortunately, the village has not been overdeveloped, The villagers kept their original style and cultural roots, Wave after wave of distant guests, Come and visit here by high-speed rail.



寻觅-心归田园|Seeking Return to Nature


Wander Through the endless rice fields, chickens and dogs can be heard,Spring is singing and dancing,The villagers are relaxed and friendly ,As if in an idyllic land wrote by Yuanming Tao, a famous poet in Jin Dynasty.


▼怡然自得的田园生活 An idyllic life of contentment



At the end of the village, traditional dwellings are well-arranged,Blue tiles and white walls, characteristic cornices, looking primitive and unsophisticated,Get away from the hustles and bustles,Go back to nature,And Enjoy life here.


▼青瓦白墙的古朴村落 Ancient village with white walls and green tiles


克制-原生之美|Seeking Return to Nature

古色古香的千年瑶寨,一切都是那么自然、和谐。在这里 ,天马行空的设计师学会了克制。

The ancient Yao Village,Looks natural and harmonious,The unconstrained designer has learned to control here.



寻石|Looking for Stones


Walk around every corner of the village,Look for local stones, stone walls and wishing trees,Use materials that belong to the land,Build the village in our dream.




Rough stones in the village has become the most important materials for the Bed & Breakfast courtyard,Retaining walls, paving…Revitalized or reconstructed,As before, never changed.



引水|Diverting Water

引山中活水入院 依地势高低环绕院中,池水蜿蜒流淌,小院更显清寂,或跌落成瀑灵动了整个院落,院外的大山大河浓缩于咫尺庭院,人因水而有了福气。

Divert flowing water from the mountains to the B&B courtyard, and make it surround the courtyard by the terrain,The winding water of the pool makes the small courtyard quieter,Or falls into a waterfall, highlighting the courtyard itself. The mountains and waters outside the courtyard are concentrated in the courtyard,People are blessed by water。


▼引活水入园,使整个院落灵动活泼 The fresh water into the garden, so that the whole yard lively

▼园中一池静水,大江大河浓缩于此 There is a pool of still water in the garden, where great rivers condense



提取花瑶之“花” 应用院落的瓦上、地上、墙上,伴“花”而居,踏“花”而过,古老的花瑶风情涌上心头。

Apply Huayao embroidery patterns to tiles, floors and walls of the courtyard,Live with the patterns and stepp on them,The ancient Huayao style touches us.




The Huayao girls embroider patterns on their clothes and accessories,Looking delicate, gorgeous, perfect for each other,And becoming the most unique scenery in the countryside.




With respect for the original culture,We use restrained design techniques,To integrate the B&B into the Yao Village,And enable it to inherit the civilization of the village,Ancient but novel.




Industry Revitalization – Consideration on Rural Construction and Rural Revitalization


北斗溪结合高铁及文化资源优势,带动研学游、文化游和生态游三大旅游线路。将研学作为重点产业推进,以原生态农业为基础、旅游业为途径、非遗文化为吸引、手工及农副产品为营收,打造北斗溪特色业态产业链条;以“公司+ 农户”模式,吸纳当地居民参与经营和管理,利用当地特色产业和劳动力开发各类研学活动,展现花瑶特色文化。

Prosperous cities attracted many young villagers away from their home, and the primitive village gradually declined. The reconstruction of the village not only uses the original landscape to attract tourists, but also considers on the implantation of industries, so as to guide the return of the villagers, achieve the joy of the tourists, the villagers live and work happily, and finally realize the revitalization of the village.

The Beidouxi Village makes full use of the advantages of high-speed rail and cultural resources to put forward the three major tours, such as research and study tours, cultural tours and ecological tours. Promote research as the key industry, original ecological agriculture as the foundation, tourism as the method, intangible cultural heritage as the attraction, and handicraft and agricultural and sideline products as the revenue, to create an industrial chain with Beidouxi’s characteristic business; adopt the mode of “company + farmer” to absorb local villagers participating in operation and management, and use local characteristic industries and labor to develop various research activities to show characteristic culture of the Huayao Nationality.




Tourists here can not only enjoy the natural beauty of beautiful mountains and clear waters, but also integrate into the local folk life. Learn to embroider, spend the Huayao Festival, watch traditional opera, appreciate dragon lanterns and Yao’s singing and dancing, and do farming, etc. Tourists’ travel experience are more interesting, the villagers’ living has become more prosperous, and the national intangible cultural heritage has also been inherited and protected.


乡野间-慢下来,去生活|Slow Down and Enjoy Life-In the Countryside


It is the nostalgia belongs to the land,Quiet and Slow,Return to Nature,Recovering the long-lost slow life





Project Name: Beidou Creek, Xupu, Hunan
Client: Hunan Hongshuo Research Travel Co., Ltd.
Project address: Beidouxi Town, Xupu County, Huaihua City, Hunan Province
Design time: October 2020
Completion time: August 2021
Design area: 5900 square meters
Design company: Guangzhou S. P. I Design Co., Ltd.
Main creative and design team
Design Director: Liu Chun
Main Creator: Fu Qiang
Participants: Wang Qi, Zou Jialiang, Zhang Chen”
Architectural design: Xu Lei
Photography: Shanshui Peide Brand Department



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