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PSW建筑设计研究室:全球疫情的关系,人类正受到 Covid19 大流行的前所未有的影响。家,一个互相交织,复杂却美好的存在,重新获得了它的意义,并且更加强烈地涉及我们的日常生活。长时间须待在家生活与工作,让人们再次对”家”有了更多的关注。

Phoebe Says Wow Architects:Human beings are under unprecedented influence from the Covid19 pandemics. Home regains its significance and involves our daily lives even stronger. This led to a narrative that family and home is where one found love and awesomeness yet along with complications.


▽项目视频 Video



As a Flower Festival pavilion located in the remote mountains, the mission is to provide a resting point while enhancing visitors’ experiences during the festival.


▽场地整体鸟瞰 Aerial view



The biggest challenge of this case is how to find the appropriate role of the building during the flowering season, so that the beauty and spirit of the building can be promoted, while adding to the visitor experience of the flowering season and the national park. Our design rooted from this narrative and re-interpreted it by stacking five individual house-shape volumes and removing the overlapped area to create a booleaned interior which conveys unique spatial experiences from its complex geometries and wooden structures.


▽花镜中的木屋成为视觉焦点 Wooden house in the mirror


五个造型不同的木屋形同开枝散叶的家族,小家庭间各自发展成形,却又在家族中饰有独特的角色,形成复杂而美好的相互聚合。不同量体透过堆叠相嵌,在外观上形成聚合又富变化的意象, 辅以对外墙台湾杉木材采不同处理方式达到和谐却富变化的层次感 ,观赏者走动时,在每个角度都可欣赏到建筑不同的样貌。量体两个入口分别面对花钟与后方花园的小径,有衔接两处的意涵,量体刻意在两入口间形成趣味的涵洞,让小朋友们穿梭体验建筑内外的空间,看似分开的两个室内空间,在动线体验下还是一体的。

Five different wooden houses form different Spaces, each with its own unique presence, forming a complex and beautiful convergence of each other. Different volumes are stacked and embedded together to form a cohesive yet varied image on the appearance. Supplemented by different processing methods of Taiwan fir wood on the outer wall, a harmonious yet varied sense of hierarchy can be achieved. When the viewer walks around, he or she can appreciate the different appearance of the building from every Angle. The natural flower path links the flower clock with the garden, and the deliberately designed entrance forms an interesting culvert. Children can shuttle between the space inside and outside the building, and the moving line connects the interior space as a whole.


▽体量生成 Mass generation


▽木屋鸟瞰 Aerial view of wooden house

▽五个不同体量,不同造型的构件相互聚合 Five different volumes and components of different shapes converge with each other



As for the facade design, wood shingles made of Taiwania, a cypress tree, were arranged with various patterns as well as bark finishes to give a natural presence as a wood cabin also as birdhouses which blends into its surroundings. Birds returning to the square to roost, shorten the distance between people and nature.


▽取于自然的木材树皮饰面 Taken from natural wood bark finish

▽结合外立面设计鸟窝 Design a bird’s nest in combination with the façade



The interior of the building formed by the stacking of the volumes is originally intricate and complex, but in the design process, we borrowed the principle of Brin’s algebra to remove the parts of intersection and conflict, leaving a surface and structure full of continuity and dynamics. One might even notices there are seven peculiar boxes with opening on the facades. Yes, a house for both people and birds under one roof! The birdhouse concept came into play to bring birds from the woods to an open field which encourages visitors aware of these wonderful species.


▽空间设计分析 Spatial Design Analysis


▽错综复杂的底部空间 Intricate bottom space

▽穿梭玩耍的孩子们 Children playing



The interior is mainly for sheltering and exhibition, in which one may find a cozy position to enjoy a moment of meditation. The circulation is curated to have visitors entering from two different entrances on the opposite side shaping different vantage points to appreciate the spatial characters. Since the interior space is semi-disconnected, visitors are expected to engage both inside and outside of the building to complete the experience which makes more sense for a project in such specific location. Projection mapping is an integrated art form presenting fantastic visual drama promoting nature conservation awareness which mutually enhancing the design agenda.


▽内部展示空间 Internal display space



In a very limited budget and cycle, design requires high precision with precast construction arrangement, the through quantity body strategically placed, will force to the main wall surface, solid structure is formed between the small body balance, intermediate body in during the period of construction, the largest amount dangling stand six masters and bearing of the erection of scaffolding, finally appear in front of our eyes all wooden buildings.


▽总平面图 Plan

▽木屋平面 Plan

▽木屋剖面图 Section



项目名称:巢境 Boolean Birdhouse
项目面积:80 sqm
项目地址:中国台湾 台北市陽明山花鐘廣場
主创设计师:洪世驊 Shihhwa Hung, 溫茹棻 Phoebe Wen
木構部分:藝創木構。 結構部分:原型結構工程顧問

Project Name: Boolean Birdhouse
Year of completion: 2020
Project area: 80 sqm
Project address: Taipei City Yangmingshan Flower Clock Plaza, Taiwan, China
Design Firm: Phoebe Says Wow Architects
Company website: https://www.phoebesayswow.com/
Contact Email: info@phoebesayswow.com
Chief Designers: Hong Shihua Shihhwa Hung, Wen Rufen Phoebe Wen
Wooden structure part: Yichuang wooden structure. Structural Section: Prototype Structural Engineering Consultant
Owner: Taipei City Government Park Street Lights Management Office
Photographer: Hey!Cheese



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