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Antao Group:The design project started with local features of a waterside town in Jiangnan, to create a living destination integrating tourism and vacation, ecological relaxation, operation of industries and the city, culture and technology, healthy lifestyle, etc. and start a new chapter of a super cultural tourism community, based on a vacation experience plan covering an area of 9.32 million square meters, and narrative media of Jiangnan in the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties and in a universal sense.


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▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view




At 31°N and 119°E, in the Yangtze River Delta of China, in world city clusters, there is a mysterious waterside town, where classic simplicity and modernity fuse together. If Wuzhen is seen as the spiritual hometown of the last generation, Caoshan Future City is more like a waterside town in Jiangnan in the hearts of the younger generation. With Going up the River at Qingming Festival Time and Landscapes of the Four Seasons in a classic Chinese style, bustling streets of the capital in the Song dynasty, crisscross waterways in Jiangnan and ancient bridges like living fossils in Liyang, we gathered architectural symbols in various styles in the Song dynasty and modern times, and reconstructed relations among culture, the city, nature and mankind.

In this hometown of the Jiaowei (burnt tail) Chinese zither, one of the four famous ancient Chinese zithers, soulmate culture is inherited and passed down. Starting with the original local Jiaowei Chinese zither culture, we reconstruct a beautiful imagination of life in Jiangnan. In the first batch of experience zones open to public, the B&B we created jointly with “SOLO WANDERING” has made an amazing debut.


▽总平面图 General Layout



Based on original local resources and landscapes, in a way of coexistence with nature, from the cultural origin of encountering a soulmate, we created the 3 major picturesque themes of a wine shop in a garden, a curved bridge transmitting Chinese zither music and a Chinese zither terrace at sunset, and the 5 core scenes of Curved Bridge, Ferry, Arashi, Wine Shop and Flower Stream, to realize more vivid and warmer scenes of life and social communication by virtue of original terrains.


▽分区示意 A Diagram of Zones


曲桥 Curved bridge  

It is common to see crystal clear water and fresh flowers, and walk through curved bridges and mysterious paths.




We set an example in the era of greater cultural tourism from an open viewpoint on public zones—by shifting spaces and scenes towards open public spaces, and blurring boundaries with “parks”.




On original terrains, we combined local elements, to build various beautiful scenes of life such as entertainment, gourmet food, shopping and inhabitation, and thus deeply bond daily life to the site. Floating mist in forests, light through bamboo woven structures, and dogs encountered along small paths are all stories of healing during travel.




The local element of the bamboo sea on the south mountain is integrated in the form of bamboo weaving art into the context of a waterside town in Jiangnan, to create local landscapes.



津渡 Ferry 

On arrival at the Xijin Ferry late, how glad it is to see the long bridge to be completed




We built the cultural destination with the charm of ancient Jiangnan in a modern way, where everything recovers original simplicity after a long journey, in the hope of enabling people to relax their body as well as find spiritual fulfilment.




Why not learn from Tao Yuanming who could not play the Chinese zither but still enjoyed plucking strings




Vegetation, rocks and paths generate a delicate and rich temperament, in which you can wander and feel the vivid tranquility—with both liveliness of embracing group life and leisurely quiet when staying alone.




The ancient Chinese zither terrace is represented by a Chinese zither and flowing water. When strings of the Chinese zither are plunked, flowing water ripples, as if you went back to the scene of “meeting a soulmate understanding rivers and mountains in music”.



酒肆 Wine shop  

Live a worldly life in the Wine Shop, while enjoying clouds above the Chinese zither terrace in the day and at night




Air is refreshing and clear, sunlight is warm and bright, and time is passing at another speed. Here, you can encounter another life, and find your spirit, soul and life all settled in some way.




Everything happens without extra efforts. Opening a window to see mountains and listening to a gurgling stream in your dream, you can set free your imagination in the space filled with ancient charm, which is simple and natural but novel and comfortable, depicting an original picture of life fusing simple folk customs and modern life.




Sitting in the yard, listening to twitter and chirps, watching floating mist above the water surface, you have quietly reproduced Jiangnan in its original look in your mind.




Now, Caoshan Future City has become a “back bay” of life for busy urban residents, and a place for relaxation where more and more urban residents find their “ideal life”. In the future, such treasures in history will be presented in “the Venice in an ancient Chinese style”, a waterside ancient bridge town in Caoshan Future City, to form a new waterside town of Jiangnan integrating catering and entertainment, tourism, cultural experiences and habitation.




In addition to the waterside ancient bridge town, in the future, there will be 6 major industrial drivers, namely a global center, an international convention center, a far-star hotel, a hot spring town and an art center. In the innovative “industrial + urban development” model, a cultural tourism destination will be built, integrating “industrial operation, tourism and vacation, ecological balance and human habitation”.




The future tourist resort city, which floats above mountains, lakes, valleys, forests and islets and covers an area of 14,000 mu, will become a modern poetic garden village where people can enjoy landscapes, live and travel, to reveal another possibility of future habitation, and customize a “back bay of life” for every tired heart in hustle and bustle.



设计团队:安道 A·Lava

Project Name: B&B Sample Park of SUNAC Liyang Caoshan Future City
Address: No.7 Huizhan Road, Shangxing Town, Liyang, Changzhou, Jiangsu
Scale: Planned area 11277㎡, landscape area 9956㎡
Design/Completion: Apr. 2021-Sept. 2021
Design Team: antao-A·Lava
Chief Designer: Chenxuan Zhu
Design Team: Jingyang Dai, Shiyi Shen, Shuangjin Ruan, Lingling Liu, Xin Li,Ke Zhang,
Construction Drawings Designed by: Liming Zheng, Yue Chen, Xueyin Pan, Yuhuan Wang
Water And Electricity Designed by: Wen Sun, Lanlan Bao, Fuxing He, Zhengyi Sheng, Juliang Ding, Peipei Lian, Yuhang Pan
Architectural Design: GOA
Photography Copyright: RIYE Photography, Chenbi Photography




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