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奥雅设计:觅一处书院,归隐于缥缈清风摇 灯影绕,俯仰山林 卧听夜雨。侠也好 我们也罢,若抵挡不住现实的洪流,不如相忘于江湖,泊向极致的爱与自由。

L&A design: Looking for a scholarship house, Retreat in the misty breeze, swinging lights and shadows, Looking down at the mountains and listening to the night rain. Whether it’s a knight or us, If you can’t resist the flood of reality, We should forget each other in the jungle, To the ultimate love and freedom.


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When we first arrived at the foot of Mount Sun, the site was full of the warmth of Jiangnan and came to us with the beauty of a lonely mood. The atmosphere is vivid and remote, as if we were listening to an ancient story.




It is said that Ji Zha, the founder of humanities in Changzhou and the first sage in the south, once cultivated and ruled water here. Ji Zha was talented and cultivated, but he was indifferent to power and position, and was famous for his honesty in keeping his promise of hanging his sword. As a place where the mountains and water are intertwined on the bank of the Shunshui River, the site is surrounded by dense forests and fields, and its natural texture and profound cultural heritage give it a unique atmosphere.


▼整体鸟瞰 Overall bird’s eye view



As the exhibition center, and also as the future Jizi Academy, we hope to design the spirit of keeping the primitive nature and protecting the region, and finally blend the artistic conception in the scene. Thus, one grass and one tree, one wall and one pool are designed to be fixed in the space, telling the boundless mist and rain. At this moment, forget the worries of the rivers and lakes, the cumbersome life, and hide into this unfettered landscape…


▼被密林水田环绕的场地 A field surrounded by dense forests and paddy fields


归林|Return to the forest



It is not without the will of the river and the sea that I gracefully send off the sun and the moon, When the design has the gesture of surrender, the site will have a natural beginning.

Through the dense Metasequoia forest along the river, the rich dark green color wrapped in the shade of the forest stretches forward, and the light of the sky suddenly appears in the distance, which is the perfect entrance formed by the natural environment.


▼水杉林道 Metasequoia Forest Road



Instead of imposing or eye-catching gates, only a wall made of two pieces of rough stone is used as the entrance. The original materials and the greenery at the bottom of the wall make it fit perfectly into this wild place, understated and natural. The wind occasionally blows through the stone cracks, emitting an empty whistle.


▼入口空间 Entrance space



The site is enclosed by a slice of wall to guide the line of sight, which enriches the spatial level and complements the single-story exhibition center with a sloping roof, giving it a taste of a Jiangnan inn when viewed from afar.


▼艺术的景墙水景 Artistic scenery wall waterscape



The slate sidewalls of the grassy slope terrain are grooved and spit out water like miniature hanging waterfalls that fall into the gravel. Just as the torrent rushes through the most rugged and treacherous section, the prosperous life will eventually return to calm and quiet.




Occasionally a few birds pass by, will they also stop?




The sky is cyan and waiting for the mist and rain. When the fog gradually fills in, the plants are tinted with a dense dark green color.





The interlocking and overlapping brick walls form a transparent frame, and the water, rocks and grasses in the near distance, the pavilions and shade in the far distance are interwoven into a natural painting.

The entrance and the foreground are just a few strokes, seemingly light and breezy, but they are unforgettable.



乐居|Joyful Living


The songs return to the courtyard, the lights go down to the terrace, Live in the dream of rain and smog in Jiangnan, The landscape accompanies us day and night to flow.



水上森林 Forest on the Water


The lush green islands intertwine with the water surface, forming a flowing curve and guiding the sight to the distance. The spreading branches and leaves of the modeled citrons grow upward to embrace the skyline.




The inky green color faintly stains the reflection of the natural stacked slate at the bottom of the pool. Occasionally, a light rain falls, accompanied by swaying lights rippling on the water surface.




Under the woods, the scenic wall is hidden, and the natural material eliminates all traces of artificiality.




The sun and moon passed, the scenery changed with time, the fog was foggy and everything was gilded with a pleasant sky color.



丰草滋生  A bounty of grasses grows


After passing through the winding water forest, an open grassy space comes into view.




The space is decorated with ornamental grasses and landscape lights, and is decorated with short walls of stone and round trees without deliberately pursuing refinement. The silent and vast atmosphere invites contemplation and naturally opens up the mind.




We have hidden the delicate softness in the interaction with nature. After the rain, the stone slab is wet, the light is faintly lit up from the lush green grass, the water droplets gently fall on the leaf surface, and the exquisite atmosphere begins to reveal with the rain.




In the morning, walking through the courtyard, walking through the stone paths, feeling everything in this rich grass and long forest, enjoying the comfort and coziness within your reach.



枕水|Resting on the water


The light boat welcomes the guests, the graceful lake comes up, A vast water carries the leisure of the years, A small boat goes to the ideal home.



理水见景  Rational water to see the scenery


Water is the soul of the backyard. An arch bridge and a long embankment gently ripple the natural water surface into multiple scenes that can be viewed and swum.


▼后场水景鸟瞰 A bird’s eye view of the back field water view



The spring water is as blue as the sky, and the boat is listening to the rain. The direction of the boat, and the slow flow of the river, waiting for the return of a long-lost friend.




The curved arch bridge with wood texture stands by the water. The side of the bridge is slightly inclined, highlighting the sense of lightness and floating, but also cleverly hidden by the integration of light bands.



临水游园  Waterfront Garden


Along the water surface, there are children playing, just like this pond of lotus flowers waiting to bloom, vigorous.




The borderless water surface is transparent and clear, and the pine trees and pavilions are looking at each other, forming a clever visual hierarchy.




In the evening, the chic and quiet atmosphere attracts people of all kinds. Between the undulations of the terrain, the greenery stretches, staggered and open.




The shade walkway created by the thicket of citron and the ecological flower border underneath, the fragrance comes when you walk through the forest, and the flower border changes endlessly in all seasons, so you can feel the surprise brought by the seasons.




The water is silent, the fog in the distance, everything is like the imaginary Jiangnan.




The rain washes away the anxiety and confusion, and the soft light lights up the infinite thoughts.




With a reckless and spontaneous beginning, with a soft and profound end. Just like the epitome of countless stories, return to peace, return to sedation.






The beautiful natural texture should not be buried.

During the investigation before the design, we found that the natural water network of the site is interspersed between the fields and gardens, with excellent ecological and natural environment. However, the structures in front of us were simple and completely covered up the original beauty. It became our goal to restore the texture of the landscape with design and reproduce the painting of Jiangnan.


▼改造前的场地 The site shown before the renovation




红衣女侠雨夜归隐,从此随季子后人枕水而居,是我们读到的故事。那么,你呢 ?

The long-standing culture should not be forgotten.

We have repeatedly thought that the essence of cultural tourism should not be to make people passively accept a certain culture, but to use the designated scenes to arouse people’s desire to explore the local culture. We hope that everyone who comes to Shunshan Town will leave with a story of what they saw, and then they will remember the culture of the place.

The story we read is that of a woman in red who returned to her home on a rainy night ,and lived on the water with the descendants of Jizi from then on. So, what about you?





After the project was completed, the surrounding residents gradually treated this place as a small park. We are grateful to Party A for its willingness to share this wonderful site to all, and to the ancient culture for allowing us to meet Shunshan Town.

The fir forest has no beginning, The river has no end, In the rivers and lakes of Sunshine Town, There are distant places everywhere.




景观设计:奥雅设计 上海公司 项目三组
采写 / 奥雅设计 上海公司 项目三组
编辑 / Jennie
摄影 / 南西空间影像 Ming
视频 / 邓泳菁
视觉 / Lean

Project name: Changzhou Jiuzhou Sunshan Town Cultural Exhibition Center
Project Location: Shunshan Town, Tianning District, Changzhou City
Project type: Cultural tourism project demonstration area
Land area: 41,246m²
Building area: 654m²
Landscape area: 27000m²
Client Name: Jiangsu Jiuzhou Group
Landscape Design: L&A Design Shanghai Company – Team three
Landscape construction: Changzhou flourishing garden and municipal engineering Co.
General Manager of Party A: Chen Xiangbin, Xu Ze, Yu Dabo
Design time: 2020.11-2021.1
Completion time: 2021.5
Writing / L&A Design Shanghai Company – Team three
Editor / Jennie
Photography / Nanxi Space Image Ming
Video / Deng Yongjing
Visual / Lean



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