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MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY:The Chrysalis是位于马里兰州哥伦比亚市中心的Symphony Woods的Merriweather公园的表演舞台,公园亭和雕塑。作为公园亭,它主要面向公众开放,同时也是与邻近剧场合作的开展大型表演和庆祝节日的舞台。

MARC FORNES / THEVERYMANY:The Chrysalis is the stage, pavilion and sculpture of meriweather park in symphony Woods in downtown Columbia, Maryland. As a park pavilion, Chryseris mainly serves the public as a destination within the park. It is also a stage for large-scale performances and festivals in cooperation with the nearby meriweather park pavilion amphitheater.


©Images by Jeffrey Totaro
©Images by Jeffrey Totaro




95% of the time, the new Chrysalis Amphitheater in Merriweather Park of Columbia, Maryland is not programmed. Rather than waiting for official events, the project maximizes potential with a design that provides an experience around the clock.

The goal is to provide not just a destination, but an experience for the morning jogger, the sunday walker, the afternoon stroller, as well as anyone who is actually there for a show. It is an amphitheater, yet it is first a pavilion in the park, an architectural structure, a tree house and a public artwork, ready to be engaged and activated at any given moment.


©Images by Jeffrey Totaro
©Images by Jeffrey Totaro




Every Arch A Function

What emerged as the major design opportunity of the project was to create an emblematic and experiential design while satisfying the standard box dimensions required by a theater typology. The answer was developed as a collection of cascading arches that vary not only in size but function, and also provide a structural system.


©Images by Jeffrey Totaro
©Images by Jeffrey Totaro
©Images by Jeffrey Totaro



The largest arch frames Stage Alpha, dimensioned and structured for official events, including the performances of musicians and the requirements of their equipment and lighting rigs. Immediately adjacent to the main stage is Stage Beta, a venue for smaller and more community-based events, and which still provides a platform, equipment/lighting rigs, and seating area, yet is more appropriate for less of a crowd. The engineered terrain ascending to Stage Beta provides an architectural topography on which park visitors can sit, stand and play, and which can be activated itself as a more casual “Speakers Corners” stage set-up.


©Images by Jeffrey Totaro



Wrapping around the back of the structure, further arches are locations for a truck loading dock, a grand staircase entrance, and balconies with views beyond, which during performances serve as the artist backstage area.


©Images by Jeffrey Totaro
©Images by Jeffrey Totaro




为了达到适合茂密树木公园环境的轻盈和有机效果,该工作室采用了结构导向的方法,建立在十多年的轻质结构壳的研究和开发基础上,将形式、支撑和经验统一到一个有凝聚力的系统中。特别是The Chrysalis进一步发展了其“小兄弟”先例中的原则,即Pleated Inflation,由2015年法国Argeles的工作室完成。

Light On Its Feet

To achieve a light and organic effect that suits the context of a dense wooded park, the studio took a structurally-oriented approach, building upon over a decade of research and development of lightweight structural shells that unify form, support and experience into a cohesive system. In particular, The Chrysalis further develops principles explored in its “little brother” precedent, Pleated Inflation, completed by the studio in Argeles, France in 2015.



©Images by Jeffrey Totaro


©Images by Jeffrey Totaro


The Chrysalis同样是通过将数字网格绘制成平面的过程生成的,并且其所有区段被转换为一系列差异化的弹簧系统,然后膨胀,褶皱的约束被添加到膨胀协议中以提供额外的结构深度。

The Chrysalis is similarly generated from a process in which a digital mesh is drawn flat, and all of its segments are transformed into a series of differentiated spring systems, then inflated. Constraints for pleating are added to the inflation protocol to provide extra structural depth.


©Images by Jeffrey Totaro



Layered within the pleated shell, an exoskeleton was designed to support the heavy loads for performances inside, such as lights and other rigging. Engineered into steel tubing by Arup, it supports 70 point loads that can each sustain 2,000 lbs.



▼灯光效果  Lighting effects

©Images by Jeffrey Totaro
©Images by Jeffrey Totaro


▼场地平面  Site Plan


▼顶视图  Top view


▼底层平面  Floor Plan


▼细节设计  Details



地点: 美国马里兰州
类别: 雕塑公园亭
客户: Inner Arbor Trust
完成时间: 2017年
摄影: Jeffrey Totaro

材料: 铝瓦、ZIPPS异型面板系统、镀锌钢底座
尺寸: 64 ‘ H×120 ‘ W×82 ‘ D
面积: 12000平方英尺
7700个板瓦, 45000个铆钉
工程/照明: ARUP
建筑记录: Living Design Lab
工程造价: Zahner
景观设计: Mahan Rykiel Associates
土木工程: Gutschick, Little & Weber, P.A.

Location: Maryland,USA
Type: Sculpture
Client: Inner Arbor Trust
Completed: 2017
Photography: Jeffrey Totaro

Material: Aluminum Shingles, ZEPPS Profiled Panel Systems, Galvanized Steel Substructure
Dimensions: 64’H x 120’W x 82’D
Surface Area: 12,000 sq ft
7,700 Shingles; 45,000 Rivets
Engineer / Theatrical / Lighting: ARUP
Architect of Records: Living Design Lab
Specialty Fabrication: Zahner
Landscape Architect: Mahan Rykiel Associates
Civil Engineer: Gutschick, Little & Weber, P.A.


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