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Z+T Studio:In the fast-paced cities that are full of high-rise buildings, parks are precious landscape resources. Covering a total area of about 8,300 m2, the Platform Park is designed by Z+T Studio to inherit the history and local culture as well as to provide leisure experience for owners in the future. Based on ecological design idea, Z+T focuses on the relationship between natural design and living environment, trying to enhance the vitality, social links and sustainability of the site.



设计背景 Design Background 


The Platform Park is situated around the Guohua Financial Center of Wuhan Er’qi Riverfront CBD, which is the site of the old Jiang’an Station along the Hankou-Beijing Railway. Within the park, there is a preserved building—the platform of Jiang’an Station, and the site of the “Workers’ Road”—the railway track that facilitated the industrial and workers’ campaigns. Behind the platform across the road is the sales center of  the high-end waterfront urban complex “CITYSCAPE 100”. CITYSCAPE not only built the park but also repaired the preserved building. Upon completion, the Platform Park will first be used for display and later serve as a public leisure space for surrounding communities.


▼修缮后的文保建筑 The renovated cultural preservation building



Important element of the site as it is, the preserved building divides the space into two independent parts. Therefore, the designer has tried to reorganize the functions in the east and west, balance the function as the exhibition area and the park, and keep its cultural atmosphere and vitality at the same time. In terms of planting design, beautiful and elegant plants are carefully selected and organized to create a secret negotiation space and an open activity space.


▼场地中的文保建筑  The preserved building on the site

▼概念图  Concept 




The designer put forward a simple but practical approach to reorganize the space: an eggshell circle is created to reasonably connect different functions, which are divided by the preserved building.


▼平面图  Plan 




The designer hopes to integrate history and culture with modern life. The result is a pleasant corner square created by the street, which provides both exciting and slow experiences in the quiet park. What’s more, there is also an open lawn to carry the historical memory, a comfortable garden for relaxation, and a train-themed playground hidden in the green.


▼项目整体鸟瞰 Aerial view


参与与互动 Participation and Interaction


The water feature “Mirror of Sky” is inspired by the turntable, which was used to turn locomotives in the past. The reflective mirror disc suspending over the turntable reflects the cultural activities around the site. Concept by SWA and details by Sushui Design, the suspending structure is about 12 meters high with a diameter of about 14 meters. All the equipment is hidden in the structural column or the underground structure, presenting a simple and elegant as well as the biggest sky fountain around the country.


▼以火车转盘为灵感的互动水景 The interactive water feature inspired by turntable

▼悬挑式结构空中落水 Suspending sky fountain



We prepared five pieces of pure music which last 3 to 4 minutes. When the night falls, the fountain will dance to the music in the colorful light. In addition, around the fountain we installed eight control points, stamping on which will make the fountain change accordingly.


▼感应式炫彩灯光设计的喷泉水景 Fountain with induction colorful lighting design


生态与自然 Ecology and Nature


The space on the west of the platform is pleasant and comfortable with open lawn and children’s playground. 14 hackberry trees with an average DBH of 90cm were transplanted to the lawn, providing enough shade for people.




The flower mirror, made up of more than 40 kinds of flowers, is the elf of the park, which presents the beauty of the combination rather than the beauty of a single flower.


▼自然的休闲平台营造生活场景 Natural leisure platform



The herbaceous plants under the trees grow wildly and interestingly: the purple sea of verbenas; the Chinese pennisetum, cherry and magnolia in the parking area; the Mexican salvia, echinacea purpurea and African agapanthus under the Excoecaria sebifera trees; the soapberry, maiden grass and big-leaf hydrangea in the shade…… The dense trees of metasequoia shelter the park from the concrete buildings, and beyond the bamboo forest, the preserved building has a dialogue with nature.


▼公园入口区域 Entrance to the park

▼自然生态的花镜 Flower mirror

▼儿童区掩映在树林中 Children’s playground hidden in the trees


成长与快乐 Growth and Happiness


In the children’s playground, the art installations, including the climbing slope and the small train, were designed by Z+T and constructed by V-onderland. Well meeting the European BN1176 standard, the installations will ensure the safety of the users. With modern design skills, we encourage the users to learn the history of the site by immersing themselves in the activities.


▼儿童活动区 Children’s playground

▼儿童活动区夜景 The night


格构山爬坡 Latticed Climbing Slope


Spliced with merbau, the lattice is fixed on a steel structure. Accessories such as net, rope, branch, grabhook and slide bars, are provided for climbing.


▼设计手稿 Sketch 




时光火车创意装置 Time Train


The site got its name because of the historic Great Strike of Feb. 7, 1923, which marked the beginning of Chinese Workers’ Revolution. We created a steam train using modern materials and skills, which is divided into two parts for children of 3~6 years old and 6~12 years old respectively. In this way, young children will not worry about the collisions with the older children.


▼设计手稿 Sketch 

© 张唐



Within the train, there is the climbing net, the slide, the rubber trampoline, the elastic barrier, etc., which will encourage children to explore and enjoy themselves. The design of the train shows our respect and inheritance for the industrial spirit of Jiang’an Station.



文化与传承 Culture and Inheritance


Based on the corridor of the Er’qi Railway, we recovered the “Workers’ Road” along the railway track, which extends about 25 meters wide and 300 meters long. In the future, it will be an important municipal landscape trail of this area. Starting from the Platform Park, the Workers’ Road connects four neighborhoods as well as all the functions, including retails, office building, hotel, service apartment and houses. In the north, it borders the central park of the Financial Center and the Y-shaped tree bridge and leads directly to the Yangtze River Beach Park. SWA delivered the overall plan, which pays attention to the connection between the multifunctional space and the Workers’ Road, creating a vertical living space for relaxation, shopping, wandering, fitness, etc. It also shows our respect, inheritance and innovation of the spirit of the Great Strike of Feb. 7, 1923.


▼重塑工人之路 Reinventing the way for workers



The railway track is renovated with modern landscape skills. The track is replace by stainless steel, the taw is used to simulate the rough earthen road, and the crosstie is changed into slabstone. We also leave marks of the track on the digital street of Jiang’an District, which will remind people of the history of the site.




While the preserved building is largely kept in its original style: the railway track nearby the platform reminds us of the old railway station and shows our respect for the history.


▼设计手稿 Sketch

© 张唐

▼文保建筑被重新激活 Activate the historical building



Passing through the preserved building (the ticket hall) , you will find the secret garden under the Excoecaria sebifera trees. Here, everything is in peace and tranquility. Sitting in the chairs under umbrella, listening to the water flowing by and enjoying the luxuriant verbena, you can’t help thinking about the past and reflecting on the peaceful life today. By integrating the old with the new, we bring the site back to life and redefine its cultural context.


▼设计手稿 Sketch

© 张唐

▼现代的水景与历史的文保建筑相呼应 Modern water feature dialogues with the historical building


工匠与品质 Craftsmanship and Quality


Both the patterns on the antiseptic wood of the climbing slope and the colorful mats on the ground are designed in the shape of diamond. And the gravel pavement divided in the same shape keeps the harmony of the whole space.


▼攀爬坡鸟瞰 Aerial view of the climbing slope

▼秘境花园鸟瞰 Aerial view of the secret garden



The steps, flower beds and water feature in the park are created with monoliths, the heaviest of which reaches three tons. Stonemasons from Fujian Province were invited to process the monoliths on the site, trying to keep the natural style of stone materials.




The grey and black gravel paved on the ground is 2~4 mm in diameter, which was washed repeatedly with wet sponge to present a flat surface.


▼铺装的细节处理 Details of the pavement

▼施工过程 Under construction



项目摄影:须然建筑摄影 邬涛

Project name: CITYSCAPE 100 Platform Park
Developer: Cityscape Development
Landscape area: about 8,300 ㎡
Landscape design: Z + T Studio
Installation design: Z + T Art Studio
PM team: Liang Fei, Zhou Miao, Gong Xin, Xu Dawei, Zha Xian, Zhang Yushan
Landscape construction: Zhejiang Gujing Municipal Landscape Engineering Co.,Ltd.
Water feature:  Sushui Design
Activity installation: L&A Design Wuhan V-onderland
Activity installation production: V-onderland
Time of completion: August, 2021
Text by: mooool
Photography: Wu Tao, Shrimp Studio
Mobile installation photography: Wang Haibo



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