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Change Studio:We completed the “Clouds” in the beautiful Fuxian Lake resort in Yuxi, Yunnan. It is the artistic aesthetic centre of Kunming Vanke beside Fuxian Lake.




The beauty and mystery of Fuxian Lake are what many people are dreaming as it is surrounded by mountains and crystal clear water. Mountain and water are the most precious natural resources here, which is why people yearn for and love Fuxian Lake. The site of the Art Aesthetics Center is located in the open wasteland of the middle of the mountain. What we did was to create a link between people and mountains and rivers in the best observation point. Through space, path and emotion, we hope to create the nature of the spiritual level, which is the wave and burst of thought when people perceive mountains and water.


▼分析图 Analysis▼总平图 Master Plan



Light and shadow are always beautiful no matter it is rainy or sunny.




The blue sky occasionally floats with white clouds. The mysterious Fuxian Lake reflects the sky and the distant mountains. The sky of Fuxian Lake is changeable. Suddenly a rain cloud drifts over, and the clear lake and mountains have turned into ripples like wrinkles in ink painting. In the face of such a magical natural scenery, we don’t need to do too much, just want to leave people to enjoy this beautiful scenery.





Cloud corridor

We chose the way of “leaving a blank on the marginal landscape” to awe the nature and designed a floating “natural cloud” in the original open space. It is white without any excessive decoration. At this moment, we believe that only pure, cloud-like white can match the clearness of Fuxian Lake. The corridor is curved and has spatial ups and downs as the landform changes. Its one side connects the driveway in the mountains as the entrance of the aesthetic centre and another side to the lake. The curved corridor encloses a white meadow in the middle while the white border outlines the ethereal sky.


▼云的长廊Cloud corridor


The white corridor has its own expression, just as changeable as the sky in Fuxian Lake. When the sky is clear, it is like a white and cheerful gauze flowing in the mountains and rivers;


空灵的白色长廊消融于环境之中 ,烟雨来袭,它突然又变的像忧郁的孩童一般;当夜幕降临,又化作山间的一速光,神秘的仿佛可以通向未来。

The white corridor melt with the lake,when the raindrops, it suddenly becomes a melancholy child;when night falls, it turns into a light in the mountains. It seems can lead to the future as it is so mysterious.







Hiden aesthetic museum

In order to keep people in the most beautiful viewpoints on the corridor and enjoy the “Million Glasses” of Fuxian Lake, we designed an aesthetic museum at the end of the corridor. The design of the Academy is not so important here: transparent floor-to-ceiling glass, clean sky and ground, and a large terrace that extends to the lake. What it needs is to hide in this nature. The Museum of Aesthetics is above the cliffs of the Mid-Levels. The scenery of Fuxian Lake is like the ultra-widescreen of 270 degrees. People wish they be intoxicated in such scenery.


▼美学馆 Aesthetic museum



The white corridor melt with the lake



▼样板间入口  Model House Entrance

▼室外等候区 outdoor resting area  



“Cloud” is a space that builds and guides people to feel the nature in a completely natural environment. The shaping of space itself is a dialogue with nature. It can be simple and elegant, can be avant-garde, or it can be other expressions. Nature does not need people, but the moderate participation of people adds a humanistic atmosphere to nature. There are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. Everyone who wants to come here can talk to nature and find this nature of their own.


项目位置: 云南省澄江县

Project Location: Chengjiang, Yunnan Province
Project Area: 0.8ha
Year Completion: 2018
Client: Kunming Vanke
Landscape Design: Change Studio
Interior and Soft Design: Box Design
Landscape Construction: Yunnan Lanyuan Landscape
Steel structure Construction: Shenzhen Zhongshi Southern Decoration
Photography: Wang Ning &.Change Studio


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