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L&A design:  With the shining stars and the edge of the cosmos, we look up at the stars more than once and wondering the future world.What kind of highly developed power will cities and landscapes have in the future?What kind of environment will we live in?Is urban development getting better or worse?




The infinite curiosity and exploration of the future make our visions and dreams closely connect with the current life.We are constantly looking for inspiration in our future lives. These bright ideas are slowly unfolding and constructing a picture of the future community landscape.



缘起  Genesis



Everyone can quickly paint the future of a city: the disappearing skyline, the changing light, and shadow, the floating vehicles…Society is constantly evolving, and cities are expanding. How far will our residence be away from nature 700 years later?

Nanning, a city of mountains and rivers, provides a community space waiting to be explored for the L&A design team. The special local context offers the display of landscape cultural context.The concept of “three-dimensional landscape” is from our expectations for the future. The creation of a multi-dimensional space became the beginning of exploring the possibility of a future community landscape that truly belongs to Nanning and has unique natural and cultural characteristics.


▼设计师手稿  Designer’s manuscript


序章  Prologue


The goals are to split the traditional landscape texture, to integrate space and landscape, and to blur the boundaries of design. The sound of flowing water breaks the hustle and bustle of the city and opens a natural prologue.Instead of a traditional gateway, a functional building that retreats to the back of the open square is set up to show an open attitude.



Near the building, a powerful 11-meter-high tree inside the glass cylinder brings skylight and shadows to the gray space below the building with a power to break through the sky. The schist is collaged geometrically. The rock material with the light and shadow enriches the textures of the space.




Under the dense green shade, descending the steps are the cascading green terraces that gradually inlaid with three water features. The water beam drops down and plays the open chapter of the three-dimensional landscape officially.



颠覆  Subversion


Wandering between landscape and architecture, the design uses the romance from the galaxy to outline a sci-fi and poetic future city.When architecture is a major role in space, what role and attitude should the landscape be? This is the designer’s thoughts on the project and space.




When we subvert and reorganize the established spatial order, we incorporate “diversity” and “inclusiveness” into the aesthetic representations of architecture and landscape, blurring the boundaries of each other, not only dealing with the relationship harmoniously but also making the future community poetic.The 4-meter-height difference from the municipal road to the building connects the landscape with multi-dimensional space. Space vividly changes as a whole and as a shape of the mountain, forming a unique multidimensional three-dimensional landscape.




Walking out of a deliberately depressed gray space, a future city that seemed to be illuminated by sunlight appeared.With multi-layer gardens and cantilevered platforms, people stroll in the multi-dimensional space and feel the wonderful connection between man and nature. A curved path through the water, as the winding Yongjiang River, leads people to the “Xanadu”.




Standing by the railing on the viewing platform, the sound of the water attracts people to step down. Walking into space is a curtain of water.Sitting by the water curtain, the breeze, greenery, and clear water constitute a small world away from the crowds.




The height difference between the underground floor and the ground is used to build the flower bed. After several comparisons, the ultra-thin stone material was selected to better fit the curved side of the flower bed.When we wiped away the fog between our home and nature, an “urban forest” looms out.



永恒 Eternity


In the pure land of the soul far away from the noise, let’s embrace the beauty of eternal silence.




Along the trail, the reflection of the building in the water is vaguely like the shadow of a mountain. A boundless and layered space of mountains and shadows suddenly appear in the front.To create a more natural waterscape and to visually soften the swimming pool, we abandon the square shape of the conventional swimming pool and choose the dark green mosaic tiles that are not commonly used to create a pool of clear water.




Being in a quiet space, closing eyes, people can imagine the eternal melody piled up in the space formed by straight lines, curves, and broken lines in the windy morning, gorgeous dusk, and meteor night.



后记  Epilogue


The richness and complexity of cities are formed through the growth, cultivation, and accumulation of various elements. The accumulation of cultural heritage and history and the evolution and development of the city promote and balance each other, and jointly breed new forms of existence. All innovations and improvements endow the landscape with artistry and humanity, and the ultimate goal should be a better life.We have no way of knowing the future community landscape. But the new inspirations from the current world inspire and portray the future.





项目名称:南宁阳光城大唐 · 檀境
景观设计:奥雅设计 上海公司 项目一组

采写 / 奥雅设计 上海公司 项目一组
编辑 / 慢慢
摄影 / 丘文建筑摄影

Project name: Datang Tanjing, Nanning Sunshine City
Project location: Tanze Road, Wuxiang New Area, Nanning, Guangxi
Type of project: Residential
Area: 9490㎡
Building area: 4740㎡
Landscape area: 7500㎡
Greening rate: 35%
Design time: 2020.01
Completion date: 2020.08
Customer units: Yangguang Guangxi Regional Company, Datang Real estate
Landscape Design: L&A Design Shanghai Company
Architectural Design: PTA Shanghai
Interior design: Shenzhen Matrix Interior Decoration Design Co. LTD
Landscape construction: Sen Tairan Garden
Client team: Zheng Wu, Liu Hao, Cai Xiaolin, Wang Teng, Wei Likai, Wang Wenrong, Xu Ruichang, Li Haike
Models: Wei Jing, Ouyang Sijia

Writing / L&A Design Shanghai Company – Group one
Edit / Man Man
Photography / ARCH·QW


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