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Weimar Group: The original intention of the Weimar Design Competition was to focus on the growth of young designers, and creating a platform to allow designers have a comprehensive stage to show themselves with more potential, tension and vitality. We hope designers can do different works to show their characteristics in a relax way, and present voices and insights of designers.


竞赛题目山川裂谷场地总平 The title of the competition is mountain rift valley

项目现场 The site of the project



The competition topic was inspired from the Weimar’s project——Shanghai Lingang Second Ring City Park. We chose the landmark part named as Mountain River Rift Valley, which is a prominent expression of the design conceptual system. The mountain-shaped building is integrated into the entire landscape and the surrounding environment perfectly with no aggression. Meanwhile, the site serves commercial and leisure function for public. The central square formed by surrounding building layout delivers the diverse functional needs of commercial trade, public gathering and cultural recreation. Participants can continue to sublime or completely overturn the original concept. The competition provides participants full freedom to design the project. The competition rules require that only junior designers can participate in this competition. The senior designer and design director only can participate as supervisor.



Ⅰ. 竞赛作品分享- 山川裂谷 Competition entries sharing-Mountains and rivers rift

设计指导/design guide:陈潇、Chris
主创设计/Main design: 于超
设计团队/design team: 徐哲、杨佳琳



Dishui Lake, located on the coast of the East China Sea, is far away from the city. At the beginning of the design, whether it is the upper planning or aiming at the current situation of the site, the first consideration is to increase the visibility of the site, activate the space and gather the popularity; secondly, as a park space, the experience and interaction of the site are equally important. The emotional explosion point is designed to enrich the experience of the space, so that people can participate in it and stretch all emotions freely.




The design is inspired by the formation of the site itself, imagining the scene of the beginning of the land fission in the East China Sea and the changes of mountains and rivers, and deducing the place mood with “Hill” ,”Valley” ,”Cave” and”Ridge” to create the ultimate space experience. The spatial structure is based on the dual attributes of flat terrain and strong wind. By building a partially inward concave world, we can create rich terrain changes and at the same time resolve the impact of the coastal wind, forming a more comfortable and interesting park space.




“Hill” – a large skeleton of the site is composed of several hills of different sizes and heights. On the top of the hill, the whole grassland is tatooed with white textured line. The night lighting effects meanwhile provides the lava flow underground. This simulates a magnificent and bright mountain and river ambience. In the interior space design of the “hill”, through the striking orange texture and irregular fold lines, the real sense of the hill cracks is created; partial mirror stainless steel materials are used, transparent reflection, highlighting the sense of change.

“Valley” – a comfortable Valley space is formed in the internal space of the whole place. A nearly 6 meter height waterfall is designed on the side of the valley to increase the visual impact. Also, a void space is designed on the back of the waterfall to provide illusion of working inside and near the cascading water.

“Cave” – light always gives us creative shapes and scripts. A mirror water view is designed at the end of the canyon. Utilizing the light shadow relationship, the light passing through the linear gap and the water reflection on pavement, the design creates a wonderful canyon cave landscape.

“Ridge” – The ridge designs a miniature mountain scene. Its undulating levels of crack patches pavement creates interesting and intimate spaces for children to play and people to gather.



Through the rich terrain and spatial transformations, the design brings people a multi sensory experience and achieves a balance in the interaction between human and nature, of design and topography.



Ⅱ. 海底两万里—鹦鹉螺艺术馆 Vingt mille lieues sous les mers—Proposal Nautilus Art Gallery

设计指导/design guide:CHRIS、陈潇
主创设计/Main design: 戴利
设计团队/design team: 夏许颖、 席瑞君、卜新浩、彭飞


鹦鹉螺艺术馆的灵感来源于儒勒·凡尔纳的科幻巨作《海底两万里》,以海底活化石—鹦鹉螺为设计元素, Nemo船长带领众人乘坐潜艇进行海底探险为故事线,共赴一场鹦鹉螺艺术馆探险之旅,探寻东海地质演化史。方案总图以鹦鹉螺剖面所呈现的黄金螺旋线构图,建筑覆绿处理,让整个艺术馆就像一颗巨大的鹦鹉螺嵌在场地内,消隐于自然之中。


The proposal Nautilus Art Gallery draws inspiration from a sea fossil called Nautilus, at the same time considering the great adventure of Captain Nemo in Jules Verne’s classic book 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. This is why its main and unique function is to exhibit the geological evolution of seabed. Likewise, the major plan utilized the golden spiral for the design of its space, a feature by that can be trace in profile of Nautilus.The space is designed to be sunken for two reasons: 1) that the Lingang Park is relatively open and flat, and the sea breeze is strong and 2) the sunken space mimics seabed corridors or ocean trenches to create intimate and underground walking and viewing experience.



展馆一:蔚蓝大海的生命物语 Exhibition hall one:

船长私藏:在 nemo船长的私人水族馆可以看到海洋中各种光怪陆离的景象,应有尽有的海底植物,空中飞鸟般的鱼类,以及到处皆是的形形色色的软体动物等,各类海洋生物的生命绽放形成了海底奇观。

Time window: Under the leadership of Captain Nemo, walk down the tunnel, as if slowly reaching the bottom of the sea, the black rock texture on both sides is formed by the erosion of sea water, and the concave window shows the marine fossils collected by the captain for many years. .
Megalithic Rift: Crustal movement, mountain river fission, above the narrow rift, the boulder is still crumbling.
The huge waterfall on the bottom of the sea: the waterfall falls down, and the light and shadow are surging. The design uses a huge height difference to form a very spectacular submarine waterfall, from which you can hear the roar of the waterfall.
Life Story: In the private aquarium of Captain Nemo, you can see all kinds of grotesque scenes in the ocean. There are all kinds of underwater plants, fish in the sky, and various mollusks everywhere. The life of marine life has become a bloom. The wonders of the sea.



展馆二:神秘幽深的海底洞穴 Exhibition hall two:

海洋书屋: nemo船长是一个阅读爱好者,在他的私人图书馆里藏有各类的图书,阳光倾泻而下,这里也是他冥想放松的空间。

Deep sea tunnel: The trench is dark and narrow, and the light on the top of the star is like a glimmer of light shining through the sea. Reaching out to touch the rugged rock wall, as if you can feel the touch of the crustal movement.
Ocean Book House: Captain Nemo is a reading enthusiast. He has a variety of books in his private library, and the sun is pouring down. It is also a space for his meditation to relax.
Undersea caves: There are cave spaces for the crew to entertain on the sea floor, stalactites formed by seawater scouring, and new spaces formed under their transformation. They use the ocean to obtain a variety of energy and materials, including the power and oxygen required by the submarine. The shallow freshwater system in the cave is the result of the crew’s refinement. The imax screen is inspired by the submarine hatch and, when not in use, is transformed into a transparent glass curtain wall with an infinite view of the sea floor.



The overall design creates a visually stunning immersive situational experience by shaping different spaces, light and shadows, rock textures, and sensory experiences, leading visitors into the deep sea world, exploring and harvesting…



Ⅲ. “生命力之环”公园生命力唤醒新城生活 “Circle of vitality” park vitality awakens life in the new city

设计指导/design guide:杨棋
主创设计/Main design: 钟雪
设计团队/design team: 罗思聪、王轲、漆炜晴、陈思嘉



We use the vitality of the park to awaken the life of the new town as the starting point of our design. My first consideration is the responsibility of the park in the city, the needs of the people, the natural properties of the site, and what kind of social attributes and missions should it undertake from a longer time frame and a broader space perspective? We made some innovations on the basis of retaining 60% of the original design. We did not change the entrance, the main loop, the parking lot, the wetland, the observation tower, and the wooden boardwalk. At the same time we intend to create a very cohesive space enclosed to the heart, the natural patch and the power of surrounding’s development response each other, the tension of penetration and the natural form the curve of evolution and retreat. This in turn forms a ring of energy that accumulates the viewpoint of the surrounding environment. We think about how to create this circular, permeable, magical, landmark space from the three dimensions of perception of nature, place spirit, and human needs. It will certainly activate the plot to awaken the life of the new city, and we hope it will be a calling card for Gangcheng to show the world the charm of Shanghai and the vitality of the new city.



At the same time we intend to create a very cohesive space enclosed to the heart, the natural patch and the power of surrounding’s development response each other, the tension of penetration and the natural form the curve of evolution and retreat. This in turn forms a ring of energy that accumulates the viewpoint of the surrounding environment. It penetrates to the surrounding through a ring, it is a nurturing ring, it will be magical, fun, and iconic.



Lingang new town is full of vitality in its rapid transformation. Line 16 connects the center of Shanghai and Lingang new town, and expected visitors of Dishui Lake bringing great potential and expectation to the site. The park should have the space attribute of the corresponding sustainable power and adapting to the future development, it should be the space with the extremely vitality.







We think about design from three dimensions: Perception of nature, spiritual mood and human needs.

The structure of perception is divided into four layers: The cloud bridge on top is like a mist, it wants to be touched and explored, and the continuous terrain below provides a natural shelter for visitors. The direction of the openings, which block the Wind, guides the wind as well, and they collide to create a great spatial vitality. The Interior is the best space for public activities. It forms a park with natural vitality, energy and interest, which is integrated and complex.

The relation between man and nature is not only about ecology and green, but also about spirit and artistic conception. The flowing sky is cut by the long floating bridge, and the horizon is even with the water surface, feel the wonder and shock of being surrounded by the sky and lake.

The demands of man — through many uses of the park, we encourage people to find the friendship through festivals and informal events.



The lawn on the back part of the site, leads people to the wetland on the north part and the existing observation tower.The wetland here is beautiful, return to the tranquility of a person, a bridge, and a tower…



Ⅳ. 星空公园–一个新视角Star park — a new perspective

设计指导/design guide:杨棋
主创设计/Main design: 罗思聪
设计团队/design team: 程喆、张君祥、钟雪



In this design, we want to change our perspective, meet this romantic scene through various windows, turn the landscape itself into a window, a window with a unique perspective to observe the surrounding. At the same time, based on the special location of the site, which is the core district of Lingang New Town, the site will also be an important exhibition window for the new town.




The principle of the design is not damage the existing design as much as possible and form a response to the current situation.It is mainly divided into three parts: ‘Mounds’, Ring bridge and Viewing box. ‘Mounds’ are life mound, art mound, children mound and ecological wetland, which respectively carry the functions of ecological grass slopes, wetlands and earth covered buildings.




The whole landscape is a Earth art, picturesque, concise ring in the night sky draw a beautiful curve, the viewing box glowed with crystal light.The Ring Bridge links the various functions of the site, connecting the scattered mounds into one, as well as a circular runway and a 360 degree view corridor on the bridge. In the form of a circle to surround close space, to collection of stream of people, the line of sight. The viewing box, which is the highest point of the site, is embedded in the Art Hill, connecting the upper and down spaces and providing a rich spatial experience. At the same time, it is also the best shooting spot of the site, which echoes the existing observation tower.




The interior of the Art Hill creates a rich light and shadow space, and also provides a variety of viewing frames for capturing the stars at night. The Hill of art serves as a public exhibition space, and it connects the viewing box to create a rich spatial experience.The Life Mound is a functional compound building integrating catering, retail, sports clubs and ancillary services, and it is connected with the outdoor sunken theater.



The Children Hill is a children’s playground half hidden in the lawn. A semi indoor activity space with integrated curved roof and scattered lights, just like the sky of stars. Free climbing net straight connect to the dome, create a fantasy world where children can reach for the stars by hands.




结语 conclusion


There are only 8 days preparation for the participant, which means the participant do not have much time to prepare their works except normal office hours and overtime hours. All the design works is outstanding and remarkable, even within such a tight time limit. Participants bring audiences into different fantasy worlds through their perfect concept expression and design delivery. The comments from the presidential judges and professional judges offer participants extremely helpful suggestions and encouragement.



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