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Foster + Partners:Foster + Partners事务所为全球民用无人机和创意摄影技术的领导者大疆公司完成了新总部大楼设计。这两座分别为44层和40层的塔楼位于中国深圳西南部的南山区,将成为该公司的 “创新中心”,并形成一个空中的创意社区。

Foster + Partners: Foster + Partners has completed the new headquarters for DJI, the world’s leader in civilian drones and creative camera technology. Located in the Nanshan District in southwest Shenzhen, China, the two towers– 44 and 40 storeys respectively – are set to become the ‘heart of innovation’ for the company and form a creative community in the sky.


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© Fangfang Tian
© Fangfang Tian


大疆创始人兼首席执行官Frank Wang表示:“我们花了六年时间建造了大疆新总部,这是大疆和我们尊贵合作伙伴的智慧和决心的结果。我们把天空之城看作是一个不同于以往任何产品的产品:我们真正的家。在大疆创新时代开始之际,我们非常关注每一位员工的成长和福利,这首先要有一个既实用又令人愉悦的工作环境。我希望天空之城能激励我们所有人共同努力,攀登进步、实现智慧和可能性的新高度,开发出造福社会的产品方案”。

Foster + Partners的创始人兼执行主席Lord Foster也表示:“无人机技术改变了我们体验周围世界的方式,同时也突破了空中可能性的边界。我从一开始就很喜欢使用大疆的产品,所以我们很高兴能与大疆合作,在深圳参与创建他们的新总部,这将是该公司最重要的研究和创新中心。”

Frank Wang, Founder and CEO of DJI commented: “It took us six years to build the new DJI Headquarters, which is the result of the wisdom and determination of DJI and our valued partners, We see Sky City as a product unlike any we’ve ever made: our real home. At the beginning of a new era for DJI, we pay great attention to the growth and well-being of every employee. This starts with a work environment that is both practical and delightful. I hope that Sky City will inspire all of us to work together and scale new heights of progress, wisdom, and possibilities to develop solutions that benefit society.”

Lord Foster, Founder and Executive Chairman, Foster + Partners, said: “Drone technology has changed the way we experience the world around us, while pushing the boundaries of aerial possibilities. I have enjoyed using DJI’s products since the beginning, so we are delighted to have partnered with DJI in creating their new headquarters in Shenzhen, which will be the company’s premier centre of research and innovation.”


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Across the two towers, office and research spaces are arranged in floating volumes cantilevered from central cores by large megatrusses and circular profiled steel suspension rods. The first use of an asymmetrical suspension steel structure in a high-rise tower of this scale, the innovative structure reducesthe need for columns, thus creating impressive and uninterrupted office and research spaces. It also allows for quadruple-height drone flight testing labs that are unique to DJI. These labs are expressed externally through the unique V-shaped trusses that give the towers their distinctive identity, against the backdrop of the city’s skyline.


© Chao Zhang



The building’s functions include offices, research labs, test flight area, staff training, and public facilities. At 105 metres, the towers are linked by a 90-metre-long suspension sky-bridge, a lightweight element that creates an elegant connection between the two volumes. At the top of the floating volumes, skygardens provide private outdoor spaces for staff.


© Fangfang Tian



At ground level, the lifted volumes draw the surrounding greenery into the base of the buildings via a sloping green podium garden that is open to everyone. The ground floor also features public facilities such as a community healthcare centre. In this way, the ground level is designed to be open and inviting – a gesture of DJI’s respect towards their urban surroundings and its contribution to the local community.





Foster + Partners的高级执行合伙人Grant Brooker表示:“我们与大疆——全球领先的无人机创新技术先驱者密切合作,设计了一个能够表达和象征其创意精神的工作场所。该建筑具有一个独特的结构,悬浮的工作空间如漂浮在地面上,创造了一系列无柱工作空间,使设计团队能够研发、测试和展示其伟大的产品系列”。

The innovative structure seeks to redefine the design of tall buildings in the region, creating a prominentnew landmark that celebrates Shenzhen’s place as a UNESCO City of Design. The design of the floorplate maximises daylight and views, improving comfort levels while reducing energy consumption. The innovative TWIN lift system reduces the number of shafts required and increases usable office floor area. Its intelligent control system also allows reduction of energy consumption during off-peak periods. Rainwater is harvested and stored for re-use, and greywater is recycled for irrigation. The landscaped areas absorb rainfall and act as buffer during monsoon season.

Grant Brooker, Senior Executive Partner, Foster + Partners, said: “We have worked closely with DJI –world-leading pioneers in innovative drone technology – to design a workplace that is expressive and emblematic of their creative ethos. The building has a unique structure with suspended workspaces floating high above the ground, creating a series of column-free studios that enable the design teams to develop, test and showcase their amazing range of products.”








Client: Dajiang Innovations
Appointment: 2016
Construction Start: 2017
Site Area: 17,606m2
Plot 8: 8927 m2
Plot 10: 8679 m2
Area (Gross) 242,000m2

Typical Floor Area (Gross) 2,500m2
Building footprint: Plot 8: 6240 m2
Plot 10: 6169 m2
Number of Floors: T1 = 40 storey, T2 = 44 storey
4 basements
Building Dimensions: Height: T1 = 195m, T2 =213m
Facilities: Office、Retail、Laboratory、Gym、Nursery
Parking Facilities: 800 cars
Structure: Steel, SRC and RC structure for main building structure

Materials/Tower: Architecturally exposed steel structure with intumescent paint finish、Glass curtainwall、PVDF aluminium cladding panels
Core: anodised aluminium rod louvres、Stainless steel decorative vertical fins
Podium façade: granite panels.
Sky bridge: Architecturally exposed steel structure with intumescent paint finish、woven stainless steel architectural mesh balustrade panels



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