CBULD International is a landscape design brand company facing China's all-round development. It has successively established branches in Zhengzhou, Chengdu, Guiyang and other places and regional companies in south China center, with an existing design team of more than 280 people, under the jurisdiction of several design institutes and a research and development center; Adhering to the vision of innovative thinking and sustainable development, we are committed to the thinking, exploration and design practice of a better social environment. For LONGFOR, CIFI, SUNAC, POLY, VANKE, JINMAO, Peking University resources, Sino-Ocean, Jinke, AGILE, Beijing urban construction, Luneng Group, BNSIG, OCT, Zhonggeng Group and other well-known real estate developers to provide consulting and services, and achieve long-term strategic cooperation intention.

CBULD International efforts to create the first mountain landscape brand. With the in-depth study of mountain landscape, we firmly believe that "mountain" + "land" is the direction of blues mountain landscape to explore. Mountains, from nature; Land comes from people. "Mountain" is time and space, "land" is humanity and artistic conception. Reconstructing the connection between man and nature is our understanding of mountain landscape. CBULD inherits the landscape philosophy of chongqing people, practices the place spirit of contemporary people, and realizes the permanent dialogue between man and nature...