Beijing Landpoint Design Co., Ltd. was established by Mr. Li Jianhong in Beijing in 2017. Landpoint takes the creating high-quality small and medium size landscape as the main direction. The projects of the company involve the aspects of urban public landscape, hotel garden landscape and high-end real estate landscape, etc.

Landpoint advocates - going back the thinking of the "original point" of design, striving for digging out "site soul and special charming" in the design of every project, interpreting the uniqueness and peculiarity of the project, to make each work has their own unique character and superb quality.Landpoint was established in 2017, so far, there have been several works coming out in the efforts of the team of the company, and we have gained the praise and recognition of the industry. In the Chinese New Year of 2019, we send out invitations to the peer of the industry of landscape, we hope that the fresh talents who love design can come to Landpoint to join our team to go back the "original point" with us, forge ahead, jointly create more characteristic works!