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L&A Design: I want to roll in nature and smell the fragrance of green grass, just like I did when I was a kid.




Floating and rising from the gloomy skyline of the city, suddenly falling into the boundless green sea, and coming to the home of the squirrel elves.




The elves poked their heads out of the hut resembling the hobbit’s house and sent a sincere invitation to you. You are a servant of the world, suffering a lot, do you want to stop here for a while?




Here is the Squirrel Paradise in Foshan Poly Yujiangnan. The design team designed and built the “Squirrel paradise” with the theme of “Squirrel”. This is a child-friendly community that teaches through lively activities and also a parent-child interactive nature education art camp.




As a children’s playground that will be integrated into the community in the future, the Squirrel Park is not only a children’s activity space, but also adds some bright colors to the landscape of the entire community and injects a lively atmosphere.


到高处去看看|Meet you at mountain peak


Running, flyingand jumping up.Have you ever fantasized that you become a diver athlete, spinning heroically in the air, or like an Avatar, running, jumping, and landing on a huge leaf.


▼乐园局部鸟瞰 A partial bird’s eye view of the park



At the beginning of the design, the large height difference in the terrain brought a certain degree of difficulty to the design and also brought more possibilities. On the premise of keeping the original landform as much as possible, the design team made full use of the height difference of the site and used unpowered equipment to create a Lying net platform, which not only gave the landscape space a three-dimensional effect, but also created an excellent live entertainment platform for children.


▼利用高差打造架空平台 Use height difference to build overhead platform




Here, you can either jump up and reach out to touch the blue sky, or sit and rest and look at the low scenery. You can do whatever you want to awaken your childlike nature.

The curved Lying net platform provides a good place for children to climb up and overlook, and they can observe this vibrant forest back garden in all directions. The hollow Lying net can also liberate the children’s adventurous nature.


▼弧形躺网观景平台 Curved lying net viewing platform



Running, jumping, sweat soaking clothes, experiencing the excitement of climbing adventure, lying down and watching the white clouds wandering, waiting for the forest elves to dream, it can be described as comfortable.



登上几何山|Geometric mountain


The large slope is not suitable for children’s activities. The inherently gentle slope of the site requires that the design must coordinate the movement line while taking into account the safety of the activity. This is not only a problem, but also a major advantage.




The design team gave full play to the advantages of the terrain, enhanced the vertical play experience, integrated design of functional and streamline, solved the problem of space limitations, and also enhanced the sense of depth of the space.


▼松鼠乐园沙坑鸟瞰 Aerial view of squirrel park sandpit



With the Lying net platform as the center, connecting the sand pool and various entrances, climbing up and down, allowing children to explore different game experiences in the park.


▼滑梯连接场地高差营造场地游戏体验 The slide connects the height difference of the venue to create a venue game experience



The design of the climbing slope is based on natural rugged mountain slopes, combined with geometric figures, with ridges as ridges and faces as slopes. Each side has a different color. Under a unified design context, different visual feelings and diverse activity experience are formed.


▼不规则几何图形的攀爬坡 Climbing of irregular geometric figures

▼攀爬坡连接松树精灵的滑梯装置 The slide device connected to the pine tree spirit on the climbing slope



As night falls, fuzzy shadows of trees are scattered on the slope, climbing, walking, and surmounting obstacles all the way from the ground. The undulating gentle slopes and climbing nets add more interest to the space, as if shuttled under the flowers in the forest.


▼松鼠乐园夜景 Night view of squirrel paradise



In the post-epidemic era, there will also be opportunities to appreciate the diversity of ecology and the vastness of the earth in a more diverse way at home.



松果树屋|Pinecone tree house


The designer gave the outdoor children’s playground full of story-telling scripts, depicting the daily life of the forest elf and her good friend little squirrel, creating a series of scenes such as Elf houses, Squirrel tree houses, Climbing slopes, and Lying net platforms.


▼森林精灵和小松鼠IP Forest Elf and Little Squirrel IP



The Pine Cone Tree House is any door leading to the world of the elves, with hands and feet crossing the rope bridge and sliding down the slide.




Xiu! The moment we reached theground, it seemed like we had passed through a narrow tunnel, and we transformed into little squirrels and landed in front of the tree house.




The semi-circular hole tree house, round windows and round doors, as if you are in a world of mini animals, knock on the door, will there be a cute little squirrel welcoming you?




The large lawn next to the tree house has a wide view and pleasant scenery. The height difference of the site is reserved to form a gentle slope. People can run around here, or even use it as a large slide, rolling down from a height to release their nature.



回归自然|Return to nature



The designer did not stay in the design more, just like children will not refuse to play here because you are in the squirrel paradise instead of the bird paradise. The blank space in the design is reserved for the children.

Could this be her castle? Or his secret base? Don’t underestimate the imagination of children. Maybe he knows design better than you.




The main function of the Squirrel Paradise is amusement, but what we hope more is that while playing, it can better become a place of entertaining and entertaining.




The relaxed original ecological style paradise guides children to perceive green and natural life, helps children establish their cognitive of order, colors, patterns, and materials, and cultivates children’s outlook on the world and life in nature.




项目名称:佛山保利御江南 · 松鼠乐园
景观设计:奥雅设计 深圳公司 项目十组
乐园设计:奥雅设计 深圳公司 洛嘉组
采写: 奥雅设计 深圳洛嘉项目组
编辑: Emma,Edith
摄影: 韦立伟
后期:  陈敏

Project name: Foshan Poly Yuiangnan Squirrel Paradise
Project location: Foshan Poly Yuiangnan
Project type: Cultural and tourism residence
Landscape area: 50,796 ㎡
Client: Poly South China Industrial Co., Ltd
Landscape design: L&A Design Shenzhen  Project Group 10
Paradise design: L&A Design Shenzhen La V-onderland Design Team
Architectural Design: Liang Huanggu Architectural Design (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd
Equipment production and installation: La V-onderland Dream Works
Design time: 2020.10
Completion time: 2021.05
Writing:  L&A Design Shenzhen La V-onderland Design Team
Edit: Emma,Edith
Photography: Liwei Wei
Post Production: Min Chen




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