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LISM Landscape DesignAccording to architectural design for the project is metropolis style, taking the New York Manhattan block as a blueprint, to make work with exquisite luxury and luxury residence. The project is integrated into the landscape design. We hope to make an innovation of metropolis characteristics. At the beginning of this design, the adjacent municipal green belts could not be used in the demonstration area, and don’t touches the entirety of liner park as much as possible. For this reason, our project team gave up the idea of an axis with air potential. We begin to think how to create a place for modern art style. After trying many times, we settled on the scheme of through the walls and turns to form the front yard to close the courtyard, entered the Sales Department by the side.




We think the excellent landscape design of display area, not only does it reflects the beauty of future life here, it is better to refract residents’ life from the inside, carefully savor and realize the intention of design.





We build space with formal sense of design vocabulary in the front field, changeful visit route and step waterscape, making a close interaction between buildings, people, and the sky. Establish a virtual reality, a limited and unlimited dialogue. Square elements played a role of split material and interweaving with time and space. The design of geometry forms strong sequence and visual extension. Under the circumstances of tight schedule and strict cost control, the key to project presentation is material selection and preparation, process management and detail control. We have thought and anticipate the stainless steel material, the color depth, and the different effects of different stages. At the same time, the use of artificial stone tiles as the main paving material is a very high test for technology and technology. The final effect is not lost in the presentation of any key details.



方形元素的运用Application of square elements





The back field of the project is a 10m x 23m building enclosure space. Display meditation, showing a clear, concise, ethereal sense of quality. The combination of collocation materials, interlacing elements, and geometric language is the process of shaping beauty and the way to display the spatial charisma. There has clear mirror reflection; the original space is stretched parallel to the non-palpable three-dimensional space. The project shows combination of the dynamic water and the static mirror, leading philosophical metaphorical thinking. A door to communicate with the soul blurred the boundaries between man and landscape. The spectacle in the mirror is a metaphor for the multiple meanings of man, nature and city, from here, go into yourself and go into the infinite.




平面图 Master Plan



Landscape Design: LISM Landscape Design
Project location: xinchuan innovation science park, Tianfu new district, Chengdu
Design time: April 2017 – July 2017
Project scale: 101500 square meters
Demonstration area: 3100 square meters
Client: Sunac China
Photographer: Arch-Exist Photography