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山水比德:面朝自然,探寻生命意义—— 融创龙岩·观樾台人居体验馆,位于福建龙岩,外拥环山连绵,内藏静湖溪水,得天独厚的自然景观,涤荡着每一个饱经世事后到访这里的疲惫心灵。

Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., LTD:Back to Nature and Explore the Meaning of Life – Located in Longyan, Fujian, the sales center of SUNAC·GUAN YUE TAI is surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers, providing a warm harbor for every tired soul.




With the idea of “an art gallery floating on clouds”, we blurred the boundary between buildings and natural environment by landscape. Skillful landscape design not only balances the complex terrain but also presents three romantic scenes: Roam Around the Wonderland, Mountain Stream, Light and Shadow.




The blank space here connects nature with the soul. You can have a dialogue with everything without saying a single word: the distant mountains, the sea of ​​flowers, the lakes, the grassy slopes, the mountain winds, fog … everything here is worth our time to stay with appreciate.



第一幕:奇境漫步 Scene I: Roam Around the Wonderland


Nestled against the mountains, the building looks like a crystal palace. To reduce the strong visual and environmental collision, we apply landscape skills to create a natural transition and maximize the natural views, allowing architecture, landscape and human beings to exist in harmony.




In the gurgling water swim the fish sculptures which present a kind of modern beauty. Ripples and mist add a sense of mystery to the roaming around the wonderland. Zigzag footpath integrates naturally into the surroundings, enriching the walking experience and creating a unique art atmosphere.




As you approach the buildings, the sound of the waterfall becomes clear and the low grass and trees sway in the wind, arousing more expectations.



第二幕:山涧曲溪 Scene II: Mountain Stream


Upon entering, you will feel like a tired soul finally finding the way to a retreat away from the bustling world.




During the day, the sun shines through the dense wood, leaving shadows on the white gable wall. The waterfall dances with the stream here and echoes the distant valley streams. Water gurgles day and night, further purifying the visitor’s soul.




There on the lawn are two gentle deer——one lies at ease and the other stands watching the waterfall, creating a peaceful atmosphere. In face of this, you can’t help asking yourself, how long haven’t you got so close to nature?



第三幕:天光绿影 Scene III: Light and Shadow


Following your intuition and choosing your way up the steps, you will find trees standing staggered to complement the buildings. Seen from high, the buildings stand in perfect harmony with the surroundings.




Between the buildings, we create a space under the wood for visitors to have a rest. The stone steps intersperse in the grass, forming a cascading space which allows visitors to have an experience of wandering in a sky garden.




During the day, shadows of trees slow down the time and everything seems everlasting. When night falls and soft light descends on the graceful courtyard, it allows you to embrace the peace and nature in this pure art world.



多次推敲,只为力求完美 Design for Perfection


In order to soften the steep slope in the west of the site, we’ve upgraded our scheme for many times and changed the models accordingly to carefully analyze the relationship between artificial space and nature.




Our final scheme has maximumly kept the natural style and reduced the intervention to show great respect to nature using up-to-date landscape language.



用感官,将场所记忆铭记于心 Remember the Scenes with All Senses


Walk over the distant mountains, cross the streams and climb up the hillside, you will meet yourself again in this art gallery floating above the clouds. Perhaps right here, embraced by nature, we will be closer to the wonderful world that hides in our hearts.




Please try to experience it not just with your eyes but with all your senses, you are sure to have a unique memory of the beautiful scenes as well as your respect and love for nature.





摄影:山水比德品牌战略中心 胡超(部分摄影:曾江河)

Project: SUNAC GUAN YUE TAI Sales Center
Developer: Southeast SUNAC Group
Landscape Design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd
Landscape Construction: Xiamen Junjing Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Architectural Design: Allied Architects International——Liwei Studio
Location: Violet Parkside Sports Park, Longyan, Fujian
Landscape Area: 7,000 m2
Time of Design: April, 2019
Time of Completion: October, 2019
Photography: Hu Chao from the Brand Strategy Center of Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd
(some photos by: Zeng Jangle)


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