100architects :佰筑建筑被委托为2015年KTGA冬季艺术节(Kick the Gong Around)开发一个交互式装置。KTGA是一家专门组织身临其境的活动和节日的公司,以叙事环境、物理或虚拟空间的形式展现故事。

100architects :100architects was commissioned to develop an interactive installation for the Winter Festival 2015 of KTGA (Kick the Gong Around), a company specialized in organizing immersive events and festivals as Narrative Environments, physical or virtual spaces in which stories can unfold.


总平面图   Master Plan




The project took place in an unfinished structure of a shopping mall right in Shanghai downtown, at Xintiendi, one of the most glamorous streets of China.The unfinished mall opened its doors for becoming a semipublic space to host the KTGA winter festival 2015. 



对于这个特定的活动,KTGA和活动赞助商PERRIER WATER,要求我们创造一个生动的穿越细节空间的旅程,建立一个独特的体验,将永远留在游客的脑海中。

For this specific event, KTGA and the event sponsor, PERRIER WATER, requested us to create a vivid journey across detailed spaces, building a unique experience that would remain in visitors minds forever.




In order to achieve that, we reinterpreted the concepts of installation and interactivity. On one hand, morphing the proposal from a simple installation into a people’s attractor, catching the attention of visitors, and on the other hand, running away from trendy high-tech interactions, and, instead, focusing on a simplistic vivid journey across spaces as generator of the attraction itself, reducing the meaning of journey to its bare minimum: the path you journey through.




Therefore, the installation was conceived as a signage project, but rather than concentrating it on the destinations (different spaces across the venue which one could reach), we opted for emphasizing the paths themselves, creating unique visual experiences for each path, prioritizing the enjoyment of the way over the destination.





Seeking to maximize the visual impact, the project was displayed in both, 2D and 3D paths combined together, beginning with a three-dimensional sculptural signage, which would colonize the central void of the venue to make it visible from any place, and materialized with colored nylon strings. Those strings would provide first hints about destinations to reach.



Once the 3D stripes collide with the floor, they become a two-dimensional splash of vivid colors invading the whole floor with funny and intriguing patterns that would provide second hints about the destinations. Those 2D stripes were materialized with PVC vinyl stuck on the floor.




项目名称: Fun Finder
设计公司: 佰筑建筑设计
地点: 中国上海
完成时间: 2015年12月
摄影师: Amey Kandalgaonkar

Project name: Fun Finder
Client: KTGA
Designer: 100 Architects
Location: Shanghai, China
Completion: December 2015
Photographer: Amey Kandalgaonkar