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WTD: Feel the ethereal freedom of traveling clouds wrapped in a dense forest. In an eco-community surrounded by lakeshore, you can quietly observe the secret of the forest and the color of the lake. The design concept of Luhu Yuegang, “Raising a cloud in the forest”, is thus derived.


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The landscape design of the project takes the cloud corridor of “a cloud” to walk through the sequoia forest, creating a natural and pure landscape base and a unique space of free stretching. The cloud corridor floats freely in the forest and extends along the community from the inside to the lakeshore, linking the important functional areas within the community, as well as integrating the community with the external public space and melting the boundaries of each.




The cloud corridor extends from the community atrium to the boundary near the lake shore, which has the best view of the lake landscape.The designer abandons the traditional boundary approach and boldly opens up the landscape surface towards the lake to maximize the use of park resources.


▽社区与公园的边界被消解 The boundary between the community and the park is dissolved



The space under the cloud corridor can be arranged with observation platforms and seating areas, becoming a place of relaxation in the open and faraway. At the same time, the designer continues the sequoia forest inside the red line to the lake outside the red line, so that the whole area is wrapped in a park and forest.


▽林中趣味松鼠装置 Forest fun squirrel device




The project is located on the southwest side of the lake area of Chengdu Luxelake Eco-city, backed by the Lakeshore Park, which is a water community surrounded by the lake area with excellent ecological conditions. The landscape consists of a core atrium surrounded by five high-rise buildings and some scattered small courtyards between the neighboring buildings, with the atrium being the longest at about 140m and the widest at about 91m, and the distance between the buildings varying between 20-40m.

Sorting out the current status of the site, the landscape faces several key points. Firstly, the east side and the east boundary are backed by the lakeshore park, the landscape needs to be combined with the external park to form an integrated and independent spatial feeling. Secondly, how to transfer the depression brought by the super high-rise building; thirdly, the core public area needs to digest a certain amount of fire escape and fire fighting surface, and the fighting area is large. Fourthly, there is an elevated floor at the bottom of each building, which is an outward space with openings at the front and back, and the landscape space around the elevated floor is narrow.


▽场地空间生成 Site space generation

▽湖岸边的社区 Communities on the shore of the lake



The design starts with the forest belt to form a large area of ecological space, which softens the base of the site and at the same time solves the sense of oppression of the super high-rise building. In terms of plan composition, nine patches of different sizes are used to form a green island in the forest, eliminating the empty feeling of a large number of fire-fighting hard surfaces, enriching the dynamic line while combining with the topography, strengthening the inward wrapping of each small area.


▽中庭景观鸟瞰 Aerial view

▽景观动图 gif

▽白色的流线型云廊串联场地 The white streamlined cloud corridor connects the site



As the core of the site running through the atrium, the cloud corridor connects and surrounds several areas, building a functional landscape skeleton.The spaces under the corridors at several end positions are respectively endowed with different functional attributes, including children’s and leisure areas, to meet the social and activity demands of community owners.


▽儿童活动区 Children’s activity area




The cloud corridor even extends to the overhead floor of the building, extending the outdoor space to the indoor overhead floor, blurring out the indoor and outdoor boundaries, realizing the integration of the landscape and architecture, as well as linking the fragmented spaces with each other and integrating them into one.


▽云廊一直延伸至架空层内 The cloud gallery extends to the elevated level




The total length of the cloud gallery is about 350 meters, and its material and form have been polished and refined countless times. In terms of material selection, the designer and the owner worked together to conduct half a year’s observation and test analysis between galvanized steel + steel structure and FRP (fiberglass reinforced plastic), comparing the material’s durability, color change and deformation reaction after long-term exposure to the outdoors, and finally chose the galvanized steel with stronger durability and better form maintenance.

In order to ensure the smoothness of its form, the designer repeatedly calculated the structural data, and the heavy process of manual sculpture, in order to present the spaciousness and elegance of the “cloud”. The white color and multi-layered extension of the spatial scale make people feel like they are in a natural and pure multi-dimensional dream space.


▽如行云流水般流畅的曲线 A smooth curve like flowing water



In the atrium we introduced a forest with more than 180 fir trees of 10-14m height towering over it. The fir trees are straight and upright, with an expanded base and thin branches, which can maintain the permeability of the space at the bottom of the forest. Instead of using a single species, we chose to match Metasequoia and Larch to restore the natural mixed fir forest. The leaves of the larch are feathery and beautiful, and after winter, they gradually change to crimson; the leaves of the sequoia gradually change from green to gold and then to red, with different levels of color, just like the palette of nature.


▽通透的林下空间 Transparent underforest space



The understory ground cover is a more wraparound bottom layer configuration with the premise of Mori underpinnings, with a shallow slightly sloping terrain stacked up between the forests, such as the moss-like Cui-Yun-Grass and Panda Coriolus Vulgaris laying the groundwork, and Fu-Guei-Fern, Da-Wu-Feng-Grass, and Tamarix embellishing the ground, giving birth to a forest-breathing mossy land in the space of about 400 square meters.


▽苔地细节 Details of the moss



In the inter-house garden at the boundary of pure forest penetration, the theme is more obvious and easy to perceive. For example, in the ball garden, shrubs of different sizes and colors are used to form the main body of the ball, including large-leafed boxwood, small-leafed boxwood, and chaste tree, together with ground covers such as cone hydrangea and endless summer, to create a garden space full of fun and surprises.


▽宅间休闲区域 Interhouse leisure area



Throughout the program design process, designers try to use new materials, new technologies, explore new possibilities. The marble water film spring in the forest is also a new breakthrough. Through the texture and pattern of the water-blue marble itself, the water texture treatment on the surface, so that the original simple marble looks like a frozen water scene, especially after the rain, the forest clouds, water droplets to make the surface of the water more realistic, like a clear spring.


▽大理石水膜泉 Marble water film spring



Raise a cloud in the forest. The project takes the forest space as its base, and utilizes the agile and free cloud corridor to connect and integrate the scattered spaces in the community, presenting a vibrant and charming landscape ring. At the same time, it dissolves the boundary between the community and the park, maximizes the use of natural ecological resources, and places the whole community in the ecology and forest.


▽入口空间 Entrance space


▽材料试验时间长达半年之久 The material test time is as long as half a year

▽云廊焊接过程 Cloud gallery welding process


▽总平面 Plan



设计团队:李卉 李彦萨 田乐 陈奥男 李丹丹 金凤 侯茂江 李理 隆波 罗百畅 刘伊琳 杨伟 张书桢 王利如 赵桐 刘翔宇
摄影/视频:xf photography

Project Name: Gem Harbor,Chengdu Luxelake Eco-city
Address: Tianfu New District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province, China
Owner: Chengdu Wanhua New City Development Co.
Client Team: Wanhua Landscape Center
Landscape Design: WTD GROUP
Design Team: LiHu, LiYansa,TianLe,ChenAonan,LiDandan, JinFeng, HouMaojiang, LiLi, LongBo, LuoBaichang,LiuYilin,YangWei, ZhangShuzhen, WangLiru, ZhaoTong, LiuXiangyu
Landscape Construction:Guangzhou Huayuan Garden Co.
Architectural Design: 5+Design.
Iron and steel structure: Sichuan Telis Engineering Design Co.
Landscape Soft Decoration: Shenyang Rushu Landscape Planning and Design Co.
Flower Border Design:Sichuan Qianshan Flower Border Landscape Co.
Sculpture special design: Guangzhou Wan Yu Sculpture Co.
Landscape area: 21071㎡
Completion time: 2023.07
Photography: xf photography




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