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ONG&ONG:Grandezza位于平静祥和的Eco Sanctuary小镇,是一个充满度假氛围的城市避风港,由一充满现代感和奢华感的住房单元组成

ONG&ONG:Conceptualised as a resort-style urban haven in the serene township of Eco Sanctuary, Grandezza comprises a cluster of housing units characterised by contemporary design aesthetics and touches of luxury. The homes are available in different land lot sizes to accommodate the varying lifestyle demands of a diverse community.




The development is predicated on the concept of luxury resort living aligned to the vision and brief of the client, enveloping residents and visitors in a sense of grandeur from the entrance onwards – a threshold marked by a majestic gateway structure leading into the residential enclave. Upon entry, residents will be greeted by a feature roundabout with a fountain, followed by a feature pavilion sited on the estate’s central axis.



▼入口夜景 Gateway night view



The major challenge involved incorporating a balance between privacy and social interaction. Landscaped green turfs abound across the development in the form of lawns and gardens, adorned with water features and sculpted trees encouraged residents to appreciate lush views, and socialize during walks.




A highlight parcel of greenery within the development is the picturesque central park, positioned as the nucleus of the community alongside the centralised clubhouse, designed with elegant cubism-inspired elements to emulate the ambience of an exclusive resort. Among the facilities within the clubhouse are a 30-metre swimming pool jacuzzi, a timber viewing deck and an elevated gym, providing an avenue for recreation and community events.



▼俱乐部夜景 Clubhouse night view



The sprawling development is divided into smaller clusters of homes to foster closer neighbourhood ties; these clusters are connected by a network of green pathways and the main spine, from which smaller roads radiate to serve the residents’ accessibility needs. This 68-acre low-density residential estate consists of 100 units of bungalows and 160 units of semi-detached houses ranging from built-up area of 2,903 sqft to 6075 sqft.30-foot linear garden extends along the rear of the houses, creating a conducive and safe area for children to play besides functioning as a jogging trail. The homes are not only strategically arranged according to the organic contours of the site, but are also orientated to mitigate direct exposure to sunlight, reducing unnecessary heat gain.


▼平面图 Plan


▼景观道路 Landscape path



The homes are designed with a contemporary outlook, combining a warm, muted colour scheme, an orthogonal form and quality finishes to evoke sophistication and refinement whilst maintaining functionality. Composite wood shutters are installed on the façade of the street-facing balconies to preserve the privacy of the residents without compromising on scenic views of the landscaped environment. Moreover, the spaces are optimised to facilitate natural ventilation. Eco-friendly features are also incorporated into the development, such as the use of recyclable composite wood material in the louvres and deck spaces, staying true to the development’s ethos of sustainable architecture.



该项目还是马来西亚第一个提供现场医疗保健和健康服务的住宅开发项目,居住在这儿的居民能够享受Eco Sanctuary CareHub的医疗保健设施,这里有护士提供全天24小时的医疗服务。这个创新提高了各个年龄段居民的生活质量。

The inhabitants of Grandezza homes also benefit from Eco Sanctuary CareHub, an innovative healthcare facility to enhance quality of life for residents of all ages. Notably, Eco Sanctuary is the first housing development in Malaysia to offer on-site healthcare and wellness services. The healthcare hub provides 24/7 healthcare access with the support of a qualified nurse.





设计团队:Tan Kee Keat, Diego Molina, Ismed Chayadie Che Din, Phang Shouk Yan, Saiful Azri Mohd Husain

Project name: Grandezza
Location: Mukim Tanjung Dua Belas, Daerah Kuala Langat, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
Size: 70ha
Completion date: November 2019
Architecture: ONG&ONG
Team members: Tan Kee Keat, Diego Molina, Ismed Chayadie Che Din, Phang Shouk Yan and Saiful Azri Mohd Husain
Client: EcoWorld
Photography Credits: ONG&ONG


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