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域道设计光,实存物的施予者,投射出它的阴影,而阴影属于光明,所有的被造物都属于光明也属于欲望。物质伴光而生,所有物质都是消耗的光,设计空间就是设计光亮。—— 路易斯 · 康

WEDO Landscape: Light, the giver of all presences, casts a shadow, and the shadow belongs to Light. All the materials belong to lights and desires. All material in nature are made of Light which has been spent. The space design is to design lights. —— Louis Kahn


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贵阳,一座“ 山中有城,城中有山,绿带环绕,森林围城,城在林中,林在城中” 的具有高原特色的现代化都市。一条南明河蜿蜒南北,串联起整个城市的市井与繁华之地。在繁华的都会中心,有一片静谧的土地,沉淀着城市喧嚣。在绿荫葱茏间,几座闲置的老厂房伫立在这里,每一片瓦,每一块砖,每一颗树,都在诉说着当年的盛景……这里便是贵阳轴承厂旧址所在。

Guiyang, a modern city of plateau characteristics. Enclosed by mountains surrounded by forests, the city is established in the forest. The Nanming River winds from north to south, connecting the entire city. In the metropolitan center, there is a quiet land that escapes the busy urban life. In the lush greenery, a few abandoned old factories stand here, every tile, every brick, every tree is a memory of the past. Here is the old site of Guiyang Bearing Factory.



贵阳小河区的” 三线” 工业遗产,始建于1958年的贵阳轴承厂,便是小河工业史上浓墨重彩的一笔,曾经的工业盛景,随着时代的发展逐渐消逝,只剩下斑驳的旧建筑沉淀印记在时光里。在贵阳人心中,轴承厂见证了贵阳工业发展的辉煌历史,许多人对它有着深刻的时代记忆。

As the “third-line” industrial heritage of Xiaohe District, Guiyang, Guiyang Bearing Factory, which was founded in 1958, is a highlight of the prosperous industrial era of Xiaohe District in the history. But now, time leaves only the mottled old building and faded memories. The bearing factory has witnessed the glorious history of Guiyang’s industrial development and is also precious memories of dwellings here.



轴承厂—— 作为贵阳历史记忆的城市片段,被赋予情感记忆及历史价值。当曾经的辉煌即将褪色为渐远的记忆,我们该如何挽留?如何使其空间重塑、功能再现?如何赋予它作为城市空间展厅的新生?

Bearing Factory-as an urban fragment of Guiyang’s historical memory has emotional memory and historical value. How do we keep the memory when it is fading away? How to reshape spaces and functions? How to give it a new life as an urban space exhibition hall?




Responding to the clean and concise architectural design, a white open corridor presents a magnificent spatial entrance of power. As the central memory focuses on the site, it turns, flows, and directs along with the circulation of the space, reflecting the colorful changes of mood in the changes of different lights. At the moment, people can trace the fading memory, gain fresh power, and start a new chapter.


▼简洁利落的线条勾勒出一个干净的空间 Clear lines delineate a clean space


逐光浮桥 Chase The Light Floating Bridge


Standing on the ring bridge, people and the landscape are in an interactive relationship. The curvy contours are intertwined. In the Space, emerging in the light and shadow, without interventions, people can fully relax here to feel the tranquility of the water.


▼环桥成为连接过去与未来的纽带 The ring bridge becomes the link of time



The circular building is located in the center of the site and plays a strong leading role. The artistic circulation creates a landscape space of various opens and closes, continues the language of architectural materials, achieves the integration of architecture and landscape, and stimulates the vitality of multi-dimensional experience.


▼环桥夜景 Night view of the circular bridge


搁浅飞碟 UFO Stranded on The Water


The frontcourt creates a cantilevered momentum as an alien flying object. Height difference forms the natural cascading water feature to welcome visitors with the beauty of shape and craftsmanship. The linear structure creates a multidimensional line of sight, generating a quiet and powerful field. People follow the sound of the running water as if entering another time and space.



乌桕成林 Tallow Forest


One hundred Chinese tallow trees have grown into forests and connect people, nature, and the landscape. Thus, the shadow of the tree, light, and the sound of water becomes part of the landscape. The natural purity of the design is quietly witnessing the changes of the four seasons, telling the philosophy of light and shadow, and writing the story of us.



▼乌桕似乎非常擅长诉说光与影的故事 Tallow tells the story of light and shadow


一方静水 A Piece of Stationary Water


Reflecting the building, the tree pond, and the vast starry sky, the water feature creates a dream space. Small spotlights are placed in the water basin, shinning with the stars reflected by the water surface and creating a romantic scene.




Light penetrates the water surface and reflects the epitome of life. The calm water surface has a rhythmic communication with the building. The light and shadow dance with the wind with a blurry star sky in the back, picturing a quiet and dreamy space. People will not feel the hustle and bustle of the city here.



游光峡谷 Travel Light Valley


The multi-dimensional immersive experience creates more possibilities for space. From absolute space to gray space, people can feel the surprise of the transformation of time and space, having an artistic experience and at the same time enjoying the dialogue between the soul and space.



▼一束光穿过,有光便有了戏剧性 Light passes through a tunnel, where there is light, there is drama


一线天光 One-Line Sky


The narrow and long space creates a cathedral feeling. The pure white color makes the change of lights the only decoration here. The design creates an infinite fantasy in a limited space. Under the beam of the skylight, people are silently thinking. The light illuminates the memory of the past, the life of the present, and the expectations of the future.




Four seasons cycle and time goes by. The design is to keep what people see and hear. Good design can be examined by time. No matter how many years pass, visitors can still feel the touch and beauty of silence in memory. Willing to be a beam of light, we hope to light up ideas, and illuminate the beauty of the world.


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项目名称:贵阳美的 · 璟悦风华
建筑设计:XAA 建筑事务所詹涛工作室

Project name: Guiyang Midea · Jingyue Fenghua
Landscape design: WEDO/Guangzhou WEDO Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Owner: Midea Land Southwest
Owner team: Guo Minghua, He Binyi, Ren Jibin, Zou Huayi
Architectural design: XAA Zhan Tao Studio
Interior design: Guangzhou C&C Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Guizhou Jiuhe Garden Engineering Co., Ltd.
Structure: Guangzhou Danbosen Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Project Location: Guiyang City, Guizhou Province
Design area: 27,696 ㎡
Design time: March 2019
Completion time: July 2020
Photography: Arch.QW


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