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Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd: The project is located in the core geographic area of ​​Haikou, rich in natural resources and tourism resources. Because of the unique island culture, this city shows its unique vitality and artistic style. A public art space that belongs to Haikou was created, so that it is more than a morphological display, to form a perceptible field.


▽项目视频 Video



The earth-covered buildings are deeply integrated with the landscape. We try to restore a lake, a wetland, and a forest, so that people can create a green environment full of vitality and Hainan characteristics while embodying the aesthetic feelings of the art gallery garden.




The first impression of Luxe Island is a soft white streamer, which lightly passes through our eyes and connects the entire venue in a flowing curve.

▽白色飘带贯穿场地 White streamers run through the venue



Based on the humanistic attributes of the site itself, combined with the earth-covered art gallery, the swaying free curve continues the artistic atmosphere of the building, and creates a certain sense of continuity and occlusion with the building. It naturally penetrates the site and outlines the scene of the island’s memory. Start the spatial transformation of the entire site.




The white wall and the road form a canyon space, and the exit is once again covered by dense forest. The shade of the trees is lost, a bird flies in the middle, and when the forest is deep and foggy, a smart elk suddenly appears, adding a sense of hierarchy and natural beauty to the space.


▽林间麋鹿 Forest elk



People always have imagination and longing for the end of the world and the ultimate secret. The viewer is in the forest, and the path of action is drawn step by step by space, visiting this miniature fairy tale rainforest.




With the extension of the road, the forest cleared the mist, the clouds were painted in the sky, the reflection fell on the open water, and the buildings came into view like a floating green island box.


▽漂浮的绿岛盒子 Floating green island box

▽水景下沉步道 Waterscape sinking trail



The staggered and retracted waterscapes are extended after scrutiny, giving people a visual experience of moving and easy scenery. The planting ponds on the water surface are like floating boats dotted in front of the building, so that the part of sight is slightly obscured and modified, adding a touch of interest.


▽跌级水景 Degraded water view



Out of the design integration thinking under the landscape thinking, in the case that the architectural design has reserved space such as patios in advance, we adopt infiltration planting to fully create a green space at a near-human scale, giving the building more natural vitality .


▽建筑解构分析 Architectural Deconstruction Analysis

▽场地动图 Venue animation


▽覆土天井鸟瞰 Aerial view of covered patio



The earthen-covered building of the art museum is built in the form of an island with a huge circle. Plants grow in the surrounding buildings to welcome the ever-abundant sunlight at 20°N latitude, wantonly and full.


▽美术馆内部空间 Inside the museum



In addition to quantifying the problems to be solved and basic physiological categories, we pay more attention to people’s inner needs and ecological benefits.In the process of exploring the relationship between space dimensions and light and shadow aesthetics, we let the landscape, architecture and interior work hand in hand to collide with different chemical reactions, allowing people to form an immersive artistic experience, to explore the heart and discover the self.




With scattered black gravel and white terrazzo, the sun shines through the plants and the fingers. The rain forest uses light and shadow to write poems, and the water system and the plant space penetrate each other, covering the whole space with a romantic veil, showing a dreamlike painting environment.




The atrium serves as the link between the front and the back courts. It is hidden behind the lush greenery that has been wiped away by water vapor. The huge broad-leaved plants and bryophytes crushed the sound of the wind, forming a miniature tropical rain forest with flowing greenery and endless life.


▽中庭鸟瞰 Aerial view of the atrium

▽热带雨林感的休闲空间 Tropical rainforest-like leisure space



A city with a sea is always romantic. The water mist is a postcard sent by the wind from the sea. It is calm but full of longing enthusiasm. We scattered our hearts in it, as if we fell into a fantasy dreamland.




Regarding the original idea of Luxe Island, we hope to create an experience exhibition area with certain Hainan characteristics while continuing the characteristics of Luhu. Therefore, based on the overall plan of Luxe Island -the floating green island, and referring to the concept of a three-dimensional park, we broke the definition of the landscape social space setting by the architecture group, and connected the lake in the parallel space by crossing, merging, and juxtaposed. Wetlands, grasslands and forests form a rich and continuous ecosystem to promote the development of species diversity.




Here, there is no boundary between forest and wetland, and neither man nor nature. Human emotions flow with space, and the whole place is immersed in greenery. In such a place, visitors can slow down their pace, talk to space, talk to themselves, understand the language of time, and make art a daily routine of life.





项目案名:江东麓岛 言·艺术馆

Project name: Luxe Island Yan•Art Gallery
Entrusted Owner: Hainan Business Department of Wanhua Group
Landscape design: Guangzhou S.P.I Design Co., Ltd./Changsha Moby Landscape Planning and Design Co., Ltd.
Landscape construction: Hainan Xingyuan Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd.
Architectural design: Si Ling Architecture Studio
Planning and architectural deepening design: Wanhua Honeycomb Workshop
Interior design: ENJOYDESIGN
Sculpture Design & Production: Guangzhou Wanyu Sculpture Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Noah Global Landscape Planning Co., Ltd.
Photography: Guangdong Xinshanshui Culture Development Co., Ltd., Beaver Holi, Xingzai Photography
Video production: Guangdong Xinshanshui Cultural Development Co., Ltd.
Landscape area: 42080㎡
Design time: March 2020-November 2020
Completion time: July 2021



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