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PDS design:Designed to seek the beauty of nature, living in a natural museum to taste the paradise. Capture the natural landscape that is easily overlooked, and extract the natural light and shadow elements as a design language to create a quiet and natural place to rest. Blocking the outside world, leaving behind the light, tree shadow, cloud shadow, water shadow.



▼平面图  Plan


景观流线  Landscape streamline


The progressive door is reminiscent of the camera lens, which focuses the person’s attention on the entrance. The layers of the entrance block the shackles, and the sculptural shape of the body feels a very characteristic entrance.




Going here, the semi-hidden half-bright half-light and half-dark, the shadow of the tree hidden in the grille, the sound of the water in the ear, forming a sensual experience.


▼入口夜景  Night view of entrance



Through the door to find the source of the sound of water, the light sheds from the space left by the wall, dyed the red water surface, forming a picture with the tree shadow of the mother-in-law. As the wall of the landscape moves, the corner is suddenly open, and the front is an open water surface that echoes the delicate facade of the building.




Under the shadow of the sky, the winding view of the road, the facade of the building reflected in the water.




The characteristic paving such as the tree shadow of the mother-in-law is fixed on the ground. The gradient of the bottom of the pool, such as the ripples of the water, is fixed in the water. The tree-shaped pool is like a undulating mountain shape. It is fixed along the road, one by one, one brick, one brick and one road. You can’t name the beautiful beauty of your heart.


▼水景区鸟瞰  Aerial view of waterscape


▼置身其中,心随景动。一路走来,一路盛开  In the middle of it, the heart moves with the scene. Along the way, all the way to full bloom.




Going out from the side door of the building, going to the outdoor meeting pavilion, the pavilion is like a faint cloud shadow, which forms the scene of the mountain whispering clouds.

Irregular geometric form, Yuanwang shape is like an art sculpture with a simple personality, and the landscape pavilion brackets are arranged in a staggered arrangement to create a free and light texture. The meeting is like sitting in the clouds, looking back at the entire space and forgetting to return



▼景观亭设计详图  Detailed drawings of landscape pavilion


▼亭子细节  Details


▼停车场景观鸟瞰  Aerial view of parking area



The blue Yunchen is a natural and meticulous museum of art, but since our client prefers plant groups and noble and elegant styles, we have changed the overall style of Yunchen.


▼改造后的中海云宸  Project after updated

▼更新后景观亭区域鸟瞰  Aerial view of updated landscape pavilion area





Project name: Hangzhou Zhonghai Yunchen
Developer: COHL
Project address: Binjiang District, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, China
Design firm: PDS Landscape
Chief designer&Design team: Zhang Fangfa, Li Fei, Feng Yongsheng, Lu Siwen
Project area: 2000㎡
Design time: April 2018
Built in: September 2018
Photography: Elephant Photography (before reconstruction), Jiangli Photography



项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project


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