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朗道国际:  随着时间的变化,好多东西都会改变,这其中就包括我们的生活方式。过去,公园更多的作用只是一个可供游览,休憩的场所。今天,根据现代的生活需求,我们重新定义公园,赋予其更多的意义。

LANDAU:  As time changes, many things will change, including our lifestyle. In the past, the park was only a place for sightseeing and rest. Today, according to the needs of modern life, we redefine the park and give it more meaning.




The landscape design continues the minimalist modern architectural style and simplifies the elements such as lines and texture. the long and narrow corridor space can be seen, which makes people feel more pure and rich visual impact. The corridor column is bounded, the water is the surface, and the space on both sides. Passing through the water courtyard from the sunken path ,just like walking through the water, interweaving human beings with nature, When people ” walk” in water, they can get peace of mind.




The exquisite details are matched with the simple wall. exquisite and powerful. the modern waterscape in the center of the former square forms the visual focus of the scene without excessive affectation and showing off.




The design of the inner courtyard combines abstract portrait sculpture with simple water, presenting the extremely simple beauty full of cultural flavor, just like several scholars talking or pondering.




The waterscape in the center of the community, mountain and water morphemes are used in combination with the spiritual temperament of the site to create a vivid aura field so that people can obtain a spiritual consolation born in the real community life. At the same time, the ground was paved with wooden platforms, which made people walk on it like walking in the air. A leisurely afternoon, a cup of coffee, a book, in the warm sunshine, you can stay for an afternoon. Beside the discussion area is a corridor, which not only extends the space of the discussion area but also focused the sight of tourists.




The large-scale pneumatic device with unique visual experience – ” the tree of wind” condenses the natural spirit and cultural connotation of the project into totem, becoming the landscape contrast and central point on the empty spaces, and also embodying the humanistic spirit of people who seeking to coexist harmoniously with nature in the urban space.





The wall extends gray space from indoor to outdoor, forming a relatively concentrated playground for children. Here, all happy times will become our most precious memories. When you playing, the friendship will sail and sail here. The completed Beicheng central park can not only provide a place for local residents to relax and exchange, give comfort and accompany people to grow up, but also become the back garden of Hefei people and accompany every family.






The design uses plain cement board to create a cool and hale sculptural space, which forms a strong contrast between rationality and pleasure with children’s active colors.




Project name: Hefei Vanke Beicheng central park
Project address: intersection of Fuyang north road and quanhe road, Changfeng, Hefei
Landscape design: LANDAU international design
Architectural design: HHD
Sculpture design: tothree design
Soft outfit design: MS design studio


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