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L&A DesignThe project is located besides the Nanfei River outside the 1st Ring of Hefei City. It is adjacent to a low-density complex site that integrates residential, commercial and office functions developed by Vanke. In recent years, as major functions of the city gradually shift towards south, the rapid expansion of Hefei’s ancient city area has added many burdens to the city’s mother river. Nanfei River and its surrounding region are under double threats of cultural damage and ecological environmental damage.



▼总平面图  Master Plan




After on-site investigations, the designers team found that despite acceptable ecological and environmental foundation, the areas along the river suffers from messy plantations and topography, which make people confused about the area’s utilization and functional positioning. Therefore, the urgent problem to be solved is how to effectively understand the current situation and precisely define the place’s functional positioning.

Retain Nanfei River – the city’s green corridor- during Hefei’s urbanization Nanfei River is the city’s mother river, and it has witnessed all of glories of Hefei. It is a challenge to create a modern, simple and highly effective comprehensive space at low cost; but also an opportunity to contribute to the city’s public space development.


▼河岸两侧的植物  Plants on both sides of the river bank


对现状的生态梳理  Understanding its current ecological condition


可以看出,团队对于项目的把控,一开始就散发着改造的信号。我们通过改变现有地貌实现了这一目标,同时也保留了许多现场的大树。设计基于大量现场工作,去感受、记录和评估: 在现场判断视角关系,判断绝佳的观赏点和需要封闭处理的区域,也结合现场的大树去构想未来设计的框架,这一部分的工作后来被证明是保证项目大空间效果的重要基础。


It is obvious that the team has taken an approach of renovation from very beginning. By changing current topography, we not only achieved this target, but also retained many big trees exactly where they were. The design was based on a huge amount of on-site work. It came from our feelings, notes and evaluations: We went to the site to evaluate relationship among various viewing angles, located the best viewing places and areas needed to be isolated and renovated. We put those original big trees in the picture when considering the framework of future design. It was proved that these efforts laid a solid foundation for ensuring the spacious effect of the project.

We focused on eight topologies from the ecological perspective, for example: how to deal with grass slopes expanding into the water, how to reserve spaces to control surface runoff, and how to conduct water filtration in submerging topology, etc. The division of other functional spaces was also considered according to these features.


▼河道旁的大草坪  The lawn beside the river


▼跑道和草坪  Runways and lawns



The design involves abundant efforts for sustainable development, such as the minimum energy consumption and water resources protection and conservation. In the meantime, the team worked on the project’s highlight, aiming to provide a unique waterside space while honoring green ecological concepts. Create a new memory for people – or refresh their memories connected with this place through some unique experience. Gradually, we found the breakthrough point in the design: the relationship between people and the landscape.



从观察人的行为到土地成形  From observing people’s behaviors to land formation


We noticed that people prefer those places less traveled when walking, for example, many people like to walk through grasslands, but which are quite limited. The central space is a long peninsula. Standing there, you may feel lost because of the rivers coming from three directions. You may be a little confused about where you are, where to look, or even how big the space is.


▼设计概念  Concept


So our first decision is to use some methods to make land formation, so as to create more space and give the landscape more depth. When you are at the center of something and feel difficult about what to see or feel, just start from things that interconnect and explore deeply the feelings created by the landscape. Maybe this is where designers play their part and gain their pride: through us, people will get more perspectives to enjoy beauty.


▼起伏的草坡形成丰富的高差  The grassy hill provides a various elevation difference.



We continued to focus on land formation and create spaces for diverse experience. Then we noticed another important factor, the angles of sunlight. The sunlight slightly enhances the landscape when viewing from some angles. How to fully utilize the effects of sunlight on the landscape, making two opposite sides towards the sun show contrasts at different times. This will bring different feelings to users.


▼木质构筑物形成的丰富光影  Beautiful shadows under the wooden construction.



We gave these less utilized spaces different land forms to pass on some underlying nature of the scenery, something we want to emphasis because that is the most beautiful scenery in the world. This is reflected in the interconnections of lights, shapes, shadows and general scenarios.



让空间给使用者创造记忆点  Let space create memories for users



The meaning of this design considers not only ecology, but also needs to give full play to the charms of the site and make it a source of vitality in the city. Therefore, we focus on two things: what do people do in the park? What kind of experiences makes them want to stay?


▼场地功能优化  Function improvement

串联公园  Integrated park




20% people come on purpose + 80% people come purposelessly + 100% leisure walks = 200% utilization rate!

The park’s lanes are connected with main streets and bicycle lanes connect all parts of the park. Convenient green lanes encourage people to walk in and use the open space flexibly according to their needs. Some may read books on the roadside chairs, some may talk with a couple of friends, elders exercise in the park and families take out plaid table cloth and have picnics …




The inner area is featured by creativities of recreational amenities as well as spaces of different sizes for children of different ages to play. We noticed that adults are having a lot of fun in the exploration area.


▼儿童活动及探险区  Children playground.



A park is probably the best place to keep beautiful memories. When you come to a park, you would at least take one picture, wouldn’t you? That picture is part of your memory. This is what we have been trying to create. We achieve this by understanding what the landscape tells us and what the users of such landscapes want to tell us. Only in this way can we truly understand and interpret the process of mutual influence, to know what landscape will leave clear memories in people’s lives. This is not just a memory of a space, but also the memories of our city lives.



项目设计 & 完成年份:2015 & 2016
主创及设计团队:奥雅设计 上海公司公建一组
摄影:张虔希 林涛

Project Name: Hefei Vanke·Peninsula Park
Customer: Hefei Vanke
Location: Hefei, Anhui Province, China
Project Design & Year of Completion: 2015 & 2016
Design Area: 74000 sq.m
Design Company: Shenzhen L&A Design
Director and Design Team: L&A Design Public Building Group 1 of Shanghai Branch
Photography: Zhang Qianxi and Lin Tao


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