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谷创设计:不知山·乡宿酒店坐落于天津市蓟州区,紧邻国家级自然保护区八仙山,场地三面环山,远离喧嚣的市区。不同于北方的寒冷干燥,这里雨水较多,小气候湿润宜人,俨然身处江南的感受。酒店占地面积 12660 平米,包含 49 间客房及乡食餐厅、会议室、书吧、户外泳池、户 外烧烤、儿童乐园、亲子农耕园等服务配套设施。

Gu Chuang :Buzhishan·Xiangsu Hotel is located in the Jizhou District of Tianjin, close to the National Nature Reserve Baxian Mountain. The site is surrounded by mountains on three sides and away from downtown. Different from the cold and dry in northern China, there is more rain here, the climate is humid and pleasant, like living in the south of the Yangtze River.The hotel covers an area of 12,260 square meters and includes 49 rooms and service facilities such as restaurants, conference rooms, book bars, outdoor swimming pools, outdoor barbecues, children’s playgrounds, and parent-child farms.


项目鸟瞰 Aerial View



When the landscape design team first visited the site, the architectural layout was built, and the main structure of the building was completed. After many discussions with the owner, the future operation and management, new functions and spatial streamline in the site are determined.


景观平面图 Landscape plan

景观分区图 Landscape zoning plan


山间野趣,人间梦境 Happiness on wilderness ,Dream in realistic


The landscape design based on the “leaf-type” architectural symbols and extends it. The plant symbols such as leaves, bamboo and vines are used as landscape elements, and natural materials such as stone, natural wood, thatch and vitex arze used as the basis for gardening. A modern outdoor space was created through subtle design techniques. It does not only retaining the simplicity of the country but also owns modern exquisiteness.


傍晚,主入口接待大厅前散落一地柔和的灯光 In the evening, the soft lighting scattered in front of the main entrance of the reception hall

接待大厅室内空间 Reception hall interior space


伴着月光如明镜般的镜面水景,倒映出周边的山林秀色,如梦如幻。水光里映照的山,是山的礼遇也是 水的馈赠。你抬眼看山,或是低头看山,山相同又各有不同。

Mirror-like waterscape under the moonlight reflects the surrounding mountains and forests, like a dream or fancy. The mountains reflected in the water are the gifts of the mountains and the water. Along with changes in your sight, the landscape mountains present slight different meaning.




The owner hopes to enjoy village life, create a natural and simple environment. These will inspire the initial simplicity and happiness.


飘在水边的叶子亲水客房 Floating in the water edge of the leaves water pro room



The team designed a country road between the “leaf room” and the “townhouse family room.”



因场地内外均没有市政雨水管网,设计师在“叶子客房”与“独立小院家庭房”之间设计了一条旱溪。 以景观的方式解决雨水收集排放问题,同时也丰富了酒店的生态系统。

Because there is no municipal rainwater pipe network inside and outside the site, The team designed a dry ditch between the “leaf room” and the “townhouse family room.” This landscape approach can solve the challenges of rainwater collection, and also strengthen the ecological quality in the site.


“联排家庭房”仿佛藏匿于千亩林海之间的一方小天地。推开藤编的院门,立刻带来一种亲切感和归宿 感。客房背山,窗户成为天然取景框,每扇窗户都有不同的风景。

“family room in Townhouse” seems to have a small world that hides into the forest and sea. When you open the door of the courtyard, you will immediately have a sense of belonging. The mountains stand at the back of the houses. Through the different windows, the landscape is various.



联排小院庭院空间Courtyard space in row yard

联排小院的客房景观视线 View of guest rooms in the townhouse

客房室内空间 Guest room interior space


设计师在户外做了北方少有的叶子型室外泳池,与建筑风格相呼应,同时为休闲区平添一丝趣味。泳 池紧邻户外烧烤区,炎炎夏季之时,开启音乐,随时可以来一场狂欢泳池趴。

The team design a leaf-shaped outdoor pool that was really seen in the north, echoing the architectural style and having more pleasure in the leisure area. The pool is adjacent to the outdoor barbecue area. When summer days come, a carnival pool with fancy music will be ready for any time.




设计面积:10591 m²
设计&竣工时间: 2016.12—2019.08

Project Name: Landscape Design of Buzhishan ·Homestay Hotel
Project address: Baxianshan Road, Jizhou District, Tianjin
Design area: 10591m2
Design & Completion Time: 2016.12—2019.08
Owner: Buzhishan ·Homestay Hotel
Landscape Design: Gu Chuang Ecological Landscape Planning and Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Design team: Cao Cheng,Zhang Tong,Liu Yanan, Zhang Jing, Ning Hanli, Yin Kaiping
Beijing Sanjiang Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd
Interior Finish: Beijing Sanjiang Construction Engineering Design Co., Ltd
Photography team: Tang Xuguo



项目中的材料运用 Application of materials in this project



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