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九沐景观:一步遁入森林,由繁境入宁静。 蓊郁的森林、山谷流水、阳光下的树影斑驳、绽放的花朵……将自然中的美好片段融入空间,自由生长。

JMD:One step into the forest, from the complex into the quiet. Lush forests, valley water, trees dappled in the sun, blooming flowers…Integrate the beautiful fragments of nature into the space and grow freely.


▽项目视频 Video


会呼吸的城市森谷| Breathing city Moriya


In order to make a natural park community, we hope to narrow the distance between nature and the city through design, high-end simplicity superimposed modern fashion, to create a three-dimensional landscape system with innovative product characteristics, and a natural habitat in the urban core.


▽草图演绎 Sketch deduction

▽鸟瞰图 Aerial view


草上露珠,皆是序章|The dew on the grass is the prologue


The simple design language reflects delicacy and beauty in every detail. After entering the community, arranged a period of emotional guidance. We wanted to create a sense of homecoming ritual that is different from other projects, which stems from the control of volume relations, the contrast of material textures, and the tension formed by the combination of nature and artificial. Combined with detail processing, lighting atmosphere actively control the emotion of returning home.



绿林森意,漫步其间|Green forest meaning, walk in between


In the flowing space, the lawn and tree array form a natural park. We hope that after entering the community, the overall sight is open, so the planting of plants is comfortable, the moving line is smooth, and the series of various Spaces, while opening the future residential life, but also have a complete and comfortable roaming experience.


▽舒适自然的景观空间 Comfortable and natural landscape space



Time gives poetry to space. The golden ripples moved, and the dim shadows of the trees floated… At dusk, the site is coated with dream filters, reflecting the spirit of the water that wraps the silence. Everything in the present originates from nature, but penetrates into the heart and becomes the most precious existence.


▽公园式自然栖居 Natural dwelling of park style



The free interweaving between seemingly casual lines has been carefully considered and considered in detail, so that the site is opened more completely, without adding too much content and shaping the possibility of future growth of the site.


▽夜景氛围 Night atmosphere


云端之上,森境之居|Above the clouds, in the forest


Clouds become paintbrushes, and waterstones, trees, flowers, and sunlight become paints. Let science and technology, nature and people meet here, and give people a spiritual relaxation and satisfaction. Step onto the observation deck and stand on the clouds for a panoramic view of the Mori Valley.


▽观景台 Viewing deck



In the community, there are other comfortable and pleasant leisure and play places, and some multi-functional activity areas that integrate parent-child interaction, fitness and entertainment, and emotional exchange will become places of common joy. Such as football fields, badminton courts, fitness walls, light equipment, etc., so that every age can find their own happy place here.


▽多功能的健身休闲空间 Multi-functional fitness and leisure space


魔力巴士,萌童乐园|Magic bus, Meng Children’s Paradise



Create infinite fun through Magic Bus Park. The children’s venue deeply combined with “dudu” IP is not only more attractive to children in the theme, but also conveys the value of growth through the theme story – bravely explore the world, hoping that every child can harvest their own treasure in childhood.

The sports area is mainly yellow, and a feeling of vitality and relaxation arises spontaneously. The designer unified the ceiling and the floor into a grayish yellow system, which visually simplified and purified the three-dimensional space. The curved door reveals the colorful world inside, attracting people to stay and stop, and constantly leading their eyes to the next space.


▽草图演绎 Sketch deduction

▽乐园鸟瞰 Aerial view



Let life go back to nature, Living in the valley mountain, leisurely see the mountain, Let people immerse in the secret life, return to the true life……


▽丰富的植物配置种类 Rich variety of plant configurations

▽精致的节点设计 Exquisite node design

▽施工过程 Construction process



摄影:Chill Shine 丘文三映

Project name:Honour of one
Year of completion::2023
Project area:50000㎡
Project location:Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province
Design company:Hangzhou Jumu Landscape Design Co., Ltd.
Company website:http://www.jmdscape.com/
Contact email:jumulandscape@163.com
Design team:Hangzhou Company · Program Group 3, late group 2, plant group
developers:New Hope Group
Photography:Chill Shine




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