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BJF International Design:Eliminate boundaries and integrate into urban space,A modern, ecological and simple office space,An urban leisure park shared by citizens .


▼项目视频 Video


01.项目概况|Project Overview


The project site is located in Shijingshan District, Beijing, with the Chang’an Avenue West Extension Line on the south side and about 18 kilometers away from the city center. The site is laid out along Chang’an Avenue to the north.The Gucheng Station of Metro Line 1 is close to the construction site and has excellent traffic conditions. It is a comprehensive commercial financial service industry project in the comprehensive renovation project of the old city. The plan design is fully based on the urban design concept of the comprehensive renovation of the old city, focusing on improving the industrial function positioning of the location, and providing a good platform and supporting services for office, financial business, and entrepreneurship.


▼园区昭示性LOGO Park noticeable LOGO


02.山水主题|Landscape theme


The overall design of the project is inspired by mountains and water, and is positioned in a modern landscape style to create a new space for people to gather and communicate, while maintaining a harmonious symbiosis between people and the environment.




The design will give the humanistic feelings of large and small spaces attached to the overall landscape concept to meet the unique needs of different spaces for the landscape. Through the continuation of the paving, the inheritance of details and the refined display, the landscape nodes and the overall are echoed. The place spirit of “Shanshui” runs through various scenes of commercial offices to create a commercial space with urban feelings in all aspects.



03.景观设计|Landscape Design

景观构架 Landscape architecture


This design takes paving as the main line of the landscape story, and ingeniously connects the large and small spaces endowed with the humanistic plot to form a complete structural system. The system fits the concept of “urban landscape” into the overall structure of the landscape just right, and send mountains and rivers in the steel jungle of modern cities . The commercial landscape of the office building type has undergone profound carvings, and finally returned to the natural embrace of the landscape, truly integrating humanism, landscape feelings and commercial spirit.



空间处理 Space processing


The long and narrow commercial interface and the vertical building facade are the main features of the site. In addition to the necessary space for fire fighting, traffic and ground construction, the space created by the landscape needs to be maximized. In order to organically integrate each functional area into a whole, after systematic consideration, we extended the vertical texture of the building facade to the pavement, so that the pavement presents a linear trend and extends to the street surface, forming a “water” element.


▼横明竖隐玻璃幕墙&深灰色铝穿孔板立柱 Horizontal, bright and vertical hidden glass curtain wall & dark gray aluminum perforated board column



On the basis of linear paving, we fold the greening and paving to form a “mountain” element. Different functional spaces are formed under the cutting of linear paving.


▼总平面图 Plan


功能布局 Function layout


In response to the needs of different groups of people and the differences in space, on the basis of the linear structure of the “landscape” elements, we refined and perfected the functions of the space to achieve a perfect combination of practicality and appreciation.


▼功能性-休闲空间 Functionality-leisure space

▼观赏性-叠水景观 Ornamental-stacked water landscape



(1) The main entrance area: Under the conditions of meeting the needs of firefighting and car dealers, the waterscape of the entrance round the island is used to divert traffic, and at the same time as the image display area of the JA plot.




The spherical sculpture in the center of the waterscape is the visual center of the entire JA plot. The mirrored metal shell complements the material of the main building, reflecting the dedicated and rigorous corporate culture; the diamond in the spherical center symbolizes perseverance and pure values. The static water surface reflects the vertical texture of the building and the reflection of the spherical sculpture, and the entire waterscape sculpture is ingeniously integrated with the surrounding environment.




(2) North Commercial Plaza District: The pedestrians and vehicles in the North Plaza are divided, and the roads and squares on both sides are treated by height difference. In order to prevent the interweaving of people and vehicles, the width of the exhibition area is reduced, not to cross the carriageway, and to minimize the possibility of swinging along the street. In order to prevent affecting the visibility of the bottom shop, the height of green plants and the height of grass slopes are controlled to the greatest extent.




(3) Outdoor recreation area: Affected by the construction conditions, the construction of the recreation area affects the effect of the landscape to a certain extent. The landscape design uses linear paving to create a suitable resting space under the forest, forming a small quiet place in the middle of noisy.




In order to reduce the impact of the construction, the landscape has carefully built the constructed facade. The style of the structure follows the simple style of the sentry box. In order to weaken the excessively large volume, the landscape adopts frosted light gray metal plate material and the deep frame design of the inner slope, plus the shelter of the planting. The landscape blends into one. The design enlarges the hypotenuse on one side of the structure to make the shape of the structure balanced and symmetrical. The texture of frosted and mirrored surfaces is the continuation of the landscape concept in the landscape details. The black mirror glass and the light gray frosted metal complement each other, and the sense of business and quality can be interpreted in the details.




(4) Requisition of green space: Planting linear ginkgo tree arrays in the requisitioned green areas, simple and atmospheric. Cherry blossoms are planted at the entrance of the bank to enhance the sense of entrance ceremony.




The entrance sculpture is inspired by the geometric theory of the Mobius ring, which represents “infinity”. The form of the sculpture is the continuation and variation of linear paving, and it is also the expectation and imagination of the infinite possibilities in the future. The sculpture originated from the linear pavement at one end and ends with the parallel pavement at the other end, full of philosophical speculation. The sculpture is made of mirror-finished stainless steel, which reflects and blends with the surrounding ginkgo tree array, which is both rational in nature.




(5) Roof garden: The design of the roof garden adheres to the principle of simplicity and safety. The guardrail adopts a combination of metal columns and glass, which demonstrates a simple business style. The roof greening adopts the form of flower box planting to enclose and separate the space, which is flexible and easy to manage.





景观设计:寇航 冯志鹏 陈明涛 杨珍静 靳曼誉 李秋芳 刘晶

Project Name: JA Office Area of Zhonghai Ancient City
Project location: Beijing
Total landscape area: 14,105 square meters
Owner: China Overseas Real Estate
Landscape design: Kou Hang Feng Zhipeng Chen Mingtao Yang Zhenjing Jin Manyu Li Qiufang Liu Jing
Construction unit: Beijing Wanlian Green Art Landscaping Co., Ltd.
Landscape photography: Luan Qi, an architectural photography studio of Wantu
China Shipping Party A (partial)
Design time: 2019



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