Thanks LANDAU for authorizing the publication of the project on mooool, Text description provided by LANDAU.


LANDAU朗道国际设计 翡翠长江的空间设计充满着现代的儒学意境, “翠林石影”则让每个进入空间的世人停下来静心思考和领略自然的深邃与变幻,“水镜庭”的一池静水犹如儒学者宁静的心境,平静而安逸的就在哪里,不争于世,安然于世。


LANDAU朗道国际设计 Space design of the jade of the Yangtze river is full of artistic conception, modern Confucianism, “cui Lin Shiying”, let each into space to stop the quiet of the world and enjoy nature of deep and change, ‘” the water mirror of a pool of water as a Confucian scholar quiet state of mind, calm and at ease in where, does not dispute, enron.

In the organization of the different space, LANDAU tries to from the city to the house of the “open – open – and private – private”, in the process of shaping a rhythm, let’s bustling city and between a cloistered leisurely, to find a balance point. Extract the essence of traditional Chinese culture, infuse modern life, pass through the creation of the space, pass a kind of low-key costly, contracted expensive gas beauty. “Design is also a way of life, on the basis of certain practical function factors, in the form of a multivariate process of personal and emotional space, design space, we tried to tells the story of a” hidden “in the city life attitude: hidden” expensive “, “elegant”, “xian”.



Main entrance, the entrance and wall USES the natural way of turning form open interface, white metope and rich texture of black stone background, produce a kind of the simple sense of balance, will be open to the street exhibit.



Mirror surface water, stone and aluminum components combine to form the open and contemporary, and with entrance zhaobi echo the Oriental aesthetic is half block half mask ethereal beauty, open a door, close a window, found along the winding, this is fun, as for love, like a layer of peel, taste is among them.




Arc-shaped arch bridge: it is the only way to enter the room from the exhibition area. It is also a bridge and a boundary. The adjustment of the water level makes the upper part of the bridge seem to float on the water.



The space that changes: all screen, grille, gable wall is put in integral system to consider, pass orderly organization builds, the gimmick of furniture craft applies to dimensional modelling language. With the logic, strict skeletal relationship, the formation of order, so that order produced beauty. Finally, the whole space is like a picture scroll jumping out of the bondage of two dimensional plane, presenting in three dimensional space: a space that can be entered by the inhabitant.



U glass and shadows form of light and shadow dance, the collocation of grille and bamboo guide people into the state of meditation, quiet and noise is in stark contrast, with the person that reside in a quiet nature.


Stone walls: hundreds of LED lights dot the walls of the water like tiny dots of pixels. Distance, the customized installation art has formed a small winding stream from the surface to the sky slightly out of the walls, “star” not only bring light, also let this quiet white wall back to the resident’s field of vision, a renewed focus on the space itself.




面积: 3673平方米
开发商: 青岛万科
照片: HOLI河狸.

Project name:  Vanke FeiCuiChangJiang
Project type: Sales and display area
Location: China
Completed: 2018
Area: 3673㎡
Client: Vanke
Architecture: AAI
Photos by HOLI河狸.