Urban Initiatives :   乔治马歇尔自然保护区莫纳什大学克莱顿校区在2017年澳大利亚景观设计师协会(AILA)维多利亚州奖中荣获基础设施类的景观建筑奖。该奖项于7月21日星期五在墨尔本被AILA维多利亚风景园林大奖的Landscape Architecture Urban Initiatives所接受。

Urban Initiatives :   Clayton campus of George Marshall nature reserve monash university won the infrastructure landscape architecture award in the 2017 Australian landscape designers association ( aila ) Victoria award. The award was accepted by landscape architecture urban initiatives of the aila Victoria landscape awards in Melbourne on Friday, July 21.




The natural footpath in the djokmarshall reserve provides an elevated pedestrian bridge through the ecologically significant djokmarshall reserve. The reserved area was established in the 1960s and is still a university’s learning, teaching and research resource. The natural tour allows students, staff and tourists to experience the exciting plant life in the reserve and enjoy a unique jungle experience. The 200 – meter – long walking road leads into a new entrance to the campus along Blackburn road, improving connectivity between the campus heart and the surrounding communities.


Nature Walk酒店享有横跨湖泊的美景,设有座位,书籍导轨,适合轮椅使用者的办公桌和电源插座。在树冠层访问可确保保留下面的保护区的教育,研究和环境质量。自然步道释放乔克马歇尔储备作为一个可访问和连接空间的潜力。

The nature walk hotel enjoys a beautiful view across the lake, with seats, book guides, desks and power outlets suitable for wheelchair users. Visits in the canopy can ensure the preservation of the following protected areas in terms of education, research and environmental quality. Natural trails release the potential of jock Marshall reserve as an accessible and connected space.



“自然之旅体现了这样的想法:桥梁不仅仅是从A到B的交通工具,而且是交流、合作、相遇和发现的场所,所有这些都是创新的要素,”校园设计经理Jocelyn Chiew 。“结合JMR环境中心,该项目响应了该大学的包容性愿望;实现外联,新的伙伴关系,合作与创新;并创造令人难忘的,有影响力和丰富的校园体验。“景观建筑师城市倡议对设计的各个方面(包括地面和地面)都制定了最小干扰方案。“我们必须保留所有有价值的植物,无论是用于建筑还是为现有经验和自然漫步的使用做出贡献”城市行动总监Tim Hart说。

” the trip to nature embodies the idea that bridges are not only vehicles from a to b, but also places for communication, cooperation, meeting and discovery, all of which are innovative elements,” campus design manager Jocelyn chic. ” in conjunction with jmr environmental center, the project responds to the university’s desire for inclusiveness; Achieve outreach, new partnerships, cooperation and innovation; And create unforgettable, influential and rich campus experience. ” the landscape architect city initiative has formulated minimum interference schemes for all aspects of the design, including the ground and the ground. ” we must keep all valuable plants, whether they are used in architecture or contribute to existing experience and the use of natural walks,” said Tim hart, director of city action.


“我们在设计阶段使用无人机航拍,通过现有的树冠来绘制拟议木板路的路径。这有助于为保留重要树木的木板路结构建立较高的路线,为乔克马歇尔保护区提供了密集的树顶体验和绝佳的视野。”作为州奖获得者,Jock Marshall Reserve Nature Walk将被考虑参加全国AILA景观设计奖,该奖项将于2017年10月在悉尼颁发。

” during the design phase, we used unmanned aerial vehicle ( UAV ) aerial photography to map the path of the proposed boardwalk through the existing canopy. This helps to establish a higher route for the plank road structure that retains important trees and provides a dense treetop experience and excellent view for the djokmarshall reserve. ” as a state prize winner, jock Marshall reserve nature walk will be considered for the national aila landscape design award, which will be presented in Sydney in October 2017.


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