Siteworks Studio :挑战在于建立一个基础设施系统,旨在满足弗吉尼亚大学未来十年发展的综合雨水管理目标,约翰·保罗·琼斯竞技场的场地设计将现场和区域水文与生态和文化节目相结合。 实际上,整个场地都是用于收集和清除径流的枢纽,同时在新的Arena舞台上编排人们往返活动的动作。

Siteworks Studio :Challenged with creating an infrastructural system aimed at meeting the comprehensive stormwater management goals for the next decade of development at The University of Virginia, the site design of the John Paul Jones Arena integrates site and regional hydrology with ecology and cultural programming. Virtually the entire site is an armature for collecting and cleaning runoff while simultaneously choreographing the movements of people to and from events at the new Arena.


这个项目是一个很重要的例子,说明如何将实用程序精美地编织成一个地方的人类经验。 场地流动的协调认识到水和人的运动是强烈相关的,具有功能和诗意的品质。 水资源管理战略和功能性本土植物社区花园定义了居民居住的经验。 这种整合是从整体形态到最小的细节的跨尺度进行的。

This project is significant as an example of how utility can be woven beautifully into the human experience of a place. The coordination of site flows recognizes movements by water and people as being strongly related and having both functional and poetic qualities. Water management strategies and functional native plant community gardens define the experience of people that inhabit the site. This integration is carried out across scales, from the overall topographic form to the smallest site detail.






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