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Chuangyi Shance: “Di” usually refers to a high-level residence, which is different from the general “house”. In the name of “Di”, the project defines the pursuit of high-quality residential design, as the so-called: Ziqi Donglai, Guiyin fudi (the purple air comes from the east and arrive at the mansion). Therefore, here is not only the warmth of home but also the dignity and courtesy of “Di”.


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Vanke Dongdi is located in the DongShenhe River Agricultural University District of Shenyang, adjacent to colleges and universities, and enjoys a tranquil and soothing atmosphere beside the increasingly bustling city. Here, Dongdi built a mansion garden to welcome distinguished guests.


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项目痛点 Project Disadvantages

周边空旷 如何昭示 ?
学府文脉 如何延续 ?
传统大宅 如何呈现 ?

How to use the surrounding space?
How to continue the academic context?
How to present the traditional mansion


▼场地条件 Site conditions

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景观对策 Landscape Strategy


We redefine the pursuit of high-quality residential with three strategies, and shape the dignity and courtesy of the “Di”-
Spatial form -layers of the courtyard
Garden temperament – Genyue style
Simple and elegant color – white and green


▼景观对策 Landscape strategy

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景观生成 Landscape Generation


The image of Jingjie Mansion spread out horizontally on the periphery, and the three-entry etiquette garden space with deep internal levels is built:
Outer Court – Hehe Gate
Atrium – Foyer Building
Inner Court – freehand landscape garden


▼方案生成 Programme Generation

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景观呈现 Landscape presentation


气质静街 Quiet Street


The level of residential area is not only internally built but also depends on the external environment. We use evergreen plants as the lower level species to ensure the greenness of the streets in winter, and use clustered trees as the main upper-level species to make the street scene more lush and picturesque. The entrance extending horizontally highlights the grandeur of the mansion. Thus the design forms a territorial exclusive quiet street temperament on the side of the road.


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© Shrimp Studio


和合门庭 Hehe Court

落客迎宾,是礼序是第一进空间,这是一座完整的水庭院落: 和庭,以和为贵、和合相谐。自轩昂的门厅落客,步入和庭,四周回廊环绕,迎面是自空中垂落的“天水”屏风,既活跃了院中的氛围,又如一幅写意空灵的画卷,前侧衬托着飘逸的松影。由此,开启东第的风景礼序空间。

Dropping off and welcoming guests is the order of etiquette and the first entry space. This is a complete water courtyard: a harmonious courtyard, where harmony is the most valuable treasure. Dropped off from the entrance hall, visitors step into the peaceful courtyard, surrounded by corridors, and facing the “Tianshui” screen hanging from the sky. It not only activates the atmosphere in the courtyard but also serves as a freehand and ethereal picture scroll to set off the elegant pine shadow.Dongdi’s landscape etiquette space is now opened.


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© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography

© Holi Landscape Photography

▼对景松树推敲 Repeated deliberation of pine trees’ position

© Chuangyi Shance


山水園 Landscape Garden


Through the vestibule is the main garden. During the sales period, it is the display garden containing the model rooms and the scenery that the community must pass through after moving in. In Dongdi, a landscape garden is presented in the first view of entering the homeland. The temperament of the hidden mountains and the scholarly family appears.


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© Shrimp Studio

▼特色置石推敲 Repeated deliberation of feature stone

© Chuangyi Shance



This garden is framed by picturesque mountains and rocks, set off by a shallow pond with a curved bank, focused on the wooden pavilion and open penthouse, rendered by the clump of trees, with the flying rainbow bridge as the level. Also, the sound of the waterfall spring presents a step-by-step landscape. At the same time, it combines the language of modern design and modern life, merges the inherited artistic conception and contemporary aesthetics, such as the modern wooden construction method of Qintaichangxuan and the powerful stone walls.


© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography
© Holi Landscape Photography
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© Holi Landscape Photography
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禪藝庭園 Zen Garden


Passing the Qintai is the back garden. Although the back garden is small, it is still surrounded by a corridor with flowers and trees supporting the space, as a family courtyard with an intimate scale. In the courtyard, three installations showing traditional craftsmanship were created by hand-made methods of wood, stone, and metal. They are scattered in the Zen landscape by the corridor, presenting the details of the ingenuity.


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▼石材、木材、金属之间的碰撞Collision between stone, wood and metal

▼不同石材面层的拼接 Splicing of different stone surface course

▼艺术装置 Artistic installation

© Chuangyi Shance

▼施工现场 Construction process

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Dongdi Garden is a tribute to the future life with the scenery, and it is also a search for the home experience of sublimating common high-rise communities. This is the presentation of the early stage and the real experience in the future. The courtesy of the scenery to the owner will start now and spread throughout the garden.


© Shrimp Studio
© Shrimp Studio


项目名称:府园礼进 · 致敬东第 | 沈阳万科东第首开区景观设计

设计团队:郭静 梁茜 翟奕天 赵凯 张晟 郝佳 李晓娜 吴艳梅

摄影团队:Shrimp Studio 邬涛、河狸景观摄影 何震环
摄影师:Shrimp Studio 邬涛、河狸景观摄影 何震环
摄影师网址或联系方式:邬涛-15921514162 何震环-www.arch-exist.com


Project Name: Fuyuan Lijin · Tribute to Dongdi | Landscape Design of Shenyang Vanke Dongdi First Development Zone
Year of Completion: 2020
Project Area: 12000㎡
Location: Shenhe District of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province, China

Design Company: Chuangyi Shance
Company Website: www.chuangyishance.com
Contact Email: bjcygfyl@163.net
Chief Designer: Zhou Wei
Design Team: Guo Jing, Liang Qian, Zhai Yitian, Zhao Kai, Zhang Sheng, Hao Jia, Li Xiaona, Wu Yanmei
Client: Shenyang Vanke (team: Li Yuelin)
Architectural Design: Xidi International Planning and Design (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Shenyang Branch
Construction: Shenyang Jinyu Landscape Greening Engineering Co., Ltd.

Photography: Shrimp Studio-Wu Tao, Holi Landscape Photography-He Zhenhuan
Photographer: Shrimp Studio-Wu Tao, Holi Landscape Photography-He Zhenhuan
Photographer’s website/contact information: Wu Tao -15921514162, He Zhenhuan -www.arch-exist.com


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