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LISM Landscape Design:Nestled in the southeast of China, Guizhou enjoys beautiful scenery and unique Karst landform which not only symbolizes the long history of the planet but also shows a kind of unreality that transcends time and space. Perhaps it belongs to the future, a future with divided continents, floating islands and strolling oases.


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电竞与生活 E-sports and Life




Reality: Located in Guanshanhu District of Guiyang City, Longfor Origin is nearby an urban road, enjoying a fully-fledged fabulous transport network, rich educational resources and complete living facilities.

The development boasts a 60,000 m2 shopping center which houses the first 3,000㎡ E-sports Club of Guiyang City. Therefore, with the theme of “E-sports”, the designers outline the scenes of future life.

Virtual: What is the future like? Will it be a space full of conflicts between the real and virtual worlds? Will it be a world filled with sound, light and electricity and lack of green? Utopia and anti-utopia? Will it be the end of the world or its rebirth? Will there be shackles or freedom?

Most of the science fiction films tend to present the future world from a pessimistic perspective, which lack the description of future life. Thus acting against the eschatology, we hope to create an oasis for peaceful life.


▼灵感启发 Inspiration


未来与构想 Future and Vision


Floating: Green island float in the sky, going against the law of nature and bringing new feelings and strong self consciousness.




Particle: The basic law of physics is similar to psychology which focuses on the emotions of human. What make up us are the numerous long-existing particles. Our body may disappear one day, but the consciousness will not.




Plants: In a new environment, ancient plants will gradually come back to life, making everywhere green all year round. Buildings and humans are no longer the dominant powers of the city; on the contrary, plants will last longer than any ideology.



绿岛与漫游 Wandering Green Island


Interface: Designed in semi-open style, a floating green island is created with a sculptural language, which transcends the modern visual experience and display a sense of the future; the open and attractive urban interface shows its public commercial function in the future.




Oasis: Plants and metal, ancient and modern, virtual and reality, deconstruction and reconstruction, spiritual wander and time travel, game world and real life…… we prefer ideological expression.




Floating Island: The huge white island looks like an aircraft from the future world, presenting the lifestyle of the future people. Green sedum lineare covers the top of the “aircraft”, from which life begins to spread on the whole island.




We design the island as a sculpture and display it to the outside world. At the same time, it separates the square from the garden, blurring the boundary and making the whole space open and integrated.




Wander: With flowing lines, partly overlapped flower beds, undulating landform, simple green, changing light and shadows, wander thus begins in the elegant garden. Curved flower beds serve as a distinct urban interface; undulating curved lines attract people’s attention, making the entrance space more dynamic.




Curved flower beds serve as a distinct urban interface; undulating curved lines attract people’s attention, making the entrance space more dynamic.




Particle fragment: The world brightens up because of the reflective function of the particles. Therefore, we try to encourage visitors to think about their relationship with the world using particle fragments, thus maximizing the emotions hidden under the cold metal. Particles scatter and gather together in the space, creating different feelings that only belong to the oasis. Here, light, water, green plants and white walls dialogue with the universe as well as with humans.




The form of fragment is inspired by the mosaic in old electronic games, which is also a metaphor of today’s fragmented society. Metal mirror material is selected to express the idea of particle: particles make up everything, while mirror reflects everything. At the same time, the cold sci-tech texture forms a sharp contrast with the surrounding flowers and grass. The figure pieced together by fragments dialogues with visitors, telling the stories about the space.




Future Garden: The terrace garden continues the flowing lines, connecting the past and the future in the changing light and shadows. Soft tree fern, miniature tree fern and tuber fern, which are living fossils witnessing the changes of the world, bloom in the future garden. While the Spinulose tree fern, hoenix roebelenii, Strelitzia reginae Aiton and bromeliad bring the garden a futuristic touch. In this fantastic garden, people will have a time travel to experience both the past and the future.



结语 Epilogue


“there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people’s eyes.” The ideas about E-sports vary from people to people, which lead to different results. The design is just a presentation of our thought and understanding about future life.


▼项目总平面 Master Plan

▼设计推演 Design process

▼施工工艺 Technology







Project name: Longhu · Tian Yao
Year completed: 2020
Project area: 5500 square meters
Location: Guiyang city, Guizhou

Landscape design: Chongqing LISM Landscape
Website: www.lismdesign.com
Contact email: hr@lismdesign.com

Client: Longfor Real Estate
Landscape construction: Guizhou Luohan Ecological Environment Construction Co., LTD
Architectural Design: Shanghai Puspace Architectural Design Co., LTD
Exterior Decoration: Guangzhou Enjoy Design Co., LTD.,  ZESTART (Shenzhen) Co., LTD
Photography: Holi Landscape Photography


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