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Interesting Landscape: The project is located in the central core area of Luxe Lakes Demonstration Island, with buildings distributed along the lakeshore and a great view of the lake. A more natural approach is considered in the design, taking full advantage of the lakeshore resources to construct a resort scene hidden in the rainforest with nature as the clue.


▽项目视频 video


雨林之旅 Trip in Rainforest


In this rainforest, the gentleness of light and the depth of shadow dance together, creating a primitive and mysterious atmosphere that evokes everyone’s inward yearning to explore nature.——Interesting Design



灵感来源 Source of Inspiration


“In the embrace of nature, I was able to revitalize my spirit and discover inner peace and harmony.” Here is the music of nature, the painting of the green world, the symphony of the heart.


▽亨利卢梭绘画作品 Paintings by Henri Rousseau


初见:登岛空间 First Look: Landing Space


When boarding the island and stepping into the area of rainforest with birdsong, it is like entering a secret place hidden in the depths of the island, where the weak sunlight leaves dappled light and shades floating in the air through the foliage.



入境:入口空间 A Realm: Entrance Space


As you walk up the steps, vines hover and rise around the slender trunks of the trees, leaping in a dance of light and shade. Ferns gently sway in the breeze like wings unfurling, which speaks of the vitality of life.




Natural colors are extracted and injected into the artistic soft furnishings, to depict the imagery of the rainforest.



艺术家具诉说着雨林的故事。Artistic furniture tells the story of the rainforest.



探寻:过渡空间 Explore: Transitional Space


Moving forward to explore, the lush vegetation, quiet pond and mysterious light lead each visitor deeper into the rainforest.




Stroll through a wonderland and encounter the beauty of nature.




The lawn is covered with a variety of distinctive seeds from the rainforest, serene to wait to sprout and grow.




Sunlight leaves dappled light and shades through the foliage.



逐光:下沉空间 Chase the Light: Sunken Space


Deep in the rainforest, the clear pond reflects the verdant ferns and the gentle flow of water falls as if a trickle is rippling in the pond.








Artistic furniture with contrast colors creates a strong visual impact.




When the Tyndall effect appeared, there was a shape for light.



植物氛围营造 Plant Ambiance


In this rainforest, we used Toona sinensis and Acer palmatum to create an understory space, distinctive plants are used to take the design to a better level.




The upper-level skeleton is dominated by large-leafed Strelitzia reginae, alocasia, Musa basjoo, Madagascar palm, and Ensete glaucum, whose distinctive leaf shapes and colors enhance the visual impact and layered effect to the whole.




For the mid-level skeleton, we chose plants such as Monstera deliciosa, Philodendron selloum, and Asplenium nidus, which look even more attractive against the upper-level plants.




The understory such as Farfugium japonicum, small Blechnum orientale Linn, Calathea oppenheimiana, Goeppertia makoyana, Canna pedunculata Sims, Gymnogramma calomelanos, Philodendron xanadu, and variegated plants that selected specially not only enrich the diversity of plants but also bring colors and vibrancy to the bottom-layer.



植物种类 Plant species


▽圆叶类 Round-leaved plant

▽细叶类 Fine-leaved plants

▽特选 Selected specially

▽附生 Epiphytes



To enrich the landscape further, we add Selaginella uncinata to the groundcover, which grows densely and provides an excellent shading effect to effectively control soil moisture.


▽地被 cover


软装营造 Soft Furnishing


The sculpture is inspired by the seeds and spores of plants, which are dispersed everywhere with air currents as they mature, and they will sprout and grow when they meet the right environment.


▽概念设计 Conceptual design

▽实景呈现 Reality presentation



Rattan, metal, glass, leather and other materials are used in the design, to better integrate with nature.



硬景营造 The Hardscape


Every detail seems to have been carefully crafted by nature and exudes a unique charm.


▽安哥拉黑整石 Angola black granite whole stone

▽踢面自然面,踏面烧面 Riser with natural tile, tread with flamed tile

▽石材细节 Stone details


施工过程 Construction Process



Repeated checking and correcting is the way to ensure that the project is implemented successfully. To ensure the implementation, designers walk around on-site regularly, correcting and reviewing every detail to make sure that the project is running smoothly.

From Toona sinensis to specially selected Jacaranda mimosifolia, there are 53 times fine simulations, hundreds of matching schemes for flower borders, field trips across the region, to carry out 360° whole canopy transplanting, and 60 kinds of plant species collected from many places for each resort-like scene with great effort.


▽施工过程 Construction process

▽植物选苗 Plant seedling selection


结语 Epilogue


This is a poem about nature, a symphonic movement that plays the song of life. Here, people can feel the breath of plants, listen to the whispers of nature, and feel the vitality and vigor of the rainforest. Wish everyone who steps into this land find that peace deep inside.




设计团队:苏也芝 李宇宸 杜娜 郑邱雨 雷冬 吴维怡 高国超

Project Name: Luxe Lakes Emerald Bay C25 Demonstration Island
Project Location: Chengdu, Sichuan Province
Project Area: 3533m ²
Completion: May 2024
Client: Chengdu Widehorizon New Town Development Co.,Ltd
Client Team: Landscape Center at Widehorizon
Landscape Design: Interesting Design
Lead Designer: Gao Yang
Design Team: Su Yezhi, Li Yuchen, Du Na, Zheng Qiuyu, Lei Dong, Wu Weiyi, Gao Guochao
Shooting Team: Jingzhi Photography
Independent Photographer: Yin Xiyuan
Construction: Sichuan Zhuojing Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd
Flower Border Design: Chengdu Huimei Floraland Engineering Co., Ltd.
Sculpture Design: Chengdu Huayunda Public Art
Soft decoration production: Hangzhou Disan leisure products Co., LTD



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