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JTL Studio「它是一个生活场所,也是一件艺术品」


JTL Studio:It is a place to live and also a work of art.

This time we put “fluidity” throughout the whole site, “fluidity” is not written in words, nor is it simply copied. We hope to derive new directions and means from our own style, with the expression of curves and the hidden hardness of roundness. Straight lines tend to be more fluid curves, searching for the mobility between people and the future.


▽项目视频 Video

▽项目鸟瞰 Aerial view


「码头:交互空间是对无界的一种表达」Dock: Interactive space is an expression of no boundaries.



Along the lakeshore, we didn’t go for a conventional dock design, but started from the lakeshore as a whole, hoping that the dock and the whole site would be an interactive scene. The functions of the dock and the site are designed to be fluid and permeable, presenting an integrated future living place. The overhanging elements of the dock give a hidden interest in exploration and guide the space. It is supported by the tension of the structure itself, and the rhythmic hollowing is our expression of the absence of boundaries.

The articulation of benches, frames, ladder steps, plants, everything in the scene is condensed into a linear flow.


▽形成交互场景的码头景观 Form the interactive scene of the dock landscape


「水岸:一种谦逊温和的设计」Waterfront: a humble and gentle design.


The whole scene has no unnecessary colors, through light and simple tones, infinitely close to the original color of the waterfront, telling a modest and gentle design spirit. The entire lakeshore is made up of two dynamic curves that constantly intersect and separate, a transition from one space to the next with a natural flow. We feel that it fits the tone of the project, and even more so, it is like continuing this simple and pure language within the site.


▽以简洁的设计语言,与水岸环境融合 With simple design language, integrated with the waterfront environment


「植物:刻意营造的差异性」Plants: create a differentiation deliberately.


The light gray landscape wall with sand plants, together with the light-colored gravel base and natural stone embellishment, is presented in a differentiated way in the system of the lake. The choice of plants was carefully crafted in terms of variety, color, level and texture, as it is risky to choose tropical plants in the southwest, and many attempts were made to achieve the effect we initially envisioned through the planting of varieties of cactus, agave, knobbly columns, phoenix dragons, begonias, and aloe vera, which also formed a new landscape experience at Luxelakes.


▽刻意营造的沙生植物,以差异性的方式呈现于景观之中 The purposely created psammophytes appear in the landscape in a different way


「岛屿:日常生活的搁浅」Islands: the stranding of everyday life.


It is an ideal place for rest and relaxation. As one strolls through it, the customized soft furnishings and rational spatial layout create a charming overall atmosphere, giving people a sense of comfort and tranquility, allowing them to relax and heal physically and mentally from the busy city life.


▽放松身心的休憩空间 A space to relax

▽下沉式水中卡座,给人们舒适和宁静的感觉 Sunken water booth, giving people a feeling of comfort and tranquility

▽现代简洁的空间场景营造 Modern and simple space scene construction


「屋顶:传递一份意外的惊喜」Rooftop: Delivering an unexpected surprise.


We want to leave more space for human experience, so that people can stay in more scenes. At the beginning of the design process, we wanted the rooftop to be a place where people could walk up, and through the design of the vertical rotating staircase, which becomes the medium linking the first and second floors like DNA, and extends all the way up to the card seating and bar, it is a natural growth process from the inside of the building. This language removes all the superficiality and helps us to focus on the things expressed in the space, and the whole process is constantly transformed and transmitted in a natural flowing scene.


▽屋顶露台 Roof terrace


「庭院:装得下所有幻想」Courtyard: Holding all the fantasies.


We want the space to exist with more intermingling, the exchange of softscape and hardscape, bar and scenic wall, pool and water feature, plants and light and even roof and ground. It is a highlight, a sense of blurring of boundaries and intermingling, where different scenes and mediums are interspersed and intermingled in different spaces. For the choice of furniture, we made a detailed breakthrough in materials, utilizing new materials such as resin and metal. The overall color palette is clean and refreshing, and partial use of heavy colors for embellishment. To create a resort fashion soft furnishing atmosphere, for the subsequent operation as a hotel to create a high-quality guest experience.


▽庭院空间 Courtyard space


「泳池:创造一种遐想的可能」Pools: Creating a possibility of reverie.



The architectural and functional spaces retreat to the water surface, leaving the pool with a more open view. The decks and loungers are lined up along the lakeshore and arranged in the center of the pool to meet the needs of different people, with shallow and deep water areas. As a depiction of the future lifestyle, it not only meets the needs of swimming and fitness, but also can be used for various activities such as socializing, playing and enjoying the sunshine. Bringing more interaction and communication to people, creating a more flexible and inclusive living environment.

There is no clear boundary between one space and the next, and we hope that the process of walking is an experience of mobility, and the transition of space is a tacit process.




We hope that people do not have a purpose in the process of traveling, but shift more attention to the experience of the scene, and every turn is full of surprises. We believe that language itself has no purpose as well, it is only a tool and a means. Abandoning the usual design language and looking for a difference from JTL’s usual style is also an attempt to create a new residential landscape.




重庆设计团队:刘展、王小波、佘思君、文国府、罗钦瑜、赵书勤、李应鹏 张玉兵 李怡然 罗崇巍 任娟

Project Name: Luxelakes-C19 Hong Hu Lakeshore
Location: Chengdu
Client: Wanhua Group
Landscape Architecture Design: JTL
Chongqing Design Team: Liu Zhan, Wang Xiaobo, She Sijun, Wen Guofu, Luo Qinyu, Zhao Shuqin, Li Yingpeng, Zhang Yubing, Li Yiran, Luo Chongwei, Ren Juan
Completion: 2023.05
Landscape Area: 3950㎡




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